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Will There Be A Virgin River Season 7? Here’s What We Know So Far

“There’s no plans of wrapping anything up.”

by Kaitlin Kimont

Netflix’s cozy romance series Virgin River really went there with Season 5. Like really. Charmaine finally gave birth to her twins who actually weren’t Jack’s babies after all. Mel learned the identity of her biological father and suffered a truly devastating miscarriage in the middle of wildfire. There’s a new pregnancy and new relationships to follow. And Mel and Jack are (hopefully) planning their wedding. Indeed, Season 6 will need to address several cliffhangers and while fans are begging the writers to give Mel and Jack their happy ending in upcoming episodes, you just know there’s more drama in store for these characters. So will there be a Virgin River Season 7? Here’s everything we know so far.

Will there be a Virgin River Season 7?

It sure sounds like it! Netflix has not officially announced that Virgin River has been renewed for Season 7, but showrunner Patrick Sean Smith told Deadline that there are “no plans” to end the series with Season 6. “There’s no plans of wrapping anything up,” he said. “I think, as long as these characters are living, there are always going to be stories to tell, and that’s an incredible opportunity for any showrunner.”

Alexandra Breckenridge, who stars as Mel Monroe on Virgin River, also hinted that more seasons are coming. “I’m not aware of [Season 6] being the final season. Hopefully we’ll get more,” the actress told Deadline.

Will Jack and Mel get some happiness in Season 6? Season 7? Probably wishful thinking... Netflix

When could Virgin River Season 7 premiere?

Considering that there still is not a release date for Virgin River Season 6 and the cast hasn’t even started filming the next batch of episodes, it’s probably safe to assume that Season 7’s premiere date is pretty far away.

Breckenridge told Deadline that they’ll start filming Season 6 “as soon as the Vancouver weather allows,” which will “hopefully” be in the spring. And she’s hoping they can manage to film both Seasons 6 and 7 while they’re at it. “I keep trying to tell them they should just pick up season 7 so we can just knock seasons 6 and 7 and call it a day,” the actress told the outlet.

Martin Henderson, who plays Jack Sheridan on Virgin River, also revealed on Instagram in November that they’ll start filming for Season 6 soon now that both the Hollywood writers and actors strikes have ended. “Very soon, don’t you worry about that! We’ll get back to that now that the strike is over,” the actor said in a response to a fan question.

So, who knows, perhaps will get Season 6 and 7 sooner than we think!

We know one new character has joined the Virgin River cast for Season 6 and 7.

At the end of Season 5’s holiday episodes, Jack gives Mel an adorable little puppy she names Pony and Smith confirmed to TV Line that Pony will indeed be a permanent addition to the cast. Just bigger than when we first met them.

Pony is here to stay on Virgin River.Netflix

“I’d always anticipated there would be a time jump after the holidays when we pick up with Season 6, so we were going to have that dog age naturally as we headed back into production,” Smith told the outlet in December. “But we didn’t account for the five-month strike. So I don’t know where Pony is now in their maturation. I hope we don’t have to recast, but we might have to.”

With Pony the puppy there, maybe Jack and Mel will be the happiness fans have been wanting in Season 7.