Khloe Kardashian holding her newborn son Tatum.

Khloé Kardashian's OB-GYN Offered To Take Her Newborn Son Home When She Was Panicking

“She goes: ‘You know what, I’ll deliver the baby, I’ll take the baby, and you come let me know when you’re ready to pick him up.’”

When Khloé Kardashian’s son Tatum was born via surrogate in July 2022, she was not prepared. The mom of two was really going through it at the time, and it turns out she was simply not ready to welcome her little boy. He, on the other hand, was ready a little bit early and her OB-GYN stepped in with a kind offer.

During a recent interview on the SHE MD podcast, the Good American designer opened up about her son’s birth and her surrogacy journey with her OB-GYN Dr. Thais Aliabadi and women’s advocate Mary Alice Haney. Khloé admitted that her relationship with “Dr. A” is closer than the average doctor-patient relationship.

“Dr. A was at my baby shower,” she shared, going on to explain that her doctor was at the birth of both of her children. In fact, it was Dr. A who told Khloé that the surrogate who was carrying Tatum was going to need to deliver earlier than expected. And she was not prepared at all.

“The entire pregnancy of my surrogate, I admittedly buried my head in the sand. I said to Dr. A: ‘I can’t do this,’ and the whole surrogacy pregnancy, I was really detached. I couldn’t really face it. I was very much, I think, in denial that this was happening,” Khloé explained.

So when she received that call from Dr. A, Khloé panicked. “Dr. A called, and she said she just had a check-up with my surrogate, and she said: ‘Khloé, we have to deliver within 24 hours,” she recalled in the interview. “The baby wasn’t due for, like, another week or two, and this was my last weekend with my daughter, True. Like, in my head, I just needed the weekend.” Khloé had planned to take True to Disneyland before their family grew, and so Dr. A made an unusual offer.

“So I go: ‘No, we can’t do this,’” Khloé recalled. “And she’s like: ‘No, there’s fluid in the sack, we need to do this.’ I go: ‘I’m having a weekend with True!’ And she goes — this is the Mother Teresa — I started hysterically crying because it wasn’t even about the weekend, it was about now this is real. And she goes: ‘You know what, I’ll deliver the baby, I’ll take the baby, and you come let me know when you’re ready to pick him up.’”

Of course it wasn’t just about the weekend for The Kardashians star. She had gone through a really difficult time in the months leading up to her son’s birth, with ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson secretly getting another woman pregnant at the same time. Something she didn’t find out about until it came out in the news. Which naturally contributed to her struggle to connect with her baby boy.

In the end, Khloé pulled it together and was there for her son’s birth along with sister Kim Kardashian. And while she’s previously admitted that she still had trouble bonding with Tatum for several months, these days she says she is “obsessed” with him.