Travis Kelce honored his brother on National Siblings Day.
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Travis Kelce Made The Sweetest TikTok Full Of Childhood Videos With His Brother Jason

Their little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas!

Before Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce became two of the biggest names in the NFL, before Travis started dating music icon Taylor Swift, and before they were interviewing big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger on their New Heights podcast, they were just two brothers playing in the yard together. Dressing up in Halloween costumes, pushing each other around, and just becoming the very best of friends. Something Travis took the time to honor on National Siblings Day with a video full of footage of the two brothers growing up together.

On Wednesday, the Kansas City Chiefs center put together an incredible video montage of his life with brother Jason, complete with the song “Family” from Kygo and The Chainsmokers playing in the background. Watching the brothers grow from babies to men who have always held on to their close connection nearly had me in tears, so I can just imagine how mom Donna Kelce will feel when she watches it.

“Had to wish my guy who loves made up holidays more than anyone a HAPPY NATIONAL SIBLINGS DAY!!” Travis captioned the video on TikTok.

The video opens with a clip of Jason as a baby, looking identical to 1-year-old daughter Bennett, before moving on to show the two as toddlers dressed up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Jason pushes his little brother down and you can hear someone say “No!” in the background, which is sort of the way it goes with toddler siblings. They took that energy to the football field as older boys, tackling each other at night. From there, the video sees the two boys dancing and playing sports and being silly, with Jason dressed as Batman as a little boy then flashing forward to him wearing a Batman mask on the field as a Philadelphia Eagle. Travis included special recent moments as well, like when Jason famously ripped off his shirt to celebrate his brother’s touchdown and a clip of them embracing on the field after the Chiefs won against the Baltimore Ravens.

The very real love and affection these two brothers have for each other did not go unnoticed by Kelce fans. “You two are teaching an entire generation of young men how to express their emotions and show genuine love for other people,” wrote one fan on TikTok, while another added, “I think that Travis and Jason Kelce are the only humans to truly understand the love and protection that I have for my siblings!”

One more said, “as a mom...I can only pray my kids have this bond. thank you for showing it's possible and unafraid to show it!”

Yes, Jason and Travis Kelce have long been mischief-makers, even getting kicked out of preschool for being too wild. But they’ve always been in it together. And it’s really quite beautiful.