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Blake Lively Played A Sassy Little Prank On A Fan & The Video Is Hilarious

C’mon, what did he expect?!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a long-standing tradition of trolling each other on social media. It’s sort of their own personal way of showing affection. Like flirting with an edge. So it should have come as no surprise to a football fan in Wales when he asked Lively to say hello to his girlfriend and she cracked a sassy little joke. It’s just her way, what did he expect?

Reynolds and Lively took all four of their children, including their new baby who was born sometime earlier this year, to Wales to cheer on the Wrexham football team. Reynolds co-owns the team with friend Rob McElhenney, and his entire family had the chance to see the team win against York City on Sunday. The fans also had the chance to meet the Gossip Girl alum as she walked through the crowd to say hello to the locals.

One fan, Sam (@SWXM01), used the opportunity to ask her to say hello to his girlfriend Stephanie and shared a video of the moment on Twitter. “Blake, will you say hi to Stephanie? She’s my girlfriend,” the fan called out. Lively offered a big smile, waved at the camera and said, “Hi Stephanie!” before adding, “You should leave him,” covering her mouth and laughing as she walked away.

Fortunately no one took Lively’s joke too seriously, least of all the infamous Stephanie, as Sam the fan wrote on Twitter, “Stephs cried happiness and she’s absolutely over the moon.. Luckily she hasn’t broke up with me! thanks again.”

This kind of behavior is truly par for the course for Lively, who loves a bit of gentle teasing. At that same event she shared photos of her celebrating Wrexham’s win with Reynolds and McElhenney with the message, “Two Guys, A Girl and a football place,” referencing Reynolds’ old television series, Two Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place.

The Shallows actress even made a gentle joke when announcing the birth of her fourth baby on Super Bowl Sunday, simply sharing a photo of herself without a baby bump alongside Reynolds and his mom. “Been busy,” she captioned the photo on Instagram.

As this fan learned, you can’t be too sensitive when dealing with Blake Lively. She won’t be unkind, of course, but if she can find a good little joke in there somewhere... she’ll go for it.