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'The Cinnamon Bear: A Holiday Adventure' is too much fun.

Exclusive: Listen To Ryan Reynolds Voice Santa In The Cinnamon Bear: A Holiday Adventure

The Audible Original podcast follows Jimmy and Judy on an adventure with The Cinnamon Bear to find their lost (or stolen!) tree-topping star.

In olden times, families loved nothing more than gathering around a radio for their entertainment. Listening to an adventure unfold together as a family, something about that feels cozy and old fashioned in the very best way. Particularly around the holidays. Fortunately, it is now 2021 and podcasts exist, so families can listen to a new Audible Original podcast The Cinnamon Bear: A Holiday Adventure wherever and whenever they like. Driving to visit family for the holidays, baking cookies, whatever. And don’t let the sweet name fool you, there are more than enough celebrities voicing characters in this new series to keep parents listening too. For starters, Ryan Reynolds voices Santa Claus. What more could you want?

The Cinnamon Bear: A Holiday Adventure is a daily podcast from Audible that first launched on Nov. 29. The holiday, cliffhanger-style podcast for kids follows Cinnamon Bear, who was born on Nov. 26, 1937. When two kids named Jimmy and Judy Barton discover their beloved silver Christmas tree topper has been stolen, they follow the Cinnamon Bear, also known as Paddy McCinnamon, on a trek to retrieve it that gets increasingly mad-capped and wild.

The series features some seriously impressive voice talents, all of whom are well known for their sense of humor. Alan Cumming, John Goodman, Marcia Gay Harden, Rachel Dratch, Catherine Keener, Helen Hunt, Johnny Galecki, Thomas Lennon, Ana Gasteyer, and, of course, the aforementioned Ryan Reynolds as Santa Claus himself. Considering Reynolds is a dad of three little girls with wife Blake Lively, voicing Santa Claus might earn him a little street cred on the home front. Or perhaps not, it’s always tough to tell with kids.

Listen to Reynolds and more of the cast in an exclusive clip from a new episode of The Cinnamon Bear: A Holiday Adventure below.

‘The Cinnamon Bear: A Holiday Adventure’ is fun for the whole family.

The episodes also feature musical numbers by James Feaney to accompany Jimmy, Judy, and the 4-inch-tall stuffed bear as they go on adventures in places like Maybeland, where they meet Weary Winnie the stork.

The Cinnamon Bear: A Holiday Adventure offers a new twist on classic kids’ storytelling for Christmas, injecting humor and OK, perhaps a touch of dry wit meant just for the adults, into a sweet tale for the whole family.

The final episode of The Cinnamon Bear: A Holiday Adventure airs on Dec. 23 exclusively on Audible.