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These Father's Day gifts are perfect for every dad.
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30 Father’s Day Gifts For Dads When You’ve Bought Them Everything Else

Because you’ve done the sock-of-the-month club.

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You likely grew up giving all of the dads in your life Father’s Day gifts, be they your parent, grandfather, uncle, cousin or friend. So let’s take a minute and do some math: this likely equates to dozens (hundreds?) of presents you’ve wrapped and given over the years. So what happens when the year comes that you realize you’ve checked off every usual gift on the list? Ties? Check. Socks? Double-check. Beer-brewing kit? Check (and maybe still in the box).

From Father’s Day gift ideas for new dads, to presents that’ll surprise the guy you’ve been shopping for for decades, this list is a trove of exciting, thoughtful surprises for some of the most special caregivers in your life. And they cover a wide variety of interests, from biking to driving, from reading to eating, from relaxing to grooming. And they’ll meet your budget where it is, with goodies coming in as low as $5, and splurges that’ll turn his yard into a fun-filled staycation retreat (personalized cornhole boards, anyone?). You’ll likely want to steal a thing or two for yourself. Just try pairing any of these presents with a free gift of love that’ll show your meaning goes far deeper than your wallet.

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For Dads Who Love A Good Workout

No matter your age, muscles are bound to ache — whether from a hard workout, or a stressful day of neck-craning over video conferences. This percussive handheld massager has three speeds to target sore spots, loosen tension, and help recovery in minutes.


For Dads Who Love To Grill

Make thin, crispy, deliciously greasy diner-style burgers with this flat-top set, which you can position over your outdoor grill. The accessories, like long flat spatulas and mineral scrub for cleaning, take the gift into pro-chef territory. The kit will also add a new twist to his annual barbecue menus.


For Dads Who Love Their Phones

Personalize his phone with his favorite funny pics, and make him laugh every time he hears your ringtone. Add family names, or even a favorite saying, to inspire his day.


For Dads Who Love To Take Pictures

Take one of his favorite family shots and capture it in glass for a minimalist accessory that’ll compliment any office or bedroom. For around $17, you can create a 5-inch print, and when grouped together they can create a striking design for a gallery wall.


For Foodie Dads

Expand his cookbook collection with stories that speak of more than just recipes by adding stellar new works like The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food from acclaimed chef Marcus Samuelsson, and travel-TV host Stanley Tucci’s upcoming food-fueled memoir Taste: My Life Through Food.


For Dads Who Love To Run

It’s a comfortable ride for dad and baby, with a locking front wheel for a smooth, secure run. The light design makes it feel like you can handle any uphill push, and the roomy basket on the bottom can hold kiddie and parent supplies, like water and diapers. A reclining seat and full top sun-blocking visor means baby might want to jog more often than Dad does. Maybe.


For Dads Who Love To Relax

It won’t flip, but it’ll give you those same carefree, breezy vibes that you remember from beach trips gone by. Prop it on a stand, and the hammock will give dad a cool talking point when he gives friends and neighbors a tour of the yard.


For Dads Who Love Music

No commercials and hundreds of stations to fit every music vibe, this gift can make your guy happy at home, or in the car. From Howard Stern to Andy Cohen, the entertaining radio hosts gather on this collection of channels to make him want to stay behind the wheel.


For Dads Who Love To Do Yard Work

Let him yank down that tree branch, rip out those roots, and rake up the leaves. These gloves aren’t so bulky that they’ll impede grip, or fall off, yet they’re enough to ward off blisters and scrapes. Bonus: You can tap and swipe your phone without removing them.


For Dads Who Need A Laugh

Get into the mind of one of America’s most famous comedians with Jerry Seinfeld’s new extensive collection of bits and writings.


For Dads Who Love A Sweet Treat

Pack his freezer with six pints of this indulgent, caramel flan-flavored cream from Miami’s Azucar Ice Cream Company. It’s sure to hit the spot, especially scooped over a summer fruit pie.


For Dads Who Love To Bike

The helmet’s ventilated design, with sleek taillight, treats safety as highest priority, while a customizable visor brings a touch of cool. The brand offers a quiz online to help narrow down dad’s best fit, including purpose and color.


For Dads Who Love A Good Glass of Wine

There’s no shortage of wine clubs to keep his bar shelves stocked, but Firstleaf ups the ante by adding a quiz. Hop on their website, and see how well you know the dad or partner in your life: What are their favorite desserts? How tart do they like their lemonade? The answers you punch in will help create a targeted box of whites or reds, the contents of which you can rate after drinking to ensure the next shipment is a perfect palette fit.


For Dads Who Are Always On-The-Go

Whether biking to work, heading to a kiddie playdate, or meeting friends at a new campsite, your guy will no doubt get a lot of use out of this efficient, streamlined backpack. The pockets are easy-access, and the fit is roomy, with cross straps to keep the entire bag tightly closed and securely on shoulders.


For Dads Who Like A Comfy Sneaker

Wool, water-repellent materials with rubber bottoms make for a lightweight wear-it-everyday shoe. The sneakers look stylish with or without socks, whether paired with jeans, shorts or pants.


For Dads Who Love To Cook

Complete with the special ingredients — saffron, extra virgin olive oil, paella rice, and smoky paprika — this recipe kit will have your guy blissfully mixing and tasting over the stove. As his skills and confidence grow, he can use the pan to create custom dishes with different meats and seafoods.


For Dads With A Watch Collection

If the man you’re shopping for has a selection in which he takes pride, get him a functional, yet stylish display case he’ll want to show off. Not only will this leather box hold 10 watches, it’ll wind four pieces with its dual rotation plates.


For Dads Who Like a Cocktail

Why dilute his drink of choice with ice when you can chill his glass with cool-looking granite pucks? Made in New England, the six-piece set stores in the freezer for an elevated cocktail hour.


For Dads Who Love Listening To Podcasts

With a subscription to Amazon’s Audible club, you get access to original podcasts, plus a credit to download one free audiobook a month. So dad can listen to a best-seller while commuting, or laugh at a comedian’s takes while steaming in a quick shower.


For Dads Who Love Antiques

The scratchy charm of a song popping quietly off a record player has a timeless quality no doubt prized by an old soul. Surprise your guy with this rustic-looking turntable that can also blast the top 10 from a Bluetooth speaker.


For Dads Who Love Coffee

These days, running to your usual café, cart or cafeteria for a hot cup of caffeine might not be easy (or possible). This sleek single-pour machine is perfect to perch on his office desk, be it at home or in an actual building. The results — iced or steaming, strong or mild — are reliably delicious with the push of a few buttons.


For Dads Who Love Outdoor Games

If the dads in your life love spending time in their own backyards, a customized cornhole set is just about as fun as it gets. Personalize the wood boards with their last name, favorite sports team, or even a photo of your choosing; just upload your options into the website, then accessorize with regulation bags (stuffed with whole kernel feed corn) and lights to illuminate your ramps for evening play.


For Dads Who Are Serious About Skincare

With a cleansing serum, toning solution, and oil-free moisturizer, this set keeps complexions moisturized and balanced. The aesthetician’s famed skin-smoothing Retinol Reform comes in a starter size to sample with ease.


For Dads Who Love Trivia Night

Gather your friends for a classic bar experience without leaving your house. Virtual platforms, like TriviaHub, will guide you through a trivia game night with a live host (so you don’t have to do the organizing or handle the Q&A yourself), accessible through sites like Zoom. Can you say win-win?


For Dads Who Log Lots Of Screen Time

Help protect his eyes from polluting blue light, while making a style statement. You can even update favorite Warby Parker frames with their blue light-filtering lenses.


For Dads Who Love Mixology

Sweet and perfectly sized to drop into a cocktail glass, these cubes can help create a signature drink. Let dad get creative, or follow the label to make Manhattans, Moscow Mules or Old Fashioneds. Each square is spiked with sugar, plus extracts like lime juice, cherry bitters, and orange oil to heighten the flavors in his cocktail.


For Dads Who Love Their Computers

It’s slender, portable, functional, and efficient. If those words make the dad in your life reliably happy, get him a gift he’ll use on the daily. The traveling rechargeable keyboard can make his work more comfortable, and his life a lot easier.


For Dads Who Love Style

Give him a collection of five 33-inch shoelaces that’ll dress up his day. The prints come in fun combinations that won’t throw off his look (think deep blue and maroon; black and white). He can use them in his sneakers or dress shoes – and mix-and-match with the kiddies, too!


For Dads Who Love Learning

This is not the dusty globe from dad’s elementary school room. This art piece sits on a translucent stand and rotates with the help of internal magnets, giving you a mesmerizing view of our planet from outer space. If dad is super interested in space, consider gifting a different Mova sphere, perhaps of Jupiter or the moon.


For Dads Who Love A Bath

Wrap an assortment of Nubian Heritage bar soaps, blended with aloe, zingy peppermint, exfoliating goat’s milk or moisturizing shea butter, and upgrade dad’s shower experience. The bars feel luxurious and pampering.