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 Tim Robinson as Tim in episode 301 of I Think You Should Leave.
25 Hidden Gems You Should Be Watching On Netflix

Go ahead and delay that rewatch of The Office.

by Lauren Schumacker and Jamie Kenney
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Have you ever found yourself rewatching the same one or two series over and over (and over and over) again just because you haven’t found anything else that really scratches the same itch? Us too. Fortunately, Netflix is full of hidden gems just waiting to be watched! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite hidden gems on Netflix that we’ve been telling people (in some cases for years!) to watch, but for whatever reason they haven’t gained the kind of traction we think they deserve.

No matter what you're in the mood for, be it an informative documentary, a dreamy romance, a comedy that gets you laughing out loud, or a drama or thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, there's something that'll appeal to you. Some of these will sound completely alien to you and some you may have heard of, but just haven’t gotten to yet (take this as your sign to give it a whirl), we wanted to give an even mix of deep cuts and shows verging on the edge of all-out hits. Who knows, you might even find your new favorite movie or show. These Netflix gems will keep you entertained until the credits roll.


Killer Sally

A true crime story that goes deeper.Netflix

This true crime limited series follows the murder of Ray McNeil by his wife, Sally. But while the murder itself is an open and shut case on paper, drugs, domestic violence, and societal perceptions of femininity and beauty complicate the court case. The documentary also delves into the complicated dynamics abuse plays in a family in a thoughtful, heartbreaking way.


Derry Girls

Don’t call us mad if you start saying “wee” all the time.Netflix

Set in Northern Ireland during the last days of the Troubles, five friends navigate growing up in the Catholic underclass of the country. Equal parts ugly crying and belly laughs, Derry Girls tells the story of a particular time and place, but the emotional story it tells is universal.


Kim’s Convenience

“Appa” is all of our appas. Jin is a smokeshow.Netflix

The Kim family manages a convenience store in Toronto. “Umma” and “Appa” live above the shop with their youngest child, Janet. Jun, the eldest, is a recovering teenage delinquent who remains estranged from his father, much to his mom and sister’s dismay. This brilliant ensemble cast tells a story that’s heartfelt and hilarious. If you liked Schitt’s Creek, you’ll love Kim’s Convenience.

(And yes, Jun is played by Simu Liu aka Shang-Chi aka Ken’s arch-rival, Ken.)


Two Sentence Horror Stories

A cross between Are You Afraid of the Dark and The Twilight ZoneNetflix

Part Twilight Zone part Are You Afraid of the Dark, Two Sentence Horror Stories is spooky without being terrifying — perfect for people who like horror but also like being able to go to sleep without a nightlight. The often ironic or twist endings keep things exciting and fresh episode after episode.


I Think You Should Leave

“We’re all trying to find the guy who did this!”Courtesy of Netflix

Warning: there is a very good chance after you watch this bizarre sketch comedy series you will only be able to communicate in quotes from the show for the next month or so. Fortunately, if someone else has been watching they will appreciate that and respond in kind.



The show goes deep but stays funny.ANDREW COOPER/NETFLIX

This sharp limited series follows the lives of two people who are far more alike than they care to admit. After a near fender-bender in a parking lot, Amy and Danny commit themselves to destroying the other person and, in the process, find themselves delving deeper and deeper into their own chaos.


Documentary Now!

Bill Hader as ‘Little Vivvy”Netflix

Created by Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, and Rhys Thomas (with frequent writing from John Mulaney) this series can be a bit of a deep cut for some, hilariously spoofing famous documentaries like Grey Gardens, Wild Wild Country and Jiro Dreams of Sushi with the help of a bevvy celebrities.


Money Heist

It just might be the perfect heist series.Netflix

This dramatic TV show tells the story of a group of robbers attempting to pull off a big-time heist. As a number of them take hostages within the Royal Mint of Spain, another tries to put his plan into action.


Alias Grace

No one writes them like Atwood.Sabrina Lantos/Netflix

Based on a book of the same name by Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace tells the (mostly) true story of Grace Marks, a poor Irish immigrant who was charged with murdering her employers in 19th century Canada. The case was controversial at the time and remains somewhat mysterious to this day.


His House

You’ll be thinking about this movie for a long time.Aidan Monaghan/NETFLIX

We’ve mostly included TV shows on this list, but this movie is so spectacular we just couldn’t skip it. Rial and Bol have fled war in South Sudan and have resettled in the UK. But the housing they’ve been provided by refugee services is coming alive with the ghosts of their past.


Cunk on Earth

“Philomenia,” in and of herself, is a gem.Netflix

Parodying documentary series produced by the likes of the BBC, Cunk on Earth is hosted by the fictional Philomena Cunk, a dense and irreverent presenter who explores the entire history of the world with actual historians and scholars.


Dead To Me

These two are quite the pair.Netflix

Jen is a new widow grieving the hit-and-run death of her husband. Her grief support group is mostly useless, until she meets Judy, a bubbly woman whose husband just had a heart attack. In spite of it all, endears herself to the jaded and cynical Jen. But Judy is harboring a secret, and within the first episode the plot thickens...


Bobby Kennedy For President


This Netflix original "docuseries" discusses the effect that Bobby Kennedy had on the country as well as his continued legacy.


My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman


David Letterman is one of the most famous late-night talk show hosts ever and when his last show went off the air, some thought that'd be the end of his talk show hosting days. This show, which isn’t new but people definitely sleep on it, is a Netflix original and allows him to have longer, more serious, more engaging conversations with guests ranging from Volodymyr Zelensky to Malala Yousafzai and beyond.


The Ultimatum: Queer Love

Fans agree we would risk it all for Mal.Netflix

This just might be the perfect “turn off your brain” reality drama you need! Five queer couples struggling in their relationships — debating whether or not they want to get married — swap partners for three weeks to see what they might be missing in their own relationships. Then they return to their original pairings for an additional three weeks before deciding whether they want to commit to one another... or the other partner they were paired with.



Will Arnett is is in and of himself a gem.Courtesy of Netflix

Will Arnett is Detective Terry Seattle, a divorced police detective struggling in his personal life but damn good at solving murders. Every week he is paried with a trainee — usually a famous comedian — and the pair improvise their way through a murder case to find out whodunit... like, they literally improvise. Most of the show is unscripted. Needless to say hilarity ensues.




This show has a loyal following, but the series finale is now available to stream. The show tells the story of eight separate people who are able to communicate telepathically, which puts a target on all of their backs.



A surprisingly feminist show.Erica Parise/Netflix

Ruth is a down on her luck actress who’s just had a falling out with her best friend, new mom and former soap star Debbie. Through an unusual turn of events both women wind up joining GLOW, the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, where they find empowerment and forgiveness in the most unlikely of circumstances.




This show tells the story of a pretty, smart, rich, and doting wife who's actually — and secretly, of course — a con artist. And with the help of her associates, she's able to dupe all manner of wealthy, successful men.




If old Westerns are more your speed, you might enjoy this original Netflix TV show about an outlaw looking for an old associate who now lives in a town in which only women live. This quiet town is about to get a little bit more exciting.


Santa Clarita Diet

You’ll be hungry for more episodes.Saeed Adyani / Netflix

Married realtors Sheila and Joel seem to be a normal couple with a normal family, but they're certainly not what they seem. When Joel discovers Sheila is more into eating human flesh than vegetables, well, there's little doubt that their relationship is going to change.


Madame Secretary


Téa Leoni stars in this political drama in which she plays a woman who becomes the Secretary of State and isn't afraid to do the things that she thinks are right. Like most working women, she'll also have to navigate her family relationships and her professional relationships.


Bojack Horseman

Bojack’s journey is surprisingly deep for a cartoon horse.Netflix

Affectionately known by some as “the sad horse show,” Bojack Horseman takes place in a world where people and animal-people live side by side (this weirdness is never addressed; just roll with it). Bojack used to star in a mega-hit sitcom, Horsin’ Around. While he’s still remarkably wealthy, he’s washed up and bitter, but hopefully that will change when ghostwriter Diane helps him write a book.

The series seems silly on the surface and often very much is, but also explores melancholy and profound psychological questions about fame and trauma.




As a female detective investigates the murder of a delivery man on a London street, she has to figure out how the murder, acts of revenge, many lies, drug dealers, smugglers, and more all go together.




Two extremely wealthy and powerful families battle for influence, power, money, and family legacy in this dramatic show. Yes, it is, in fact, a reboot of the former soap opera, Dynasty.

Happy watching, everybody!

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