Pink shared a hilarious clip of "first born vs. second born."
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Pink Shared A Hilariously Accurate Video Comparing Her “First Born Vs. Second Born”

Wildly different energies.

Pink has just unlocked the secret to first and second born behavior with a single Instagram post. The mom of two took recently shared a beautifully succinct video comparing her oldest child to her youngest child, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or one of these children yourself, you’ll absolutely get it.

The “Don’t Let Me Get Me” singer is currently traveling with her Summer Carnival tour with her 12-year-old daughter Willow and 7-year-old son Jameson, both of whom she shares with husband Carey Hart. She shared a video from her recent concert, where Willow took to the stage to join her mom in singing “Cover Me In Sunshine” in front of thousands of concert-goers. Willow looking confident and belting out her mom’s hit song like she was born to do it as Pink danced at her side looking proud. Then the video slowly panned to backstage, where son Jameson was slouching on a stool with his arms dangling at his side, headphones over his ears and drinking a water bottle hands-free by leaning back and letting it just drain into his mouth.

“First born vs. Second born,” she captioned the video, and yes, that is correct.

Pink’s followers appreciated both of her kids and their different energies. “That firstborn overachiever energy vs everything little thing gonna be all right energy,” wrote one follower, while another added, “I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't office water cooler Jameson.”

The effect of birth order on a child’s personality has been studied for years, with some experts believing that there is a level of subconscious birth order conditioning that can happen in the home. For example, higher expectations on the oldest child and a laidback outlook on parenting with the youngest. Whether or not we are conditioning kids to take on these personality traits or it’s just something that happens because of birth order, Willow and her little brother seem to really embody birth order traits. He’s chilling backstage while she performs.

The Grammy award-winning singer has spoken before about daughter Willow and her ambition in particular, even going so far as learning to negotiate her wages when she started working on her mom’s tour in 2023. “Willow has a job on tour,” Pink told TODAY before explaining that she used the moment as a teachable opportunity. “We just had to go over minimum wage and it’s different state to state.”

The real beauty of this post is that Pink clearly embraces who her kids are in all of their differences. And so do we.