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14 Cat Advent Calendars For Ferocious Feline Fans

They’re the cat’s meow.

Remember when advent calendars were just little paper pop-ups with a picture revealed each day? No more. There’s now an advent calendar for every idea imaginable, as illustrated by fantastic kid advent calendars, Aldi advent calendars, and even a Friends advent calendar.

But what about the person in your life who is a little harder to pin down? They might not want a towering calendar full of spa level self-care items or little tchotchkes. What if the one thing they truly adore in life is their cat? Well, then you need a cat advent calendar, of course. And, as you might have guessed, yes, those exist.

In fact, not only do cat advent calendars exist, you can find both advent calendars for cat-lovers and advent calendars for cats! That’s right, countdown to Christmas calendars filled with toys or treats just for the special kitten in your life. Cat lovers might appreciate these as much as a simple visual cat-themed calendar as they’ll be able to pass on a little nod of appreciation to their kitty each day of December. If that’s not enough, there’s even a cat advent calendar filled with game ideas you can play with your crazy kitten.

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Wooden Cat Advent Calendar

If your idea of art is various interpretations on cats, consider this MOMA cat advent calendar. The leather handled suitcase reveals a series of doors, each with a handmade wooden cat figurine inside. Charming and chic, this is a display you’ll want to keep up long after Christmas is over. By the time the month has ended, you’ll have a whole menagerie of exotic kitties as well as accessories like a Christmas tree and little cat cushion for them to play with.


Cat Toy Calendar

Nothing spells fun for a cat like a new toy and with this 12-pack advent calendar, you’ll have a new item to gift them for half of December. This set includes balls, mice, wands, and even a Santa they can tear into pieces. Imagine the fun? Just as soon as a cat has eaten away one toy, they’ll wake up to find an entirely new object to play with the next day. Can we say cat nirvana?


12 Day Cat Toy Calendar

It’s no surprise that Petco appreciates the desire to give a cat their very own advent calendar. In their 12-Days of Thrills Cat Toy Advent Calendar you’ll find 12 green and red toys all designed around the season. We’re talking jingle bells, faux plush candies, and even a crunchy faux ornament so they won’t grab at the ones on the tree. You could pull this out in advance of the holiday, or put it under the tree as a 12 days of Christmas post-holiday diversion.


Mischievous Cat Advent Calendar

If you know someone who just loves to look at old timey illustrations of cats, then consider this your early Christmas gift to them. This holiday advent calendar is filled with depictions of mischievous kitties frolicking and having fun. A large 12" wide x 16" high, it’s big enough to see (ideal for Grandmas) while tasteful enough to display anywhere in the house. Made in Germany and designed in a Victorian style, it harkens back to ye olde days.


Cat Sock Advent Calendar

If your cat lover keeps losing their socks to sneaky kitties, then give them a whole box of new ones and with cats on each. This 15 days of socks advent calendar will have your pal toe tapping once they reveal neat designs like kittens dressed as Santa, cats having a snowball fight, and felines tangled in Christmas lights. They’ll be warm, cozy, and secretly sporting their feline affection the whole season through with these.


My Chat and Moi Advent Calendar

Chat is the French word for cat and “moi” is the French word for me. Which is to say this calendar means Cat and Me and is the title of this darling cat advent calendar. Uncover each flap to reveal a new activity you can play with your kitten. Made in France, it’s important to note that this calendar is also written in French, so this is really a niche gift designed for the ultimate cat-loving Francophone.


Personalized Cat Advent Calendar

Ferrero Rocher chocolates are a favorite with many people. Something about the gold wrapper, chocolate exterior, and crunchy and creamy hazelnut interior, makes the experience of eating one seem extra special. For a chocolate fan who also keeps a house of cats, consider this a marriage of their two favorite things: A personalized wood cat-shaped advent calendar you can fill with the special chocolates. Each day they’ll get a treat while celebrating their favorite animal.


Trader Joe’s Kitty Treat Advent Calendar

For 24 days, treat your pet to a petite pouch holding a soft, delectable, grain-free treat with this Trader Joe’s cat calendar. Affordable and fun, not to mention made from 60% antibiotic-free Atlantic salmon with 40% dried seaweed, it’s an ideal way to splurge without putting too big a pinch on your pocketbook. Plus, your cat will thank you each time you reach for the cardboard advent calendar knowing that something yummy is headed their way.


Snif-Snax Cat Advent Calendar

If your cat prefers Snif-Snax over all others, you’re in luck. This cat advent calendar comes with 25 days worth of the Atlantic salmon treats that were raised in Scotland. “They are grain-free, GMO-free and naturally rich with omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA,” according to Chewy, so you can breath easy sharing them with your favorite fluffball. Then if you want to make a game of it, let your cat play with the box after Christmas has ended.


Fancy Feast Cat Advent Calendar

Want your cat to feel super festive? Grab this Fancy Feast cat advent calendar of course. Filled with Twenty-Four 3 oz. cans of wet cat food, what kitten could resist. Especially when they realize this isn’t their typical Fancy Feast. Inside the box, kitties will find special holiday flavors including Hearthside Salmon Platter With Pumpkin and Spinach and Yuletide Turkey Feast With Sweet Potato and Tomato in Gravy. A feast indeed.


Box of Bliss Cat Advent Calendar

If your cat prefers their special snacks of the foreign variety, you can’t go wrong with Lily’s Kitchen Box of Bliss advent calendar. The British pet food brand has packed this charming calendar with turkey and chicken liver treats cats go crazy for. The limited edition calendar comes in a charming package with cute kitten cartoons on the front perfect for displaying in your kitchen or next to the kitty treats where you furever friend can find them.


Illustrated Cat Advent Calendar

Just want an attractive calendar filled with old timey cat pictures? Done and done. This inexpensive cat advent calendar comes from Vermont Christmas Company. Each window opens to a different images of kittens — no candy here. A nice alternative for those who can’t eat sweets or just prefer a simple countdown to Christmas without all the novelty items. Colorful and evoking long gone holiday seasons, this would make a great gift for an older relative.


Personalized Reusable Cat Advent Calendar

As any cat owner will tell you, cats are persnickety when it comes to treats. Some will only eat certain brands and will dismiss others. Pick your own kitty’s favorites with this personalized fabric cat advent calendar. Designed to include your cat’s name embroidered on a Santa hat, you can fill it up with all kinds of treats or toys you’ve hand selected. Plus, this advent calendar doesn’t need to be thrown away at the end of the holiday. Just roll it up and reuse it next year.


Cat Advent Pouch Calendar

Want to make your own DIY cat-themed advent calendar? Start with these charming kitten adorned canvas pouches. Using this set of 25 you can give both the cat and the cat-lover in your life little treats and trinkets each day as we tick down to Christmas. The 3” wide by 4” can hold small items and be put in a bowl, hung on a string, or strung from a series or nails, however you want to display them.

Now do you feel like you’re ready for Christmas? Who are we kitten. You won’t be until you snag one of these festively feline cat advent calendars.