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Viral Clip Of Prince Louis & Prince William Proves This Dance Move Runs In The Family

They’re both real hip shakers.

Prince Louis might have a slight bone to pick with his dad. The 6-year-old did not join Prince William when the future king went to see Taylor Swift’s Eras tour at London’s Wembley Stadium last Friday. Which really feels like a missed opportunity for all involved, especially after watching a viral clip of Prince Louis dancing. He is a hip shaker just like his dad, and the two of them could have really gotten the crowd going with their twin dance moves.

Prince William brought 9-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte and 10-year-old son Prince George with him to see Taylor Swift in concert for his 42nd birthday on Friday, leaving Prince Louis at home with mom Kate Middleton. While Prince Louis might be too young to know what he was missing on Friday night, we certainly know what we missed — potential footage of a father/son dance to Swift singing “Shake It Off.”

For now, we will have to content ourselves with a viral clip comparing young Prince Louis’s wonderfully uninhibited dance moves at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 to his father’s arm swinging, hip shaking dance at Swift’s concert this past weekend. The similarity is uncanny and delightful.

It is surprisingly rare to see Prince Louis take after his father Prince William. The youngest Wales child is most often seen as a real little individual, and even tends to be the only one of the three royal kids to look a whole lot like the Middleton side of his family. Even a former royal photographer noted that Prince Louis most reminds him of a young, wild Prince Harry rather than serious, shy Prince William. Which makes sense even from a birth order perspective, as Prince William is an oldest child and Prince Louis is the definition of a third child in every sense of the word.

But let’s face it. Genetics are genetics. And these two are true born dance twins. They both love to shake their hips in exactly the same way and raise their arms above their head with joyful abandon. What a shame that royal fans didn’t get a chance to see them dancing together at the Taylor Swift concert. Well, a shame for everyone except Princess Charlotte. We were happy to see her get a night off from Prince Louis duty so she could “Shake It Off” herself.