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Costco's holiday gifts for kids
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Costco Has LEGOs & All The Toys You Need For Your Holiday Shopping

Grab some while you’re stocking up on snacks.

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Costco is a great place to get everything from giant bottles of shampoo to croissants (seriously, try them) or enough peanut butter to last your family a year. But in addition to household staples, you can also use the big box store to stock up on items for your kids — and not just PJs and shoes, but tons of awesome toys and books, too. On this list, you’ll find 25 Costco toys that make for great holiday gifts (and unlike rotisserie chicken and five-pound blocks of cheese, you can buy these online).

As with most things at Costco, the prices on the toys are always a deal. You’ll get elaborate LEGO sets and cool 3D puzzles at a fraction of the traditional price, and some of the toys even come, as you may expect from the store, in multi-packs. For example, you’ll get two learning robots (one for math and one for phonics) or a Moana doll with her own themed tea set. So whether it’s time to get your little one a scooter or a bike, or you need to upgrade the backyard for summer with a bean bag toss set, or maybe they just can’t get enough American Girls accessories or construction vehicles, read on for Costco gifts for kids that they’ll absolutely love and that you can shop for online this holiday season.

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A Pair Of Water Blasters

Something about water blasters gives them an undeniable, everlasting appeal to kids, which is exactly why they make a great gift any time of the year — even if they won’t be pulling them out to use until a season when the sun is out. This twin set of blasters, best suited for children 5 years or older, features a 30 fl oz. water tank, a fast fill location, manual pump action, and a blast of water that can reach up to 34 feet. And the dual set makes it best for siblings to share or for your kid and their friend to have fun with together in the front or back yard.


A Plush Star Wars Toy

Kids simply can’t get enough of Star Wars and never seem to be maxed out on Baby Yoda, which is why this Grogu (yes, that is his real name) plush from The Mandalorian will be a hit. It’s perfect for play and travel (it could be a great pillow option for the car), and it’s 20 inches tall and made of super soft fabric for extra cuddle-ability. Plus, how cute is this little guy? Suitable for all ages 3 and older, this squishy fan favorite and beloved character will make for a perfect gift for any little Star Wars enthusiast.


A Royal Tea Cart

With the Disney Princess Tea Cart, your kid can host a fairytale tea party sized perfectly for accompanying doll guests. Featuring a complete set of four pastel-colored cups, spoons, and saucers, along with a dainty pink teapot, the cart comes with all of the essentials needed to throw a festive tea party at home. Once your little one is done serving and playing host, they can remove the tiered tray from the gold-accented push cart and transform the whole thing into a dainty tea table to sit at and enjoy sipping the tea in their cup — regardless of whether there is real tea or imaginary tea in there!


A Light-Up Scooter

With a helmet strapped and ready, have your kiddo ride around in style with this light-up three-wheeled scooter by Jetson. The glowing LED lights are found on the stem, deck, and wheels of the scooter for ultimate flashy riding. Not to mention, the scooter features a height-adjustable handlebar, a steering system controlled by leaning, and a wide anti-slip deck to keep your little one safe. Fit with three wheels to help with balance and prevent falling over, this scooter is made for children ages 3 and up. And when they’re all done riding around for the day, the scooter folds up for easy storage.


A 3D Puzzle

Harry Potter may be set in a fantastical place, but it can come to life in your living room thanks to this 3D puzzle of three iconic places from Hogwarts and the Wizarding World: the Burrow (AKA the Weasley family’s house), Hagrid’s hut, and the Knight Bus. Best for ages 8 and up, it includes 315 pieces, along with foam cores that help give the puzzle its 3D shape. This collector’s display comes with a poster, too, so your ultimate Harry Potter fan can celebrate Hogwarts even when the puzzle is all done or put away until the next time.


A LEGO Beach House

This LEGO set looks like it was plucked off the beach of a bustling, tropical vacation hotspot. With 564 pieces total in the set, it’s best suited for ages 8 and up. This set is especially cool because it can be built in three unique ways: a two-floored surf house, a lighthouse, and a pool house for your little one to build. It also comes with window hinges to reconfigure and fold open, two beachy mini figurines, and three brick-built sea animals: a dolphin, a sea turtle, and a baby sea turtle. With this set, kids will be ready to hit the beach and grab a surfboard before jumping in the ocean to catch a big wave.


A Buildable Construction Set

Kids can create their own metropolitan construction service team complete with a fire truck, a garbage truck, a dump truck, and a tow truck. Not only can they build those, but they can also mix and match the parts to invent their own new machine. This set consists of a plastic screwdriver, four vehicles, four figures, a crane, two boulders, stickers, and an instruction manual to help guide their building pursuits — whether they stick by the book or go for something inventive on their own. Unlike some more complicated sets, this bundle is designed for ages as low as 3 years old to get their metaphorical hard hats on and construct a service crew.


A Dinosaur Training Bike

Looking to get your little one started on cycling early? This dinosaur-themed balance bike from Royal Baby is a great way to introduce them to the sport, and they’ll love the fun colors and design. With this bike, kids don’t use pedals, but rather just their two feet to propel the bicycle in order to get them used to steering and balance. It’s designed with a quick-release seat adjuster and a steering limiter to ensure better control when turning. Not to mention, its scaly dino design, which comes in both blue and green, will make it all the more fun.


A Doll Movie Night Set

This cute movie and game night set for 18-inch dolls will make your child excited to spend the night in with the family at home. Along with some special movie night-themed doll clothes, it comes with quite the extensive set fit for any at-home sleepover-style party: a mini UNO card game, two pairs of 3D glasses, a DVD disc and case, a popcorn machine (disclaimer, it doesn’t actually make popcorn!), two faux drinks with straws, a box of pretend candy, two popcorn containers, two servings of pretend popcorn, a container of faux butter, and even a mini salt shaker.


A Bean Bag Toss Set

This outdoor game set is perfectly fit for the whole family to enjoy together. Best of all, it has two games in one: While one side features the bean bag toss, the other is set up for the classic party game tic-tac-toe. Plus, when your kids are done playing, they can store the bean bags — the set comes with four red and four black — inside and close the whole set up like a briefcase with its two secure hinges and sturdy rope carrying handle. It makes for a truly portable party for all members of the family and friends to participate in for a shared good time.


A Big Dollhouse

With 13 rooms, four levels, a treehouse with a hammock, and an outdoor picnic area, even adults will wish they lived in this dollhouse. The set comes with 26 accessory pieces (including a stove, furniture with hidden storage areas, and over 100 stickers for custom decorating), lights up and makes sound, and is recommended for kids ages 3 and older. Some of the other features of this magnificent house include a working elevator to take dolls to the next floor, a treehouse with a fabric roof and vibrant tree with branch seating, and even working string lights for the ultimate dollhouse experience.


A Train Race Set

It’s off to the races with this Thomas the Train set from Fisher-Price. Featuring the iconic faces of Thomas and his friend Percy, this race track puts the two trains head to head on a motorized track, with the goal of being the first to deliver a package on the other side. Once put together, the set includes nine feet of track, with tunnels, twists, turns, ramps, and two tipping bridges along the way. And if your kiddo is a Thomas and Friends train track collector, this set will fit together with most others in the collection for extra long race tracks.


A Baby Doll With Accessories

In real life, babies come with a lot of accessories, and this 15-inch Bitty Baby doll from American Girl is no exception. The doll comes fit with a baby bottle, a soft pink blanket, a changeable diaper, a pair of shoes adorned with cute bows, a bodysuit, a star shirt and striped pants outfit, and a frilly polka dot travel seat — that’s very much doll-sized and thankfully nowhere near as heavy as the real thing. Suited for children ages 3 and up, this baby doll set will be a great gift for any kid who loves to play pretend grown up roles.


An Astronaut Costume

Whether they’re Buzz Lightyear or Sally Ride, this astronaut costume is out of the world and a perfect gift for any kid who looks up to astronauts and has a love for space. The silver astronaut jumpsuit comes with a sewn space helmet, attached belt, vest with air hoses, and a U.S. flag patch so they can accurately play the part of a NASA astronaut. When your kid puts this costume on — and by the way, it comes in two different sizes — they will feel like planting a flag on the moon, or maybe just in the living room for now.


A Moana Doll And Tea Set

Alongside her trusty smiling pig pal, Pua, Moana comes with an island-themed tea set (the saucers are leaves!) for your kiddo to enjoy. With two tea cups, saucers, and spoons, the set makes for a perfectly fanciful tea for two — one place setting for Moana and the other for your child. In addition to the Moana set, Costco also offers Princess Jasmine, Elsa, Anna, and Tiana dolls so your little one can choose their favorite Disney heroine, each with their own companion — Rajah, Bruni, Olaf, and Prince Naveen in his frog form — as well as their own themed set for teatime.


An Educational 3-In-1 Toy

Treat you little one to this all-inclusive hands-on learning set that comes with a double sided abacus to learn the ABCs and how to count, a turtle-shaped pull toy, and a clock puzzle to stimulate and encourage imagination while learning and having fun. Fun for a young child even on its own, the pull toy is also intended to enhance color recognition, distinguish shapes, and improve hand-eye coordination. The clock puzzle will begin to teach them how to tell time in a fun, engaging way. It’s the perfect toy and gift for a developing child who is 18 months or older.


A Set Of Baby Books

Whether you have a new baby or you’re looking for a sweet gift for someone else, this set of nine baby books from the iconic The Rainbow Fish series is always a good idea. Now available in one place conveniently as a box set, the board books follow the sparkly fish who learns to make friends by sharing. Chances are, you also read this when you were a child. Not only will these colorful and sparkly books be engaging and fun for your little one, but they will also teach some valuable lessons about friendships and morals along the way.


A Kid-Friendly Camera

If your kiddo has quite the artistic eye and you think they’d appreciate getting started in photography (outside of borrowing your smartphone for the occasional snap), then this kid-friendly starter camera will make for the perfect holiday gift. The affordable action camera shoots in 4K and is sturdy enough for all of your little one’s adventures — it even comes with a water resistant case. In addition to all of that, it comes with a rechargeable battery, Wi-Fi connectability, and a 32 GB memory card. And if your kid enjoys cycling or skateboarding, this camera comes with a mount that can be used on bikes, helmets, and tripods.


A Magic Tree House Book Set

Give the gift of reading to your child who has at least the reading level of a 6-year-old with this collection of books from the iconic and bestselling Magic Tree House series. Through these fantastical books by Mary Pope Osborne that have lasted in popularity for decades, your kid can follow along as siblings Jack and Annie travel through history and around the world to discover magic and adventure. From dinosaurs in the prehistoric age and pirates on the choppy sea to polar bears in the arctic tundra and ninjas in Japan, the adventures in this series make for perfect, captivating tales fit for beginner readers.


A 151-Piece Art Set

If you have an older child who is interested in unleashing their inner artist, this set is ideal for testing out different media in different combinations. It includes everything from 30 premium colored pencils, six watercolor brush pens, 12 watercolor paint tubes, 18 oil pastels, and 12 acrylic paint tubes to a paint palette, sketch papers, calligraphy practice pages, coloring pages, canvas panels, and watercolor papers for your burgeoning artist. This set is so high quality and thorough it would even make an adult envious to receive as a gift for the holidays! It’s OK if you want to use the set yourself sometimes.


A Play Kitchen

There’s something about kid-sized kitchen sets that light up the imagination of children. This sunny play kitchen comes with lots of bells and whistles in the form of fake burners and a microwave that lights up and makes sounds, along with lots of play accessories. It comes with a fabric storage bin, a magnet sheet with 12 magnets, pretend ice cubes for the dispensing ice maker, assorted play food, a pan, a spatula, two plates, and a fork. Also, it features a clock with moveable hands and a spinning lazy Susan in one of the storage cubbies for your little chef to get organized and display their play food.


A Crochet Kit

If you’re looking for a gift for a teenage child, this crochet kit hits two targets: Harry Potter fans and arts and crafts enthusiasts. This set is definitely not for the beginner crafter, but it is a perfect collectible for teens and kids who already have a hobby of crocheting or knitting (or any adult Potterheads with a crafty streak). To make the Harry Potter and Dobby dolls, the set comes with yarn, stuffing, needle and thread, safety eye beads, and a special magic wand crochet hook, along with a 76-page instruction book that gives step-by-step directions to make 10 more magical models.


A Set Of Play-Doh

Playing with Play-Doh is one of those childhood activities that has never gone out of style — you probably played with the colorful putty yourself back in the day. That’s why this megaset of Play-Doh is guaranteed to be a hit as a gift. With five cans each of the 10 different colors, there are plenty of colors to squish and shape into lots of different inventive creations, from animals to castles to people. These 50 small Play-Doh containers might also make for a gift for siblings to share — after all, there is a lot of colorful material to go around.


RC Mario Kart Cars

With this Mario and Yoshi RC set, your kiddo and a friend will be ready for an off-road racing adventure at home. These radio-control toy cars allow for speeds up to 5.6 mph and can race nonstop for up to 30 minutes on a single battery charge (controller batteries are included in the set). And if you find the buzzing of the RC vehicles getting a bit on your nerves inside the house, the good news is that these cars come with wheels that will work well on many rugged terrains for your kids to go out and play on.


A Glow-In-The-Dark Buildable Fort

With this fun STEM-adjacent gift, kids can connect and create just about any structure they can imagine with these easy-to-use poles and connectors. Not only can your kiddos learn to build what they want quickly and easily, but all of the parts glow in the dark for some extra fun. The set even includes a basic structure guide with ideas to get your little one started on using the parts. Soon enough, they will be constructing everything from pyramids to complex spaceships with the 75 glow-in-the-dark pieces. Plus, you know you won’t trip over them when you’re walking to the bathroom at night.

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