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Prince Louis Is Practicing "Standing & Staying Serious" To Become A Ball Boy

Put him in, coach!

by Kaitlin Kimont

While Princess Charlotte made her adorable royal debut at Wimbledon 2023 this weekend, her younger brother, 5-year-old Prince Louis, was sadly MIA. The world always needs more of Prince Louis’ hilarious (and relatable) expressions and one-liners at these types of events. But don’t worry, folks. It sounds like Prince Louis has been practicing to make his own Wimbledon debut pretty dang memorable, whenever that may be.

Kate Middleton revealed on Sunday that Prince Louis was really bummed that he couldn’t attend the match, telling Ella Ottoway, a member of All England Club’s young person program, that he was “very upset,” according to Hello! Magazine. That’s probably because, as the Princess of Wales also revealed, the 5-year-old has been keeping busy practicing to become a Wimbledon ball boy.

“[Louis] tries to practice the standing and staying serious, like us,” a 16-year-old ball boy named Joel recalled Middleton telling him, per Hello! Magazine. “He tries to practice the stands and how we stand at the back of the court and next to the players.”

Most years, Wimbledon typically gets about 1,000 applicants and only around 250 ball boys and girls get selected to work at the championships, so Prince Louis may be up against some stiff competition.

Prince Louis proved at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee last year that he should always be in the royal box. Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Prince Louis has a lot of ambitions on his mind lately. Beyond practicing to be a ball boy, Prince Louis revealed earlier this year that he wants to be a fighter pilot, just like his dad, but he may need a little practice to get used to all the loud sounds that come with planes and jets. Prince Louis attended the world’s largest military air show with his family last week and in a video shared by Sky News, the young royal can be seen screaming and covering his ears as an aircraft flew past, but then happily hopped on an ATV. Baby steps!

Before we know it, Prince Louis will be a well-trained ball boy running the show at Wimbledon and probably practicing to become a pilot. Sky’s the limit for Lou Lou.