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15 Unique Gifts For Your Sports-Loving Kid

They've got enough basketballs, so let's try something new.

Looking for out-of-the-box gift ideas for your sports-obsessed kid this holiday season? While you may already be covered when it comes to basketballs, soccer nets and tennis rackets, fear not, dear shoppers. Turns out, there are plenty of unique sports-themed gifts for kids that can keep your energetic child engaged during the winter months and beyond. We all know the benefits of kids playing sports are numerous, from boosting self-esteem to acting as a natural stress reliever, so this is great news for parents when it comes to holiday shopping this year. Due to a combination of social distance restrictions, remote schooling in many places, and winter weather keeping us at home, these sporty gift ideas, each designed to get your kid moving and having fun, could not come along at a better time.

From going for the perfect knock out with an inflatable punching bag set to practicing karate moves against a shadow opponent on the wall (yes, really!), these gift ideas really take things up a notch in the sports gift-giving department. And you never know, you may even want to join in the game, too. Here's to keeping kids active and engaged this holiday season, and giving them something they haven't seen before.

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The Perfect Shot

Archery is a great sport for kids, as it promotes concentration and goal setting. Bullseye Bow offers a "Christmas Special" for young novices that includes a bow, three soft foam tip arrows, three suction cup arrows, a velcro target, velcro funnel adapter, and three velcro balls. Perfect for a beginner!


Go for the Knockout

This inflatable punching bag features a weighted base that won't hurt to kick or punch, making it the perfect set for kids being introduced to boxing. Your child will stay active this winter while developing fundamental hand-eye coordination from three adjustable speed & skill modes. Follow the lights and strike when they're lit like your own version of Whack-A-Mole. The added sound effects make kicking and punching fun!


Run Leaps & Bounds In New Kicks

Love the rainbow colors of these sneakers from Gap. If your sporty kid is in need of a new pair of kicks, then these bright and playful shoes might be a good option.


Darts Without Possibly Losing An Eye

I've always loved the idea of darts, minus the part where I get stuck with one in the arm, or you know, my eye ball. Stomp Rocket to the rescue! I was already a big fan of this brand, but love that they're making a darts game that's safe for kids.


Me & My Shadow

Your child can put their martial arts skills to the test with Shadow Fighter by Sharper Image. A projector emits a shadowy ninja on the wall, performing a variety of offensive and defensive maneuvers as your child gets their exercise while battling it out with their shadowy opponent. Choose between four different game settings while listening to in-game music that keeps those moves exciting. This toy is geared towards children 5 and up.


Sometimes The Box Is The Most Fun

In this rolling, bouncing, banking, stacking, and nesting set from Fat Brain Toys, your kids have dozens of ways to play, all of them guaranteed fun. This classic-looking game contains eight wooden nesting boxes and eight bouncy balls. While beginners might want to start with the suggested games that come printed with the set, there's no end to the games your child can create!


Mini Warriors Can Now Play At Home

If your child dreams of being an American Ninja Warrior one day, they can begin training ahead of time with this obstacle course race set from Dick's Sporting Goods. The set includes two reinforced hop sacks for racing, eight agility rings with connectors, and three adjustable height hurdles. Get ready to hop!


Disc Golf & Horseshoes, Oh My!

Bottle Bash is a unique activity that combines the games of disc golf and horseshoes with a few new twists. A game the whole family can enjoy, the objective is to knock your opponent’s bottle off the pole by throwing the disc. Sounds easy? Think again! The set includes two aluminum poles, two bottles, two ground stakes, one disc, and a mesh storage bag.


Surf's Up (In Your Living Room)

For those kiddies who dream of one day surfing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter comes a unique twist they can use to work on their balance all year long from the comfort of home. Spooner Balance Boards connect you with the same feeling you get from surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding.


Throw, Kick, Listen for the Swish

Practice your football throw, kick, and enjoy that basketball-like "swish" when your football goes through the net of this three-hole football target toss. Easy to inflate, this is a great toy to take to the park or just fine at home, too. It pops back up after each throw, ready for another turn!


No Ball, No Problem

Made for children ages 6 and older, Virtual Pong is a fast-paced game that keeps players hopping as they swing at a simulated “ball of light” that bounces off the walls and ceiling. Kind of like what tennis might be like in 100 years? The first one to 11 wins!


A Jersey of Their Favorite Team's Player

I'm pretty sure you get a kid a jersey of their favorite player or sports team and they instantly cover you in hugs. That's how it works, right? We're a Green Bay Packers household, so I couldn't resist this one!


Dodgeball for Two

Old school dodgeball just got updated with this two-player game that includes vests printed with a bright red bullseye and foam balls (so no worries if there's accidentally a ball to the head). Run, toss, and dodge, and if the ball sticks to your opponent's bullseye, you win.


You Gotta Just Roll with It

Turn your backyard into an amusement park with this giant inflatable rolling wheel game. Your little hamster will have a blast making it roll around and will get some good exercise at the same time. Win, win.


Light Up The Night

The classic game ring toss just got way more fun thanks to Glow City's LED lights. This set comes with two LED stakes and colorful rings to practice your arm toss in a fun way. Great for summer barbecues or with the lights out at home!

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