Britain's Princess Charlotte of Wales (R) and her brother Britain's Prince Louis of Wales (R) eat ma...

Princess Charlotte Eating A Snack Off The Ground Is The Most Relatable Royal

Royal or not, she obeys the five second rule just like the rest of us.

She’s third in line to the throne, granddaughter to the king, and she’s not above eating a s’more that dropped on the ground in a pinch. Princess Charlotte, so often the royal who models perfect decorum for her two brothers, recently bent down to get a fallen bit of s’more she made during a volunteer outing with her family. And, as seen in a candid video from that moment, she had no problem eating it. Because royal or not, she obeys the five second rule just like the rest of us.

Kate Middleton and Prince William brought 8-year-old Princess Charlotte along with her two brothers, 9-year-old Prince George and 5-year-old Prince Louis, to meet some scouts at The Big Help volunteer event the day after King Charles’ coronation. All three kids were in their element spending their day outside in casual clothes after being decked out in their finest for their grandfather’s crowning, trying their hands at archery and helping plant a garden. Standing around a bonfire roasting marshmallows for s’mores that must have been extra delicious. Because a video from the event shows Princess Charlotte refusing to give up even one little bite after it fell on the ground.

The video sees Princess Charlotte standing behind little brother Prince Louis as he tackles his own s’more (with a dramatic swoon to show how much he loved it of course), when she notices a piece of her treat fell on the ground. Without missing a beat she picks it up and eats it. Then wipes her hand on the back of her shorts to become the most relatable royal ever.

This is rather out-of-character behavior from Princess Charlotte these days, who keeps a weather eye on both of her brothers at royal functions to make sure they’re behaving. So much so that Prince William said she was “very tired” after monitoring famously unpredictable Prince Louis throughout the coronation and needed a rest. And certainly she seemed to do a bang up job as Prince Louis was relatively sedate at the coronation.

But Princess Charlotte’s moment of relatability calls to mind her earlier years. When she would sometimes throw toddler tantrums during royal outings or stick her tongue out at members of the press or run around barefoot in the grass. She is a multifaceted little person. A model royal, a wild card, and a believer in the five second rule. All the things.