Charmaine's twins are coming.

Virgin River Confirmed Charmaine Is Finally Giving Birth To Her Twins

And for the record, Lauren Hammersley, the actress who plays Charmaine, “very much enjoyed being pregnant for five years.”

Note: Spoilers for Virgin River Season 5, Part 1 are ahead!

Nobody has ever been as pregnant for as long as Virgin River’s Charmaine Roberts. Ever. I was three weeks overdue for my first child and that felt like an eternity, so I cannot even fathom how Charmaine has carried twins for the past five seasons of the Netflix series. She has been pregnant for so long, we can barely remember what she looked like as a non-pregnant person. But we are about to be reminded. Because Virgin River confirmed that Charmaine is finally going to give birth, and just in time for the holidays. So I hope she has her holiday shopping all done because she’s not going to have any time once those twins arrive, especially with all that baby daddy drama swirling around her.

Virgin River fans have been wondering when exactly Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) would finally give birth to her baby twins for some time. We thought Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) was the father because that’s what Charmaine led everyone to believe for several seasons. But now, after the final episode of Season 5, Part 1 of Virgin River, we know that local drug lord Calvin (David Cubitt) is actually the father. Will he be the one holding her hand and feeding her ice chips when she gives birth? We’ll find out soon. Very soon. Because Virgin River confirmed that Charmaine will finally give birth during one of the two special holiday episodes, airing on Netflix on Nov. 30. And it looks like nurse Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) will be in the room when Charmaine’s twins are born.

“Charmaine’s babies are finally making a grand entrance in 4 days. It’s the most festive delivery of the season,” Virgin River’s official Instagram captioned a photo of Charmaine and Mel in the delivery room. Also known as Doc’s office.

People are generally excited about the twins’ arrival, even if they do have some valid concerns. Like the age of the babies at birth, for example. “FINALLLLLY!!! Deliver those 5 year old babies!” wrote one Virgin River fan, while another added, “Hope she looked into schools since they’ll be ready for kindergarten when they come out.”

One fan thinks we’ll be thrown quite the plot twist: “Let me guess she’s not going to survive the birth — with her last breath she’ll utter that she wants Jack & Mel will adopt the kids. Who’s with me?”

Mark Ghanime, who plays Dr. Cameron Hayek on Virgin River, couldn’t help poking a little gentle fun at the timing either, writing, “That was fast! Seems like only 2019 when she was pregnant!”

Hammersley herself also commented on the post, “Full disclosure: I have very much enjoyed being pregnant for five years. I didn’t go to the gym. Ate what I wanted. Lots of bed rest and white wine.”

The birth of Charmaine’s twins are bound to be a big highlight of Virgin River’s two holiday episodes. We never thought this day would come, but we’re ready for it.