Cardi B loves filling out school forms.
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Cardi B Just Loves Filling Out Her Daughter Kulture’s School Forms

“It makes me feel soo motherly.”

Every stage of parenting has some sort of fun little milestone to celebrate. First word, first steps, first school form to be filled out. This last one might not seem terribly exciting but just ask Cardi B. The “Rumors” rapper admitted that she loves filling out her daughter Kulture’s school forms when the 3-year-old goes to preschool, and even though she couldn’t explain why exactly she loved it, I get it.

Cardi B is a proud mom of two; she welcomed daughter Kulture Kiari in 2018 and her baby boy, whose name neither she nor husband Offset have announced, in September of this year. She always seems to have the best time with her daughter, whether she’s throwing her an over-the-top birthday party when she turned 3 years old, spending a day at the aquarium, or enjoying a little Valentine’s dinner as a family.

What’s the thing that makes her feel extra “motherly?” Filling out school forms for Kulture. The proud mom tweeted on Tuesday, “I love filling out [parent] school documents…It makes me feel soo motherly. Idk how to describe it .”

Cardi B loves filling out school forms.

Fellow parents took to Cardi B’s tweet to share that they really understood exactly what she meant. “Makes you feel like omg now it’s my turn to be the parent with a school kid,” wrote on parent, while another added, “It’s like ‘yeah dats my baby. Yes I’m they mama’ a different type of proud.”

Other parents noted that the novelty of signing school forms does wear off after a few years and a few more kids, however. “Chile, until it’s 3+ kids and it’s like 7 pages a piece… I fill out one, leave the name blank… make copies and then fill in the name and possibly birthday.. I’m over it.. my hands hurt,” wrote one parent.

Still, Cardi B should just enjoy the newness of feeling all motherly as much as she wants. Especially now that her attention is going to be divided between two little ones. Fortunately the busy mom has high hopes for her kids’ future relationship. “I just know these two will love each other soo much and argue soo much since they're 3 years apart...just like me and Henny,” Cardi B wrote on Instagram in June, referring to her youngest sister, Hennessy Carolina. “But one thing for sure is they'll have each other’s back like no one else ever will.”

Plus she’ll get to fill out double the school forms when her son gets a bit older, and that’s definitely a bonus.