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Bluey Creator Says A Joke About Jesus Was “Quickly Shot Down” From An Early Episode

There are some topics not even Bluey Heeler has license to joke about.

by Jen McGuire

People are always heaping praise on the writers of Bluey for tackling hot topics in a way that tracks with both parents and kids. They’ve touched on topics like hangovers, miscarriage, aging grandparents, and more. But Bluey creator Joe Brumm recently opened up about one topic that was a bridge too far for the show. Jesus Christ himself. Apparently the writers included a joke about the Messiah that network executives said needed to be cut from an episode, because there are some issues not even Bluey Heeler has license to joke about.

Brumm recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he and the writers of Bluey, which has been entertaining parents and kids since the Australian show first premiered in 2018, originally worked a joke about Jesus Christ into the series. When asked by the publication if there were any favorite jokes that hadn’t made it into the series, Brumm said there was one that had been cut out of a Season 1 episode.

“Well, one that made me laugh was [supposed to be in] the episode ‘Shadowlands.’ When I grew up, I went to a Catholic school, and so you mixed with a lot of kids who were Catholics, but also with a lot who weren’t. And the ones who weren’t just had not heard of anything to do with religion or Jesus, right,” he explained. With that in mind, Brumm said he added a fun little scene about one of Jesus’ best known talents, walking on water.

Snickers almost cracked a joke about Jesus in the Season 1 episode of Bluey, but it was “quickly shot down.”Disney Junior/ YouTube

“So, there’s just a little line in there where they’re pretending all the sunlight is water,” Brumm shared with The Hollywood Reporter, “and they’re going, ‘But you know we can’t get to the things,’ and they go, ‘Well, maybe we can walk on water.’ And they go, ‘No one can walk on water.’ And I was going to have Snickers say, ‘Jesus can.’ And Bluey just says, ‘Who’s Jesus?’ And then we’d move on.”

Brumm explained that the small moment was “quickly shot down,” just like another one of his ideas. A script for an R-rated version of Peppa Pig written specifically for adults. While he now believes it was a good idea to cut the Jesus joke because it “doesn’t belong in a preschool cartoon,” Brumm still thinks his Peppa Pig episode would be fun to make a reality some day. And now that Bluey is taking a bit of a break after Season 3 for the writers to recharge, maybe it will happen. We can only hope.