Travis Kelce Is Just Out Here Joking About What He Wants To Name His First Child

The NFL star is apparently a big fan of a 1982 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Travis Kelce sounds like someone who has babies on the brain these days. So much so that the subject of baby names came up on a recent episode of his New Heights podcast with brother Jason Kelce. We assume he was joking about his top choice for a baby boy’s name because of their special guest, but still.

The Kelce brothers welcomed none other than the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to join them on their most recent episode of New Heights. Once Travis Kelce got over his mini fit of the giggles, no doubt brought on by his proximity to Schwarzenegger, the two brothers got into their chat with the “King of Pump,” as Jason called him. The conversation opened with Schwarzenegger praising the two of them for “branching out” beyond sports, which was especially prescient for Jason as he recently announced his retirement from the NFL, which clearly moved them both. In fact, the Kindergarten Cop star pointed out that they were all together in Hollywood, which had him wondering if perhaps they were looking at some movie roles. Which had Travis Kelce thinking about one of his favorite Schwarzenegger movies, Conan the Barbarian from 1982. A movie he liked so much, he joked (we think) about naming his first born child after that role.

“I might name my first kid Conan. I might,” Kelce said. Little Conan Kelce.

This isn’t the first time the Kansas City Chiefs center has talked about babies. He recently hinted heavily that he “can’t wait” to make a baby in a chat with his brother on their podcast, even as his brother cautioned him, “Don’t do this. Do not give any of these other conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please.” Travis is a proud uncle of brother Jason’s three daughters, 4-year-old Wyatt, 3-year-old Elliotte, and 1-year-old Bennett, who he shares with wife Kylie, after all. And his dad Ed Kelce confirmed that those three little girls have their uncle “wrapped around their fingers.”

Even before Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift took the world by storm with their relationship in 2023, the football player talked about wanting babies. Or, more specifically, told his mom Donna Kelce that he’s “gotta start breeding.” He’s ready to get making little Conans, apparently.