Andy Cohen's son Ben got a kick out of his dad's magazine cover.

Andy Cohen's Son Ben Couldn't Stop Giggling After Seeing His Dad On A Magazine Cover

“Daddy, that was all your fault so much, and now it’s on the books!”

Andy Cohen needs look no further than his own 5-year-old son when he needs a good hype man. The Bravo host took son Ben to a newsstand recently to check out his New York Magazine cover, and his reaction was pretty incredible. Admittedly, it was a lot of his dad’s face all over since it sort of looked like that was the only magazine for sale but still. Ben had a fit of the giggles over it and really could not seem to get over seeing his dad’s face everywhere. It was truly the sweetest.

Cohen was profiled for this month’s New York Magazine in “Andy Cohen vs. The Housewives” all about his ever-evolving relationship with the Real Housewives franchise. After the magazine came out on newsstands, he took his son Ben, who he is raising as a single dad along with 2-year-old daughter Lucy, to check it out with him.

“Daddy!” Ben said in a video shared on Instagram as his dad filmed the covers. The father and son could be seen in the reflection, with Ben riding on his dad’s shoulders. The little boy giggled as Cohen said, “Is that so funny, huh?”

“That’s you dad!” Ben continued, laughing excitedly.

When Cohen asked his son, “Can you believe it?” Ben laughed harder and replied, “I can’t! Daddy, so funny! I think a lot of people like those books!”

“Daddy!” Ben continued in amazement. “Daddy, there’s so many. Daddy, that’s you! Daddy, that was all your fault so much, and now it’s on the books!”

Cohen captioned the happy video, “Took Ben to the newsstand and he basically had the same reaction I did!”

Little Ben has been known to shout his dad out in the past, so perhaps his reaction shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Earlier this year, Cohen shared a story about Ben greeting other passengers on a flight by saying, “Everybody meet my dad, Andy Cohen” like a truly supportive little hype man.

Although that being said, Ben has known to turn on his dad’s fans if he’s not in the mood to chat. Which was exactly what happened when a fan asked Cohen for a photo while the two were out enjoying a day together this spring. Ben pulled out his big scary monster voice and said “Get out of here!” to the fan, which he had been threatening to do that day.

So you really don’t always know what you’re going to get with Ben Cohen. Fortunately his dad’s big cover reveal brought out the best in him.