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The Best Valentine’s Day TV Episodes For Kids

Feel the love, hot-air chocolate balloons, and all!

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Just like we have our go-to romance flicks, there are also Valentine’s Day episodes for kids to tune into on Feb. 14. Of course, most kids aren’t overly fond of the mushy romance that comes with the holiday. And while adults worry about the chaos of booking restaurants and babysitters, little ones may be more concerned with those cheesy, character-themed cards for their classmates and heart-shaped candy. Even so, many children's shows — from throwback classics to new favorites — to have celebrated Valentine's Day, or the overall love subject, with cute themed episodes.

Most of the episodes featured on this list deal with school crushes, family love, and platonic friendships. After all, how many best friends do you know that will make you a giant, edible chocolate balloon or bake you a massive cookie? There are also valuable lessons to learn such as the ultimate cure to a broken heart and the dos and don'ts of finding your dog a valentine. Also, who knew Arnold Shortman from Hey Arnold! could be such a Casanova? And no matter how mean the world could seem, there are some good people out there, lovely faces and all.

Read on for our list of the best, lovey-dovey kids’ TV episodes for Valentine’s Day.

Peppa Pig: “Valentine's Day”


Season 6, Episode 27

It’s Valentine's Day and Daddy Pig gives Mummy Pig a card. But where is Daddy Pig’s card from Mummy? It turns out that Mummy had to put in the mail, but will it arrive on time for the big day?

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: “Dark Cupid”


Season 1, Episode 10

In this episode, Marinette is thinking about telling Adrien how she really feels, but her personal love life will have to wait. There’s a villain named Dark Cupid on the loose, and he is determined to eradicate love itself!

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Madeline: “Madeline’s Valentine”


Season 3, Episode 20

(Listed in some places as Season 4, Episode 19.)

Who remembers Madeline? The story is about a French orphan growing up in a Catholic boarding school in Paris under the care of the nun Miss Clavel. Well, there’s a Valentine’s Day special too! In “Madeline’s Valentine,” Madeline and the girls get jealous when their dog Genevieve falls in love with a neighborhood poodle named Popo. But in the end, the girls learn that Genevieve has a lot of love to go around.

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Llama Llama: “I Heart You”


Season 1, Episode 15

Llama Llama and their friends are excited for Valentine's Day and they’re all working hard making creative gifts for their friends. But Gilroy is having some trouble thinking of the perfect gift. In the end, he must use his own unique perspective and talents to create the perfect gift.

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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: “If You Give a Mouse a Valentines Day Cookie”

Season 203, Episode 1

To show how big his feelings are for his best human friend Oliver, Mouse creates a giant Valentine's Day Cookie for him. Mouse and his friends go to the cookie factory to create his masterpiece. But getting it through the door is the catch! There’s even a Valentine’s Day song that the little ones can sing along to with Mouse. The animated series is based on the children’s book, Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff.

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Sesame Street: “Valentine’s Day”


Season 46, Episode 6

It’s Valentine’s Day on Sesame Street, and as Elmo and Abby work to make valentines for one another, they deepen their understanding of love and friendship.

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Doc McStuffins: “My Huggy Valentine/Huggy Bear”

Season 1, Episode 25

Doc’s parents give her a new toy for Valentine’s Day that she names Val, who she brings to life with her magic stethoscope. Lambie gets jealous of the new toy and Doc diagnoses her with “splitheartitis,” which means she suffers from a broken heart. Lambie goes on to tell Doc that before Val, she was her number one cuddler and her best friend and that Valentine's Day was her day. Doc reassures her that despite having Val, no one could ever take her place.

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Curious George: “Happy Valentine's Day, George!/Oh Deer

Season 9, Episode 4

George wants to make the best homemade Valentine's Day card ever for his friends using sponge shapes, red paint, and a waffle iron. He even ends up creating his own monkey Valentine's Printing Press! This is a two-part episode, the second part is about George’s attempts to keep a hungry deer from eating all of his flowers.

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: “A Surprise for Minnie”

Season 1, Episode 2

Just a sweet reminder of the important ladies in Mickey’s and Donald Duck’s lives. In this delightful episode, Mickey Mouse needs help to make and deliver a Valentine's Day card to Minnie Mouse after Goofy reminds him to do it! Instead of buying something, he decides to make her a card. In return, Minnie gives him a bouquet of flowers. Meanwhile, Donald Duck forgets a Valentine’s Day gift for Daisy, which makes her upset. Mickey and the Mouseketools help him and gifts Daisy with a brand new baby blue bow.

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SpongeBob Squarepants: “Valentine's Day

Season 1, Episode 16

This is more of a platonic Valentine's Day-themed episode, between SpongeBob and Patrick of course! SpongeBob and Sandy get together to give Patrick the best Valentine's Day gift. While Sandy works on the gift SpongeBob keeps Patrick distracted with activities. The two end up going to the carnival. But Patrick grows more and more impatient and chaos follows which includes an attack of chocolate-eating scallops and wreaking havoc at the carnival when he thinks SpongeBob didn’t give him anything. Before he really loses, Sandy appears with his chocolate hot-air balloon.

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Rugrats: “Be My Valentine


Season 6, Episode 32

This may be one of a few Rugrats episodes where you will see Susie and Angelica in the same clip together with genuine smiles. But it has nothing to do with their arguably complicated friendship. In the two-part episode, the girls are battling out over their crush. Angelica dresses up as a cupid, while Tommy, Chucky, and the other babies look for a valentine for their dog, Spike and the adults dress up in some pretty wild costumes for the Valentine's Day "Love through the Ages" dance. Sounds like a way to keep the love going.

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The Simpsons: “I Love Lisa”


Season 4, Episode 15

In this classic episode of The Simpsons (which is more family friendly than most), Lisa takes pity on simple, sweet, but deeply awkward classmate Ralph Wiggum. Touched by Lisa’s kindness, Ralph begins to fall for her, much to Lisa’s dismay. Will she ultimately “choo-choo-choose” Ralph? Or will they just “bee friends”?

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The Proud Family: “The Legend of Johnny Lovely


Season 2, Episode 37

This particular episode is not necessarily characterized as a Valentine’s Day special, but the charisma of the one-time guest character makes it one. It’s also one of the few episodes you will hear Papi sing. When Johnny Lovely comes to town, Penny and her friends are immediately enticed by him. But Penny thinks Johnny is too good to be true. After all, nobody is perfect and could possibly look good and be good on the inside too. But it turned out, he really was a genuinely nice person. And it didn’t hurt that he wasn’t too bad to look at either!

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Recess: “My Funny Valentine

Season 3, Episode 12

An underrated Disney Channel animated series that the Millennial generation loved and little ones can appreciate. In this classic Season 3 Valentine’s Day episode, T.J. is not in a cheesy, loving mood and decides to make his classmates funny cards instead by turning the holiday messages into jokes. But his plan to be a jokester backfires when all of the girls in the class end up liking his cards, including the Ashleys, which earns him a place on their wall of “acceptable boys” in their clubhouse. This is arguably the first Recess episode in which the Ashleys and other girls crush on T.J. Before that, no other girl than Spinelli showed interest.

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Hey Arnold: “Arnold’s Valentine

Season 8, Episode 20

Arnold finds out that he has not one but two Valentines in this Season 8 episode. Both girls want to treat to dinner, which Arnold agrees to after being convinced by his friend Gerald. The plan will be to take them both to French restaurants, across the street from one another. We know, smart right? But here’s the kicker- neither of the girls knows about the other. And one of his dates, a pen pal named Cecile, turns out to be Helga. This episode is a great lesson in why you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew.

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No matter which episode, or how many, you choose to stream on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to pair it with some heart-shaped candy.

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