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18 Holiday Gifts For Dads That Have Nothing To Do With Golf

Because for the love of all things fatherly, not every dad spends his weekends on the green.

Why is it when you Google gift guides for dads, half the ideas are golf-related? What’s with this idea that all fathers think about is their Saturday morning tee time? What the world really needs is a list of the best gifts for dads that have nothing to do with golf, cars, or boring old socks because, you know, they’re out there.

Let me be the first to say, my dad is not like other dads. He grew up on a horse ranch in Texas, was into bull riding in his younger days, and has had a handlebar mustache a la Sam Elliott my entire life. Even in 100-degree heat, he wears blue jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat. I’m not even sure I’ve ever heard him say the word “golf” or show any interest in cars. So, when I’m searching for gift *inspo* for him each year, the sporting goods recommendations and classic car merchandise fall totally flat.

If you have a non-golfing father on your hands too, you probably feel my pain. Whether you’re gift-hunting for your dad, stepfather, father-in-law, grandpa, uncle, or any other beloved fella in your family, there are so many options out there he will love that having nothing to do with clubs, carts, and… whatever other sports things they slap on coffee mugs for men these days.

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For Dads That Accessorize

This jewelry stand is a super unique gift idea for any man in your life (especially your dad if he's been using the same old tray to drop his essentials in since you were in diapers). You can choose from two types of wood and have it engraved with his initials or a special message.

For Dads That Love Cocktails

These cocktail infusion packets are an easy way for the old-fashioned lover in your life to spice up his go-to drink. Each kit can flavor eight to 10 cocktails, so maybe he'll even decide to share. This version includes dehydrated oranges, sweet Michigan cherries, and sugar cubes infused with bitters.

For Dads That Can DIY It All

What tool do you get for someone who has every tool, in every size? Any handyman dad will love this little gadget. It doesn't look like much, but it will quickly become his favorite tool. It allows you to reach a screw or nut into the tiniest, most difficult-to-reach areas, and tighten as needed with ease.

For Dads That Camp

If you and your loved one used to go camping all the time (or if he enjoys it now), these wooden-handled marshmallow roasting sticks are a solid gift choice. They come as a set of four, and he'll thank you every time he doesn't have to search the campground, or even just the backyard, for some suitable roasting sticks.

For Dads That Practice Self-Care

Millennial and Gen X men are pretty fully on board with the beard care movement, so help your dear old dad or grandpa join in, too. A man of any age will appreciate this yummy smelling balm in a mahogany teakwood scent, and all the moisturizing nut oils and shea butter.

For Dads That Love Fashion

Whether the vibrant bow tie lover in your life is your grandpa, dad, or *zaddy,* this one would make a great addition to his collection. You can also add on a matching pocket square if the recipient is an actual formalwear icon. If he's more of a necktie kind of guy, the same Etsy shop makes a beautiful assortment of them as well.

For Dads With All The Gadgets

Once on a family trip, my tech-savvy father-in-law pulled a gallon-sized plastic bag out of his backpack full of cords and adapters. He managed to find the cord he needed, but I made a mental note to pick him up something like this for Christmas. While he may need a larger cord organizer for all of his gadgets, this is a great size for a phone charger, headphones, and other essentials.

For Dads That Fangirl Over Star Wars

If your dear old dad or husband is a huge Star Wars fanatic, he probably thinks he knows every last thing about the movies. This massive coffee table book promises little known insight from George Lucas himself, and includes script pages, original storyboards, on-set photography, and much more.

For Dads That Have Littles

If the dad you're buying for has younger children, he would probably love a matching t-shirt set like this one, featuring the big and little dippers. There are shirts for a dynamic duo of any interest though, not just astrology. Consider these head chef and sous chef tees for the pair who's always whipping up an inventive new snack.

For Dads That Nap

If your dad is anything like mine, he has pillows as old as I am and wonders why he has neck pain and chronic headaches. Purple pillows have been all over my social media and podcast ads, but the reviews make it seem legitimately loved. If you can give your pops a gift that actually improves his quality of life, well, does it get any better?

For Dads That Always Watch The Weather

What could be more of a dad move than constantly watching the weather? If your father or your kid's dad is basically a meteorologist at this point, he'll love this little storm cloud. The liquid inside crystallizes into different shapes depending on the air pressure. Once he learns which is which, he may not even need The Weather Channel anymore.

For Dads That Make Legendary Breakfast

If you want your dad to win cool grandpa points with your kids, he needs this pancake art griddle and accessories. With a little pancake mix, food coloring, and these squirting batter bottles, he can whip up any character your kiddos want to see (and then eat for breakfast). It's a cute gift that comes with the promise of lots of grandparent-and-grandkid quality time.

For Dads Into Minimalist Life

Does anyone else's husband carry around, like, everything he owns in his wallet? Maybe your dad or grandpa does, too. In any case, a high-quality leather card holder will take up way less pocket space for him, help him pare down to the essentials, and look better with more wear the longer he uses it.

For Skater Dads

Some dads aren't like other dads; they're cool dads. If the dad you know loves skateboarding, or even if he's just an Apple watch user who might appreciate a more aesthetically pleasing charger, this one is a great gift option. It's made from recycled skateboards, and each one is totally unique in color.

For Dads Who Drink Joe On-The-Go

Does your dad spend a lot of time outdoors at work, or use weekends to work on his latest project in the garage? Insulated cups and water bottles are everywhere these days, but it's a little harder to find one with a handle for hot beverages. This one from Yeti will keep his coffee piping hot, and the color coating is designed to withstand a rough-and-tumble lifestyle.

For Dads That Drink Craft Brews

Most men have more beer openers than they need, but does any man you know have a way to close a beer and save it for later? For dads and husbands who are into craft beer, being able to reseal those larger specialty bottles with this tool will be so helpful.

For Clean Dads

For clean freak fathers, these brush attachments for his power drill are pretty sweet. Not only can he deep clean around the house with less elbow grease, but these brushes are super helpful for cleaning car floor mats, siding, or grills. Just check out which bristle stiffness you think he'll need for the job at hand and go from there.

For Dads That Enjoy Art

Is your dad a huge baseball fan? Maybe you grew up going to Wrigley Field with him to watch the Cubs play, or you spent more hours than you can count waiting for a ball to hit the Green Monster during a Red Sox game. He would love a framed reminder of those memories you share, or an artistic ode to his favorite team.