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John Mulaney Shared A Hilariously Profane Instagram Post With A Photo Of His Son Malcolm

Look at these two...

If John Mulaney is looking for a new comedy partner, he may have found one in 1-year-old son Malcolm. The dad of one posed with his new partner in crime in a hilariously profane Instagram post, and these two really need to think about taking their act on the road.

The comedian, who welcomed son Malcolm with girlfriend Olivia Munn in November 2021, took to Instagram to share a sweet father-son moment on Sunday. In the photo, he and Malcolm are sitting side-by-side in a restaurant wearing matching navy shirts, giving the camera matching side eye-style smirks, and apparently drinking from matching sippy cups with straws. It should be noted that Malcolm did take things to the next level by wearing a little brown shearling hat at an especially jaunty angle. And that said hat may or may not have been adorned with bear ears.

It could be said that Mulaney took things to the next level with the caption he shared to accompany the photo. “look at these two dumb*ss motherf*ckers,” he wrote, without the use of tasteful censorship you are seeing here.

If you are worried that Mulaney’s followers might find this caption offensive, you are dead wrong. Not only did the comments support Mulaney, they had their own hilarious ideas about the photo.

“Why do you both look like extras in The Newies?” one commented.

Another user cleverly pointed out that little Malcolm has several crayons clutched in his hand, writing, “he’s just graduated to crayons, let the man live.”

One person did feel the need to rise to Malcolm’s defense since he cannot, after all, read this caption and defend himself. “Speak for yourself. Don’t bring Malcolm into this.”

Mulaney has drawn a direct line between his personality and Malcolm’s before. During his Saturday Night Live monologue, he explained that his son was very much like his dad from moment one. “Light is just shining in his eyes, it’s really bright. He’s not crying or anything, he just looks up at the light and this is what he does,” Mulaney said at the time with a scrunched up, irritated face. “He was annoyed but he didn’t say anything, and I’m like ‘That’s my son: a polite man in an uncomfortable situation but he’s not going to make a fuss.’”

I wonder what happened to make them both go from polite men in uncomfortable situations to dumb*ss motherf*ckers? Broken crayons maybe.