Charlotte helped Lily out on 'And Just Like That...'
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Charlotte Has Parents Divided Over That Condom Scene On And Just Like That...

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt is a sex-positive queen through and through.

Note: Spoilers ahead for Season 2, Episode 6 of And Just Like That...

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis) came through for her daughter Lily (Cathy Ang) in a big way on the most recent episode of And Just Like That... Sure, she tends to come across as a bit conservative, a bit old-fashioned. But when it comes down to it, Charlotte is a sex-positive queen who knows how to come through for her daughter in her moment of need. And not every parent on the internet is sure if they would be able to come through in the same way for their kid. I’m not even sure if I would have been able to do it. Going to get condoms for your kid in a snowstorm? That is some next level parenting.

Lily shocked her mom, her dad Harry (Evan Handler), and uncle Anthony (Mario Cantone) when she announced that she was planning on losing her virginity that afternoon. Then, she was annoyed at Charlotte because she hadn’t made reservations at Nobu for her and her boyfriend and now their perfect day was ruined. Understandably, her admission left everyone in shock other than her sibling Rock (Alexa Swinton), and Charlotte went to talk to Lily about it later that day. This was, in my opinion, where Charlotte truly shone. Charlotte told her daughter to make sure to focus on her own pleasure as well as her partner’s, reminded her about condoms, and left it at that. Particularly impressive after she struggled to explain a certain sex scene Lily walked in on between her parents in Season 1 of And Just Like That... She’s come so far.

Tried to leave it at that, really, until Lily announced that she was headed off to her boyfriend’s house to lose her virginity during a snowstorm that shut down the city. Unfortunately without the aforementioned condoms.

Charlotte showed up for Lily.Warner Media

Lily called her mother asking her to bring some condoms and off Charlotte went, out in a snowstorm, to track down a little protection for her daughter. Heading off to several stores, even calling Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) to see if she had any.

Finally, Charlotte managed to find several kinds of condoms and delivered them to Lily with a sweet reminder not to use the ones that heat up because she tends to get rashes. And just like that, Charlotte took parenting to a whole new level.

A level some parents on social media weren’t sure they’d be prepared to reach.

Some parents, myself included, admired Charlotte but maybe just weren’t sure if they could be as evolved and together in a similar situation. I could barely even explain sex to my sons and totally relied on their thoughtful sex ed teacher, so Charlotte’s calm courage in the face of an awkward situation really impressed me. And so many others.

Some other parents thought it was a ridiculous thing for Charlotte to do for her daughter.

Even the writers of And Just Like That... were divided on whether or not Charlotte should be getting condoms for her daughter. “We’ve been through this in the writing room and there’s a split, mothers who would get condoms and mothers who wouldn’t,” showrunner Michael Patrick King told People, adding that it was a “high bar” for Charlotte.

Apparently a bar not all of us are certain we would be able to reach.