Shot of a father and his son bonding on their porch at home
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Get Your Cheesy Grin On With These Dad Joke Memes

Insert eye roll here.

Oh, dad jokes. They’re so bad they’re good. Punny and obvious, science has yet to uncover why exactly it is that fathers can’t get enough of them. But even if you instinctively roll your eyes at a dad joke punchline, you have to appreciate the enduring nature of this genre of humor, and the light-hearted delivery from pops generally just looking to get a smile out of their brood. Turn the tables on dear old dad by showing him these dad joke memes.

What’s the dad joke formula? Play on words + cheesy zinger = comedy gold. Sounds easy, but it takes an inherent nerdiness to master true dad joke expert status. The best of the practitioners tend to pair their dad jokes with a heavy dose of smirking and the classic “Get it?” at the end.

Whether mocking the actual act of telling a dad joke or just teasing the daddios who make wordplay their business, these memes will give pa a laugh and flip the script on his ownership of the dad joke empire. Two can play at this game. You can duke it out for dad joke supremacy. Here’s a head start, ask your dad, “If two vegans get in a fight, is it still considered a beef?”


The “See What I Did There?” Dad Joke

If you’re not being punny, you’re not doing it right. Or at least that seems to be the dad joke way.


It’s So Dumb It’s Funny

Gotta love a bear pun, right?


Like Father, Like Son

The ol’ “call me” joke. Warms the heart, doesn’t it?


We All Know That Guy Joke

You can almost hear a dad saying “See what I did there?” after saying this joke. Ugh.


Back To The Future

Deja vu dad jokes: when you feel like you’ve lived a horrible joke before.


Make It Stop Dad Joke

Hear that? That was the sound of 1,000 children groaning.


Case Of Nerves Dad Joke Meme

Is this dad joke making you nervous yet?


Accentuating The Positively Ridiculous

Ten bucks says the delivery of this joke comes with a strong faux Italian accent.


Boxing Day

You can take a dad to the grocery store, but you can’t keep his grocery store dad jokes out of the grocery store.


Nailed It

It’s hard to hear this joke and not imagination a dad doing his own pretend high hat drum hit at the end.


Got Milk?

Go ahead and call your dad Big Pun then next time he pulls one of these in line at the checkout counter.


Sleigh < Slay

Remember how Fozzy Bear would finish his jokes with “waka waka”? Yeah, that’s kind of like this.


Ta Za!

Plain pizza, see? Because he’s a pilot... and he flies a plane.


A Dad Joke For The Class Clown

Mime your own business, Dad.


Ice Cold Dad Joke

A pun within a pun. This is next level dad jokery.


Metal Head

Feel that breeze? That’s the sensation of a dad exhaling in pleasure over his silly joke.


When The Joke Writes Itself

Gotta love playing with imagery. As is the case in this visual dad joke meme.


Dad, Please, No

It’s like watching a car accident. You’re willing the joke to stop but it’s about to come crashing in anyway.


Think About It

Sometimes dads go all deep on their dad jokes. This meme showcases it perfectly.


Olympic Gold of Dad Jokery

Poor Rob Lowe. One can only hope he appreciates this dad joke.


See Yourself Out

This joke is blindingly bad.


This Dad Joke Meme Is Fishy

Never underestimate the Venn Diagram of dad jokes and fantasy jokes.

Ready to say hardy har har? Grab this list and roll.