James Van Der Beek Shares Sweet Pictures Of His Son On His First Birthday
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James Van Der Beek Shares Sweet Pictures Of His Son On His First Birthday

Aka, his “double-rainbow chunk-a-lunk with extra chunk.”

Happy birthday Jeremiah Van Der Beek! The 1-year-old and youngest sibling of six might have only celebrated 365 spins around the sun, but he’s clearly stolen the heart of his proud dad. James Van Der Beek recently hopped onto social media to love up his adorably chubby son and share sweet pictures on his first birthday. The Dawson’s Creek alum also wrote a touching and humorous post that thanked his “chunky monkey man” for both healing him and teaching him valuable lessons. Not too shabby for a 1-year-old!

In a recent Instagram post, Van Der Beek shared a carousel of the cutest pictures of his son Jeremiah. The thoughtful papa included a precious picture of the two of them passed out in bed with Jeremiah on his chest, some smiley baby photos, several pics of the 1-year-old completely zonked out, and two lovely mother and son shots. He also wrote an emotional message to his littlest one.

“One year ago today, a miracle…@vanderkimberly got into our bathtub and birthed a double-rainbow chunk-a-lunk with extra chunk. Proving that everything really IS bigger in Texas,” the proud dad began his post. “I am actually at a loss for words on how this soul has healed me, inspired me, encouraged me, and made me happy to be on this earth. I don’t even mind that I’m his second-favorite parent. Jeremiah, thank you for knocking on our door and not taking no for an answer. I look forward to learning many, many more valuable lessons from you. I promise you my best, always. Love you, my chunky monkey man.”

One of the coolest things about Van Der Beek is that he’s not just an incredibly involved father (who runs a tight ship at the grocery store and isn’t afraid of a little pink nail polish), he’s a super supportive husband. Whenever he celebrates his children, he almost always takes time to shout out his wife Kimberly (aka: Jeremiah’s favorite parent). The couple share 11-year-old Olivia, 10-year-old Joshua, 8-year-old Annabel, 6-year-old Emilia, 4-year-old Gwendolyn, and baby Jeremiah (who they also call Remi).

Together, the family have weathered tremendous pain as they journeyed to expand their growing family. Van Der Beek has been raw and open about the pregnancy losses he and his wife have suffered, and how difficult it has been on the family.

So it’s truly beautiful to see this adventurous family coming together on a happy day to gush over their rainbow baby. When Van Der Beek poked fun of how chubby his son is, he mentioned that everything is bigger in Texas (where the family currently live).

Seems like the love shared between the Van Der Beeks is pretty super-sized too.