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35 Amazing Gift Ideas For 4-Year-Olds

Presents that inspire creativity, imagination, and encourage movement.

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Picking out a gift that will impress a preschooler can be hit or miss. One minute they’re head over heels for a talking blue heeler, begging for any and every Bluey toy, but in the blink of an eye, they decide that they’re desperate for a set of nail polish just like their big sister wears. Thankfully, the never-ending cycle that is a child’s desire for one present versus another can be momentarily eased when they open something from this list of the best gifts for 4-year-olds, that includes toys, accessories, art supplies, and more.

What to consider before shopping for a 4-year-old

When shopping for a 4-year-old, consider their interests — both current and potential. Are they a budding artist? Do they enjoy playing pretend? Have they been introduced to the wonders of kinetic sand yet?

Consider that the 4-year-old you’re shopping for may have outgrown some of their toddler toys and may be in the market for the “big kid” version of things puzzles and LEGO bricks. They also have plenty of energy to burn, so gifts that encourage movement or large motor skill development like a balance bike, scooter, or pogo stick are ideal options.

If you’re on the hunt for the best gifts for 4-year-olds, this list has you covered. From cuddly stuffed animals to art supplies, STEAM activities, and outdoor toys, this list is full of top-tier gift options that will delight this age group.


A Bluey sticker book

Pros: Includes more than 100 stickers plus games and activities.

Cons: Stickers are not re-useable.

One of the best gifts to give a 4-year-old is actually a few moments of peace and quiet for their parents. This Bluey Time to Play! sticker and activity book is a gift that can keep any little fan occupied and engaged. Whether they stick the stickers where they go or decorate the walls with them, at least they’ll be entertained for as long as it takes to remove the plethora of stickers included in this book.

Review: “I gave this to my nephew for his birthday and he had the best time! The stickers were easy to get off the page (needed some help occasionally). He loved putting them where they went or where he wanted to put them. His sister used the book as intended and loved the easy but entertainment from it.”


A 4-pack of rainbow pop-its

Pros: A soothing sensory experience that’s also a toy.

Cons: Not as durable as some other versions.

With this 4-pack of rainbow pop-it toys from ZALIK, the 4-year-old in your life can enjoy the satisfying experience of playing with this fidget toy everywhere they go. Keep one in the car, one in their room, one at grandma’s house, and even one at preschool for moments when they need redirection. These flexible poppers are made from BPA-free silicone, so they’re safe for kids.

Review: “My daughter loves to pop these silicone fidgits and this 4 pack has become a great ‘distraction’ for hands while waiting for dinner or having a timeout from gaming or online schooling. We've had some great conversations while she fiddles with "popping" the bubbles. She is not delicate with these so it is obviously durable. She seems to be able to focus more when her hands have something to do. The colors are vibrant and she likes the sound it makes. This four pack comes with a stop sign octagon, square, heart, and circle in a rainbow pattern. These are easy to wipe down and sanitize despite the ridges and circles and dries quickly.”


A Play-Doh hair stylist set

Pros: Comes with eight tri-color Play-Doh cans and multiple accessories.

Cons: The chair pump can be hard to push down as doh builds up.

Add this Play-Dob Crazy Cuts Stylist Hair Salon to any 4-year-old’s Play-Doh collection for a gift that will inspire creativity and keep them entertained. It comes with three styling head attachments that each “grow” a different hair texture, Play-Doh scissors, and a variety of styling tools. For endless color combinations, eight tri-color Play-Doh containers are also included.

Review: “My granddaughter loves Play-Doh and this set is no exception. She gets to pretend she is a hair stylist and she loves it. It is just the right size for her and so easy to clean up. Great toy for kids.”


A giant floor puzzle

Pros: Made from durable, thick cardboard.

Cons: A large space is needed when building.

With an engaging seascape scene that includes stingrays, tropical fish, and sharks, plus a large-scale design that’s easy for preschoolers to put together, the Melissa & Doug Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle is one of the best gifts for 4-year-olds. It includes 48 durable pieces and measures 3x2 feet when fully built.

Review: “I needed something to keep my 4yo occupied while I helped the 8yo with schoolwork. He LOVES these puzzles (we got several different styles). He can get them down, and complete them by himself whenever he wants and he is so proud to show me his work. Pieces are thick and sturdy. I’m sure the box will eventually need some reinforcement, but we expect to use this A LOT.”


A kinetic sand construction site playset

Pros: Includes plenty of sand; the box doubles as a container and play area.

Cons: Sand can be messy despite the fact that it sticks together.

If you need a gift for a 4-year-old loves digging toys, the Kinetic Sand Dig & Demolish Playset is the perfect choice. It comes with a 2-in-1 construction truck that can scoop and drill, a brick mold, and 2 pounds of magnetic sand. The box itself is meant to be the construction site, so when it unfolds, the sides keep sand contained and then can be folded back up when they’re finished playing for easy storage.

Review: “The thing I like most is the container to hold the sand and toys. Like organization and a container is always an added bonus. Once we opened the sand and had playtime, we placed it in a gallon zip lock bag when packing up to keep it moist.”


A book about Black women in leadership

Pros: Includes true stories of 40 trailblazing Black women.

Cons: For emerging and pre-readers, the text is lengthy.

One of the best gifts to give a 4-year-old is a book that can inspire them. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison is one such gift. The text and illustrations in this book bring to life the stories of notable Black women throughout history like Maya Angelou and Sojourner Truth. Intended for kids from preschool through grade 4, this is one gift that a 4-year-old can enjoy over and over for years to come.

Review: “I got this book to read to my kids during Black history month and Women’s history month from the library. My son loved it so much he wanted to take it to school and have his teacher read it to the class so I bought our own copy. It makes me so happy to see him read to his younger brother and excitedly share the contributions of black women.”


A jewelry-making kit with wooden beads

Pros: The beads and holes are large enough for little hands to manipulate and put string through.

Cons: The wooden tray does not have a lid.

This Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Bead Bouquet set comes with more than 220 beads in a variety of shapes like flowers, hearts, and butterflies for 4-year-olds who enjoy creating their own jewelry. It also includes eight color-coordinated cords that can be cut to any length to make necklaces, bracelets, or anklets of any size.

Review: “There are so many good features about this set. It comes with clasps to create jewelry that is easy to get on or off. The string ends are taped (like shoelaces) which makes it easy for little kids to get the beads on. The beads themselves are big enough for little hands to handle with large well drilled holes. But, you will have to buy a storage case. I never will understand why Melissa and Doug uses such beautiful packaging that is completely useless for storage. Either use cheaper recyclable packaging or include lids.”


A Barbie baby doctor playset

Pros: Encourages realistic play with plenty of accessories.

Cons: Some reviewers note that the exam cart is not super stable.

There’s no denying that career-oriented toys like this Barbie Baby Doctor Playset are a great way to inspire a 4-year-old to dream big dreams about their future self. Even if the little one in your life doesn’t aspire to be a physician, they can still enjoy the realistic accessories included in this set during playtime. It comes with a full-sized Barbie doll wearing green scrubs, a stethoscope, clipboard, two babies in basinets, and an exam table with accessories.

Review: “I like that she’s a brown doll and has a nice career. Little girls need to see that. The babies were also so cute. The price was good for the doll and accessories.”


A set of classic card games

Pros: Includes 6 different games with full-color cards.

Cons: The cards are a bit large for small hands to hold more than a few at once.

Perfect for family game night, this set of classic card games for kids from Regal Games is not just a great gift for 4-year-olds, but it’s something that can be enjoyed by all ages. The set comes with 6 full decks of cards including Old Maid, Slap Jack, War, Crazy 8’s, and Memory, each with a fun kid-friendly design.

Review: “Old card games that have been passed down to kids for generations, now with great new pictures on the cards! These are terrific! My grandchildren LOVE them and are amazed that I know how to play these games! Very durable and appealing, and grandparents and grandchildren look forward to hours and hours of fun! BRAVO!!!”


A gardening tool set with a carrying case

Pros: Tools are made with metal and non-splinter wood, so they’re safe for kids, but really work.

Cons: The gloves run big.

The Play22 kids gardening tool set is a great gift idea for any 4-year-old to help encourage them to get outside. It includes everything they need to help in the garden including a kid-sized shovel, trowel, fork, rake, watering can, gardening gloves, and an apron. Also included in the set are two buckets and plastic seed labels for growing their very own plants. Everything in the set can be conveniently stored and carried in the included canvas tote bag.

Review: “I was worried these would be cheap and break easily, especially after coming in a small package. To my pleasant surprise, they are REALLY durable. My kids love using them in the rocks, dirt, sand, you name it. This is a great gift and I definitely recommend.”


A floating soccer hover disc

Pros: Can be used indoors or out.

Cons: Batteries are not included.

Encourage the budding soccer star in your life to work on their skills (or just have a blast) with this Toyk LED hover soccer ball. Technically, the disc shape is not a ball, but the top of the toy is domed and made to look like a soccer ball. It moves across most hard surfaces and can be nudged, kicked, or pushed to send it gliding. For indoor or outdoor play, it has a foam edge that’s flexible and won’t hurt little feet or cause damage to furniture.

Review: “Perfect gift for my sons 4th birthday! We’ve all been playing with it in the house on our hardwood floor!I do wish it had come with batteries because we had to make a special trip to get some.”


A pogo jumper to bounce on

Pros: Encourages large motor development.

Cons: The foam will wear down over time.

The Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper is a top-notch gift idea for any 4-year-old (or kid) with energy to burn. It’s designed for kids ages 3 and up, but can support up to 250 pounds, so it can be used by growing preschoolers for years to come. It also comes in a whopping 13 color options, so if you’re buying for multiple kids, they’ll be able to tell which one is theirs when playing together.

Review: “I bought this for my4year old son and it is by far the coolest toy I have seen in a long time. He’s been hopping around for hours, what a good way to spend his energy! I had to help him practice the first couple of times, but after that he got the hang of it and has worked his way up from a couple of hops to bouncing through the whole house. The foam is pretty quiet too, so not overly noisy or annoying. It does make a squeaking sound, but he’s not very heavy so he only gets a squeak out every once in a while and those aren’t overly loud either. Even my teenager had to try it out and now wants one of her own!”


A toy to encourage writing skills

Pros: Teaches letters, shapes, and writing skills.

Cons: The stylus string can get stuck on the corner of the board.

The VTech Write and Learn Creative Center is a magnetic board with interactive features that encourage creativity whole demonstrating proper handwriting skills. With a variety of animated demonstrations on the center screen, kids can learn the skills needed to write both lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as explore drawing techniques to create various shapes. It also comes with multiple stamps to help encourage free drawing and creating.

Review: “I had to buy one of these for my daughter's birthday but realized there would be a fight in the house. I ended up buying two for peace to reign in the domain. My daughter who is 5 and son who is 3 love this product as they can exercise their drawing or motoring skills. The product is very nice as it provides various interactive learning options such as drawing of objects, wiring of numbers and letters, voice, and on screen samples. Did I also mention the audio quality being good and precise? For creativity, this product delivers for the ages targeted. This product will not introduce your child/children to lead. The activities are great and awesome. Do note that the string on the stylus may need to be held properly as it may snag in the top right corner making it a little shorter and harder to use.”


Scented nail polish that’s safe for kids

Pros: Scented, but non-toxic, so it’s safe for kids.

Cons: Small bottles.

For any 4-year-old who loves to get glam, Piggy Paint is a kid-save polish option to give as a gift. The paint is made from a non-toxic, water-based formula that’s free from harsh chemicals, vegan, and virtually odorless. This set comes with four miniature bottles (7mL each) in pink, green, purple, and blue, each with a different fruit scent.

Review: “This fingernail polish is perfect for my little and also for me too! I love how long the polish lasts on my littles fingers and toes..for me, it doesn't last too long without chipping..maybe about a day or less, but then again, I'm more rough on my nails since I hand wash dishes, gardening, continuous hand washing, and other household chores. I love the bright colors and it doesn't take more than a couple coats! The polish dries quickly, within 30 seconds- a minute, depending on how thick it's applied. The only con that I've found is that the bottles are smaller than expected..but for little nails, I'm sure it'll last a while.”


A glow-in-the-dark racetrack set

Pros: Flexible tracks can create a variety of different tracks.

Cons: The car requires batteries.

The Ontel Magic Tracks set is a glow-in-the-dark race track that kids can build themselves. Each of the 200 track pieces snaps together to create up to 10 feet of track, and the track’s flexible design allows for a wide variety of imaginative racing creations. Anything that glows in the dark is a winner with most preschoolers, and this set also comes with a race car that lights up with bight LED lights as it speeds around the track.

Review: “I bought one a long time ago for the grandkids. One of the cars finally died and the grandson was using his architect skills playing with it and wanted to expand, so I got another one. So more track and more cars. Easy to put together, colorful, cars run on batteries, so have some around. He uses his imagination playing with it. Good fun, make sure you have room to build the track because it takes up room.”


A pillowcase that they can color on

Pros: Encourages creativity; can be used more than once.

Cons: Some reviewers note that the marker transferred to their child’s skin while sleeping.

From Eatsleepdoodle, this space explorer pillowcase has a fun NASA-inspired design that kids can color on and bring to life. Included with the pillowcase are 10 washable fabric markers that they can use to color on the pillowcase. When they’re ready to create another masterpiece, simply wash the pillowcase and the ink will come out, leaving a blank canvas for them to color once again. This great gift idea for 4-year-olds might actually get them excited for bedtime.

Review: “My son loves this. Takes hours/day to finish and with these markets we can wash, repeat until he is ready for permanent. Really enjoy coloring with him and how much time he spends with it. Awesome buy.”


An ant farm for science enthusiasts

Pros: Encourages STEM skills and scientific observation.

Cons: Ants must be purchased separately, but a voucher is included with your purchase.

With the Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm, kids can watch real ants burrow and dig through the habitat. Any 4-year-old who is interested in nature or insects will likely spend hours mesmerized by the tunnel digging, bridge-building, and mountain-moving these tiny ants can do. This particular habitat has a locking feature that means the ants can’t get out, but still allows access for feeding and watering. Ants are not included, but the set does come with a voucher to order free ants (just pay shipping and handling) when you’re ready.

Review: “The product was well made and included the sand which was a bonus. It also has holes which allows you to add more farms to it as the colony grows. My daughter loves it as it gives you a great view of the colony as it expands.”


A Paw Patrol umbrella and rain poncho set

Pros: Easy-open umbrella design.

Cons: The rain coat is hand-wash only.

A gift that’s practical and useful, but features their favorite character is usually a win with the preschool crowd. This Paw Patrol umbrella and rain slicker set is just what every 4-year-old wants to use on a rainy day. My own kids have been gifted sets similar to this one and they’re always a hit. If your 4-year-old isn’t a Paw Patrol fan, other options like Batman, Baby Shark, PJ Masks, and Mikey Mouse are available.

Review: “My 4 year old loves this as he gets to raise it and hold it himself. Just adds to that sense of capability and independence needed at that age.”


A karaoke-style microphone

Pros: Long battery life; easy to operate.

Cons: It’s loud.

Give your 4-year-old the gift of music with this Niskite karaoke microphone. They can play and record any song they want to sing into it. The microphone’s built-in audio system allows it to connect via bluetooth to other bluetooth-enabled devices, but also has an audio cable connection that can be used as well to play songs from Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music. It has a durable design, is easy to operate, and will work for 8 hours on a full charge.

Review: “My granddaughter asked for this for her birthday. She loves this and uses it daily. It sounds great and the kids have a blast. Made very well. We have not had any problems with it.”


Kid-sized binoculars

Pros: Designed for small faces, lightweight, and includes a carrying case.

Cons: Can be difficult for kids to get the hang of the focus adjustment.

When giving a gift to a 4-year-old, something that’s often used by adults, but made smaller for kids and actually works the way the adult version does is usually a slam-dunk. This set of THINKPEAK kids binoculars has real lenses with 8x21 magnification, so kids can use them to bird watch, explore nature, and enjoy the outdoors. Since they’re designed for kids, they’re also extra durable and come in 6 different color options.

Review: “We all like these binoculars! They are attractive, a perfect size, easy to hold and manage, light weight, and the child loves them. The dad says, ‘These are better than mine!’ The price is right and I feel it's a good value. I don't know about durability yet because they're brand new, but they feel solid enough and well made. I recommend them and I'm glad I chose this pair.”


Bath crayons made from beeswax

Pros: Wide grip, vibrant colors, and easy to remove from walls.

Cons: Pricier than other bath crayon options.

Made from all-natural beeswax and food-grade ingredients, Honeysticks bath crayons are a safe and non-toxic addition to any 4-year-old’s collection of bath toys. This set comes with seven vibrant colors packaged in a resealable canister with drain holes for easy storage when not in use.

Review: “These crayons really work. Great thick fat crayons for little hands to grip. Will not break off or fall out in bath. Wipe off with warm bath soap and wash rag. My kids love these. Makes bath time easy and fun. 5 stars. Where have these been my whole life?”


A glow-in-the-dark art kit

Pros: Space-saving design that glows in the dark.

Cons: Drawings disappear in time.

The Crayola Glow Art Studio is a fun art set that comes with a light wand to create drawings and doodles on the glowing canvas. It does require 3 AAA batteries to engage the glowing feature, but comes complete with 12 fill-in stencils and 12 tracing stencils to help encourage creativity. The compact design can be hung on the wall and includes a hook at the top to store the wand when not in use.

Review: “My 4-year-old is OBSESSED. He doesn’t draw ever (he hates not being able to draw things perfectly) and something about this has unlocked his inner artist. It’s amazing. It’s wall-mounted too, which I love. It’s just always out, but it takes up no space. I think the glow element makes it irresistible and it also disappears after not too long. It’s also a cozy pre-bedtime wind down activity. I truly love it.”


A squishy unicorn nightlight that they can snuggle

Pros: Soft silicone material is safe to snuggle.

Cons: The light can be bright, but is adjustable.

The LumiPets Unicorn Night Light is an ideal gift for 4-year-olds who are afraid of the dark. It’s shaped like a magical unicorn with sweet, expressive eyes and a cute little horn. Made from high-quality silicone, it’s safe to snuggle with because it doesn’t heat up while in use. It has 9 different light settings that can be set to various modes using the included remote.

Review: “Great product. My two sons love to fall asleep watching the changing colored lights. The product is soft and almost like a light up stuffed animal they can falls asleep with”


A huge box of LEGO pieces

Pros: An open-ended brick collection, but comes with a design booklet to inspire design ideas.

Cons: No people figures are included.

For 4-year-olds who are ready to graduate from Duplos, the LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box makes a great gift. It comes complete with 484 pieces in 35 colors including 18 tires and wheels, one baseplate, toy eyes, and a design manual to inspire a variety of different builds.

Review: “My son has been all about legos lately and I ordered these for him and he loves them. The book of ideas that comes with it has very easy directions to build things.”


An adorable doll to play with

Pros: Stands on her own and has possible head, arms, and legs.

Cons: Made completely from vinyl, so it’s not as soft as some other dolls.

Created by Serena Williams for her daughter, if you haven’t already met Qai Qai via her adorable social media videos, be prepared to fall in love. This sweet doll comes ready to play with in her pink and purple ruffled skirt and signature GOAT onesie. She also comes in a cute and customizable box so that kids can color Qai Qai’s house just the way they want.

Review: “I gave this adorable doll as gift and the little girl loves it! The packaging was a nice extra because they can get creative and decorate the house box to their liking! Qai Qai stands alone. The clothes are soft and hard to remove so you won’t have to worry about missing pieces.The little girl I gifted this doll to loves it and won’t put it down! Qai Qai is a hit!”


A pet grooming set with tons of accessories

Pros: Encourages pretend play and helps build care taking skills.

Cons: Some reviewers note that the size of the pieces are smaller than expected.

This 16-piece pet care play set from TEUVO makes a great gift for 4-year-old pet lovers. It comes complete with an adorable little stuffed dog and plenty of grooming accessories including pretend scissors, hairdryer, lotion and soap bottles, a brush, and more, all in a convenient carrying case.

Review: “My 4 yr old granddaughter absolutely loves this she played with nothing else but this all weekend.she gathered up all her stuffies and formed a line for her dog ‘Beauty Shop’ best money I have ever spent. Highly recommend!”


This cute frog whack-a-mole game

Pros: A game that can be played alone or with others.

Cons: The frogs don’t “pop” up, they only illuminate.

If you know a 4-year-old who’s hard to get away from the whack-a-mole table when they go to an arcade, they absolutely need this fun game at home. YEEBAY’s Interactive Whack-A-Frog game has two different game modes with 38 levels that get more difficult as the game progresses. It comes complete with two soft hammers, but will need batteries to make the lights and sounds work.

Review: “I was skeptical about this Whack a Frog, but my grandsons love it, especially the 5.5 year old. I must admit, their parents and my husband and I also like it. It's very sturdy and well made and I especially like that the soundtrack on it says, ‘What a pity’ when a player doesn't do very well, which is refreshing. It's the kind of toy they played with a lot at first, and now just once in a while, but I think it will win out over some of their other toys in the long run. It only scores a player when they hit a lit frog, so it takes a little bit of effort and hand eye coordination. Highly recommend!”


A tabletop tic-tac-toe game

Pros: A classic game that’s easy for preschoolers to play.

Cons: The set is rather small at just under 6 x 9 inches.

If you’re looking for a game to gift a 4-year-old, that you can play together time and time again, this tabletop tic-tac-toe game from Kido makes a wonderful present. The brightly colored pieces come in a wooden tray that’s so cute that it can be left out on a nightstand or dresser and will look like it’s part of their room decor.

Review: “A simple game that has stuck with us forever!”


A kid-sized suitcase shaped like a fox

Pros: Made from sturdy poly-canvas fabric with a fun fox design.

Cons: Some reviewers note that the zippers can catch on the ears.

For their next trip or sleepover, the 4-year-old in your life can pack their things in this adorable Skip Hop rolling suitcase that’s shaped like a cute fox. It’s perfectly-sized for kids, has a retractable 13-inch handle, a roomy interior with a zipper closure, a smaller exterior pocket that also zips shut, plus a mesh side pocket.

Review: “Bought this bag for a family trip and I love it! It's very well made, lots of room to pack things and durable for a 4 yo. It rolled at the right height for her to pull herself. The outside pocket holds a lot of snacks, or other items. The mesh bottle holder is nice and fits a kids contigo water bottle. It's cute and my daughter loved it too. Awesome buy!”


A toy cash register with a ton of extras included

Pros: Promotes math skills and imaginative play.

Cons: Some assembly is required.

The FS Store Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register is such a fun gift to give a 4-year-old. They can engage in imaginative role play, scan groceries, count cash, and even talk into a working microphone. The cash register has an actual working calculator and cash drawer, so it’s the perfect way for little ones to have fun while engaging their counting and math skills.

Review: “Makes a great gift to get kids ready to count money and explore different food items. Helps them learn counting money using credit cards scanning items using a cash register it's pretty cool. And good value for the money.”


A kick scooter with light-up wheels

Pros: Features adjustable handlebars with comfortable grips and wheels that light up.

Cons: Instead of using the handlebar, leaning directs the wheels, which can take some getting used to.

With light-up wheels and a smooth ride, this gift will have your 4-year-old zooming around the neighborhood in no time. The Radio Flyer Lean ’N Glide Scooter is a fun way to help improve a child’s balance and coordination skills. It has an adjustable handlebar, so it can grow with your child, and it can support riders up to 60 pounds.

Review: “Love radio flyer products. The light up wheels were an extra surprise. It does not turn in the traditional sense. One leans to turn. We love it!”


A set of Magna-Tiles

Pros: An open-ended building set that inspires creativity.

Cons: Can be frustrating to build when the edges aren’t lined up just right.

Any parent who has a set of Magna-Tiles at home will tell you that they’re worth every penny (myself included). The 32 magnetized shapes included in this set can be used to spark hours of imaginative play. Even if the 4-year-old in your life already has a set, gifting them another just means that they can get even more creative and make more elaborate builds.

Review: “My four year old loves spending time playing with these tiles. They are easy to use which keeps her encouraged & inspired during her interaction with them.”


A weighted stuffed animal

Pros: Has a removable weighted body and plush washable exterior.

Cons: It’s pricey for a stuffed animal.

To keep the 4-year-old in your life calm and comforted, this weighted plush elephant from Hugimals is a fantastic gift option. Perfect for cuddling at bedtime, on car or airplane rides, or just anytime they need some anxiety relief, the 4.5-pound weighted interior of this stuffed animal provides a sense of soothing calm when held.

Review: “Got this for my daughter with ADD and anxiety. We tried weighted blankets and they were too much. She loves this. Great quality, fast shipping. Wish were a little more affordable.”


A balance bike to practice with

Pros: Lightweight design with wheels that won’t scratch floors if ridden indoors.

Cons: May be easily mastered and leave kids wanting a bike with pedals.

For kids who haven’t yet learned how to ride a bicycle, a balance bike is a great place to start. The GOMO balance bike has 12-inch wheels and a steel frame that’s lightweight, but sturdy. The seat is adjustable and can hold riders weighing up to 60 pounds. Available in 5 different colors, this is a fun gift for a 4-year-old who is excited to learn how to ride.

Review: “I’ve read about the new methods of teaching kids to ride a bike so I ordered this bike for my granddaughter. I was shocked the next time I saw her flying around the neighborhood on this bike like she’s been riding bikes for years. She loves it and we’ll be switching her to a peddle bike in no time. She’s enjoying it so much I’m just letting her ride this till she asks for a peddle bike.”


A kit for building forts

Pros: Kid-safe building materials come in a portable storage bag and can be used indoors or out.

Cons: Must use your own sheets, blankets, or tarps.

Instead of pulling together a few chairs and hoping they don’t topple over, this Tiny Land Creative Forts Building Kit comes with 86 rods and 44 ball joints for kids to construct epic forts indoors or out. Made from durable plastic that’s non-toxic and BPA-free, this kit can be used to build a multitude of structures in various shapes and sizes.

Review: “I ordered these because they had so many more pieces in the first set that we bought so we can make much bigger forts, and let me tell you this thing was a hit my kids love it keep some entertained for hours!! And then when you’re done pack it all the way back in the same box!”

The next time you need a gift for a 4-year-old’s birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, let the ideas on this list inspire your purchase. These gift picks are sure to put a smile on their face.

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