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Costco Has LEGOs & All The Toys You Need For An Awesome Spring

Grab some while you’re stocking up on snacks.

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Costco is a great place to get everything from giant bottles of shampoo to croissants (seriously, try them) or enough peanut butter to last your family a year. But in addition to household staples, you can also use the big box store to stock up on items for your kids, and not just PJs and shoes, but tons of awesome toys and books. On this list you’ll find 19 toys from Costco (and unlike rotisserie chicken and 5-pound blocks of cheese, you can buy these online).

As with most things at Costco, the prices on the toys are always a deal. You’ll get elaborate LEGO sets and cool 3D puzzles at a fraction of a price, and some of the toys even come, as you may expect from the store, in multi-packs. For example, you’ll get two learning robots (one for math and one for phonics) or a set of Elsa and Anna. So whether it’s time to get your little one a scooter or a bike, or you need to upgrade the backyard for summer with a sandbox, or maybe they just can’t get enough American Girls accessories or construction vehicles, read on for toys from Costco you can shop online that the kids in your life will love.

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A LEGO Townhouse

This LEGO set looks like it was plucked off the street of a bustling town. With 554 pieces it’s best for ages 8 and up. This set is especially cool because it can be built in three unique ways: a toy store, a cake shop, and a flower store, each with an apartment or a workshop attached.


A Water Table

Your kids will get hours of fun out of the water table that comes with 13 accessories like buckets, plastic fish, and water shoots. It holds four gallons of water (which means some can inevitably spill out and it will still feel full).


A Plush Star Wars Toy

If they’re maxed on on Baby Yoda toys but still can’t get enough of Star Wars, this BB8 plush will be a hit. It’s perfect for play and travel (it could be a great pillow in the car) and it’s 20 inches across and just over 4 pounds.


A Vending Machine Of Stuffed Animals

What child wouldn’t want a vending machine filled with toys right in their home? This one has 12 plush characters that are each sweetly scented, and the machine has small knobs that are easy for little hands to turn.


A Fire Truck Walker

Vehicle lovers will love learning to walk using this wooden fire truck walker. When they’re not cruising around the house, there are math beads and a shape shorter on the side so it functions as an activity center for seated play too.


A 3D Puzzle

Harry Potter may be set in a fantastical place, but it can come to life in your living room thanks to this 3D puzzle of Hogwarts. Best for ages 8 and up, it includes 428 pieces and 48 foam cores that give the puzzle its shape. It comes with a poster too, so they can celebrate Hogwarts even when the puzzle is put away.


A Camping Set For Dolls

This cute camping set for 18 inch dolls makes me actually want to spend the night in the wilderness. It comes with a campfire that lights up and crackles, a tent, a sleeping bag, s’mores, and a pie iron.


A Magnetic Construction Toy

Kids can build their own construction site complete with buildings and vehicles in a non-frustrating way thanks to the pieces that magnetize together (which means it's unlikely that they break or fall apart). It comes with 23 magnetic pieces, 27 accessories like windows and doors, and two characters for tons of fun.


A Kid’s Scooter

This scooter lights up all-over thanks to its LED lights, plus the handle is height adjustable so it grows with your child. It has a wide base that’s anti-slip, and it folds down so it's great for smaller spaces.


Sandbox With A Cover

The playground comes to your backyard with this sandbox. The cover helps shield kids from the sun, but it also keeps the sand clean and dry. It’s a 40 inch square which is small enough to not totally take over a small yard, but big enough for little kids to play in it together.


A Big Dollhouse

With 13 rooms, four levels, a treehouse with a hammock, and an outdoor picnic area, I wish I lived in this dollhouse. It has 26 pieces, lights up and makes sound, and is recommended for kids ages 3 and older.


Minecraft LEGOs

The only thing that could be better than LEGOs is when they’re combined with Minecraft. Kids will have fun making a house shaped like a giant pig (one of the beloved characters from the game) and there’s even an explosion feature to blast the house to pieces when they’re ready.


A Baby Doll With Accessories

Babies come with a lot of accessories and this Bitty Baby doll from American Girl is no exception. The doll comes with a bottle, a blanket, shoes, a spare outfit, and a travel seat that’s thankfully nowhere near as heavy as the real thing.


An Astronaut Costume

Whether they’re Buzz Lightyear or Sally Ride, this astronaut costume is out of the world. It even has a sewn helmut so they can accurately play the part.


Elsa & Anna Dolls

Now you don’t have to decide if your kid is more of an Elsa or an Anna fan because this set of dolls comes with one of each. There are shoes and a tiara too, so your little one can accessorize the sisters.


Number & Letter Learning Robots

These fun little learning robots have touchpad screens and LED faces to help your little one learn numbers, phonics, spelling, and even the beginnings of STEM. It comes with batteries (one less thing for you to remember) and has an auto shut-off.


A Set Of Baby Books

Whether you have a new baby or you’re looking for a sweet gift, this set of 10 baby books is always a good idea. The board books teach the basics of language, and they come in a convenient carrying case.


Mickey In A Remote Control Car

Take Mickey Mouse for a spin in his fire truck with this remote control vehicle and track set. The remote is simple to use and it also comes in a Minnie Mouse in an ice cream truck version if that’s more their speed.


Trolls Character Set

Apologies in advance that these three figurines will get the Trolls theme (can’t stop the feeling...) stuck in your head every time you look at them, but if your kid’s a fan of the movie, they’ll love this toy. It includes Poppy, Branch and Tiny Diamond plus a hair clip and a brush.


143-Piece Art Set

If you have an older child who is interested in unleashing their inner-artist, this set is ideal for testing out different media in different combinations. It also includes sketch papers, hand-lettering pnactice pages, coloring pages, canvas panels, and watercolor papers.