Kate Middleton shared her kids' favorite books.
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Kate Middleton Reveals Her Kids Love An American Children's Book For "Obvious" Reasons

One of the books is an American classic.

In honor of World Book Day next month, Kate Middleton is giving us a little peek into some of her favorite choices to read with her three kids. One of which is an especially symbolic choice for her 6-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte.

The Duchess of Cambridge teamed up with her mother-in-law to share her top five picks for children’s book for the Duchess of Cornwall’s online book club, Royal Reading Room. The first on her list was a book she read as part of the CBeebies Bedtime Stories television program on the BBC called The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark by Jill Tomlinson. Middleton explained in her recommendation that she “loved this book as a little girl and listening to my own children reading it has brought back so many wonderful memories.” She went on to recommend Stig Of The Dump by Clive King as a book she read with her father Michael Middleton because she loved spending time outdoors, making dens, digging, discovering and making things out of odds and ends.”

Her third choice, however, is especially sweet. Apparently Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White is “an all-time classic and loved in our house for obvious reasons!” I wonder if 8-year-old Prince George ever wants to call the book “George’s Web” or 3-year-old Prince Louis whispers to himself “Louis’s Web” when they read it together.

Princess Charlotte loves ‘Charlotte’s Web.’

Middleton’s choice of Charlotte’s Web, a decidedly American novel, is actually rather in keeping with her affinity for farm animals and the outdoor life in general. The Cambridge family have a real farm going on at their country home of Anmer Hall where they keep chickens, lambs, and Prince George even has to do farm chores like moving feed for the animals. Charlotte’s Web seems right up her alley.

Rounding out Middleton’s list was Feelings by Libby Walden, chosen because “this little book is a wonderful way to help children understand and recognise their feelings and emotions, and brings to life the importance of empathy,” and finally the Katie Morag series by Mairi Hedderwick for creating “fun stories for children of all ages and a great book for older children to read to younger siblings.” Maybe this means Prince George reads to his little brother and sister.

All of these books sound like absolute treasures, but there’s one modern classic the Cambridge kids definitely haven’t been reading; The Elf On The Shelf by Bell Chanda and Carol V. Aebersold. When their dad Prince William was asked about the popular Elf On The Shelf in December 2021, he admitted he’d never heard of it.

Perhaps one American classic per list is enough for the royal family. And they certainly chose a good one.