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Prince Louis Had Hilarious Reaction After Princess Charlotte Was Gifted A Crown

He wanted his own crown, of course.

Prince Louis might be a supportive little brother who likes to see 8-year-old sister Princess Charlotte getting a nice gift, but he’s no fool. He wants a little something, too, and he clearly doesn’t mind making his wishes known. Which is exactly what happened when Kate Middleton took two of her children to the set of Strictly Come Dancing in London last year.

The two youngest Wales children, whom Middleton shares with husband Prince William, along with 10-year-old son Prince George, visited the set of Strictly Come Dancing, a reality dance competition series, to be little celebrity judges last December. The two went to watch dancers rehearse and met the judges of the beloved dance series, while also being given paddles to weigh in on their favorite dances as judges themselves. One of the judges, Shirley Ballas, recently spoke to The Sun about meeting the young royals, sharing, “They are beautiful,” before adding that she decided to have some little gifts on hand for them. “When they visited we had these crowns on set, so I thought it would be a nice idea to give the little girl a crown and I got him a nice box of sweets.”

While we assume that Prince Louis enjoyed the sweets, it wasn’t quite enough for him, according to Ballas. “Then he went, ‘I want one of those,’ and pointed at the crown. So we had to go and find him a little crown.” Now, did they go find Princess Charlotte her own box of sweets? Because fair is fair here.

Princess Charlotte will presumably have access to real tiaras (not crowns, but still) as she gets older, the literal crown jewels she will one day be able to borrow from her mother, or inherit from her late grandmother Princess Diana and great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth. Prince Louis, who is fourth in line to the throne behind his father and two older siblings, will probably not have a crown in his future. So it is quite sweet that he was gifted a toy crown to enjoy instead.

Besides, as the third child in the family, it’s nice to see Prince Louis get something that is actually his own. He is famous for wearing his brother’s hand-me-downs on a regular basis, after all. Besides, we love to picture Prince Louis driving his toy car around the palace grounds with a toy crown perched on his head. What a picture.