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Andy Cohen's 5-Year-Old Son Ben Told A Fan On The Street To "Get Out Of Here!"

With a big strong scary voice, no less!

If you spot Andy Cohen out in public and hope to approach, our advice would be to give the area a quick scan to see if he’s with his 5-year-old son Benjamin. Not simply because the single dad of two deserves to have a little privacy when he’s with his children, but because Ben is likely to let you know exactly how he feels about fans approaching his dad out in public. And spoiler alert, it’s probably not going to go well for you.

The Watch What Happens Live host sat down for a chat with fellow single parent of two Kelly Clarkson on her show recently, and naturally they started talking about their kids. Cohen, who is also dad to 2-year-old daughter Lucy, shared a recent fan encounter that took place when he was out with his son.

“We were in Starbucks the other day, and someone came up and asked, ‘Are you Andy Cohen?’” the Bravo host shared. He went on to explain that he kept that interaction short because he was with his son, but it did not escape Ben’s notice. “He said ‘the next person to come up and say that,’” Cohen recalled Ben telling him, “I’m going to say ‘Get out of here!’”

Not only was Ben willing to say that, he also was planning to use a scary voice to really detract his dad’s fans.

Cohen asked his son not to respond in that way, and instead “say to them, ‘he’s my daddy, may we please have some privacy?’”

Ben had an immediate chance to try out his diplomacy, as a man approached “one second later” with his phone and said, “Are you Andy Cohen, can I get a picture?” Which version did Ben decide to employ. “Ben says, ‘Get out of here!’” Cohen recounted. So he was given another option and decided to go with his initial instinct. Which, if you’re a fan of Cohen’s Instagram and have seen any of his posts about young Ben’s early morning snacking habits or his refusal to enjoy his day at summer camp because his “calculations” would not allow for it, you probably aren’t all that surprised.

Although to be fair, Ben has been more diplomatic in the past with his dad’s potential fans. Like when he joined his father on a flight in January and insisted on saying to everyone on the plane, “Everybody meet my dad, Andy Cohen.”

Maybe he understood that, on a plane, nobody can “get out of here.” So he decided to give them a free pass.