Hilary Duff is a busy mom of three.
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Hilary Duff Had A Third Child Moment When Sharing A Photo Of Her Newborn Daughter

This is life as a mom of three. The love is the same, but time management tends to change.

Oh how things tend to change with every baby you welcome. Take a look at Hilary Duff’s first newborn photo of her third child, for instance. It’s a lovely photo of her little girl, of course, and the actress is clearly delighted to become a mom for the third time. It’s just that she didn’t get the photo out into the world until baby Mae was already one week old. This is life as a mom of three. The love is the same, but time management tends to change.

The Younger star and her husband, Matthew Koma (whose real last name is Bair), welcomed daughter Mae James Bair on March 24. Duff had a water birth at home with her husband and two children, 2-year-old daughter Banks and 9-year-old son Luca, by her side. She shared an absolutely beautiful photo of her entire family at the birth, with little Banks in the water with her and baby Mae, on Instagram on Sunday.

On Wednesday, the proud mom shared the very first photo of Mae on her own. Her first newborn photo, hilariously shared a full week after she was born. Duff captioned the photo, “Most people post this on the first day..... but you’re a 3rd child Mae Mae .... soooo it’s happening on the 7th... happy week earth side little bit! We love you so....”

Hilary Duff shared a photo of daughter Mae.

Waiting a week to post a newborn photo of a third child felt “accurate” to Duff’s social media followers. “As a fellow third child... yeah, that's accurate,” one follower commented. “it'll give her a great sense of humor!” Another mom of three thought this post was “literally me,” adding, “Third child things.”

Certainly times have changed since Duff gave birth to daughter Banks in 2018. Back then, she shared a photo of herself with Koma and her new baby girl a few days after giving birth. And when Banks celebrated her first birthday, she celebrated with a beautiful video montage of all her most precious moments.

Third children might typically get fewer photos, but the love is no less precious. As Duff wrote herself when she welcomed her baby girl, “We LOVE you beauty.” And that love is spread around between two older siblings, parents, extended family. So sure, Mae’s newborn photo might have taken a week to post. But she is well and truly loved as the newest member of the family.