Come Again?

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Fans Are Pretty Convinced Travis Kelce Said He “Can’t Wait” To Make A Baby

I mean, he did say he’s got a need to breed.

Travis Kelce knows how to get us all riled up, whether he’s on the field or just chatting with his older brother Jason on their New Heights podcast. On the most recent episode of their show, the Kansas City Chiefs star hinted at something he “can’t wait” to do, even as Jason warned his brother to zip it. Fans think Travis said he “can’t wait” to make a baby or perhaps a diamond, and since he is currently in a relationship with Taylor Swift, you can practically feel the rumors swirling.

Here’s what happened: the two brothers were talking about NBA player Victor Wembanyama and his talent at basketball on the most recent episode of New Heights, with the Kansas City Chiefs star asserting, “You can’t tell me that dude wasn’t made in a f*cking lab over there in France. Lab-grown diamonds, that’s a lab-grown f*cking NBA player.”

So fine, sure, we could just end it there. But Travis couldn’t do it. He took a little sip of his drink and muttered “can’t wait til I f*cking make one.” One what, Travis, one what? An NBA player? A lab-grown diamond? Another human?!?

His brother Jason, a dad of three girls himself, cautioned Travis to stop there. “Don’t do this. Do not give any of these other conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please.”

Too late, we’ve latched.

“omg i thought he meant the diamonds but omg he was talking about making NBA babies,” one viewer tweeted.

“My man has diamonds and babies in his mind,” another said.

“I think he meant that he can’t wait to make a human (baby). Still sweet but I don’t think he meant diamonds/engagement,” one more said on TikTok, while another agreed. “He was talking baby not diamonds.”

Yet another commented, “he definitely means he can’t wait to make a tall athletic baby.”

As for Jason, everyone could feel him tense up. “jason was stressed,” one person joked.

Kelce, who was seen vacationing with Swift earlier this week, also spontaneously broke into singing his girlfriend’s hit song “Bad Blood” during the recording, which tells us that she’s on his mind. And now he has everyone sort of suspicious that perhaps babies are on his mind, too. Considering how much he loves his nieces, so much so that his dad Ed Kelce recently said they have their uncle Travis “wrapped around” their fingers, it does make sense.

And even before his world famous romance with Swift kicked off last year, Travis was talking about “breeding.” His word, not ours. Travis spoke to his mom Donna and brother Jason in 2023 about his need to breed. “I gotta start breeding, I gotta start breeding,” Travis said while his mom and brother laughed. “Imma find a breeder and I’m gonna get kids so mom can love me again.”

Between the “breeding” and “can’t wait” comments, Travis Kelce sure knows how to get us in a tizzy.