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20 Children’s Books About Twins That Are Twice The Fun

Sweet stories for kids of all ages, whether they are a twin or not.

Looking at my two nieces, you’d never know they were fraternal twins, which is why the concept of twins has been very difficult for my 4-year-old daughter to wrap her head around. And, since she has shown no interest in watching old Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies with me, reading her children’s books about twins seems like the next-best way to help her understand her cousins’ unique bond. Maybe it will even get her to stop cocking her head to the side, staring at my sister’s stomach, and asking “how did you fit two babies in there?” every time she sees her.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2019 only about 3% of the babies born in the U.S. were twins. Assuming that stat is pretty consistent year after year, that means around 97% of us are walking around having no idea what it’s like to be a twin. It’s no wonder why so many of us find the relationship so fascinating, why big brothers and sisters sometimes have trouble coping with the arrival of twin siblings, or why kids who are twins might feel like they’re different from their peers.

Thankfully, there are some truly wonderful children’s books about twins out there that address these feelings and questions head-on and celebrate the sibling bond that has to be experienced to be truly understood. Here are some of the best ones you can get.


Twin Sisters In Different Classes

In this book, sisters Amel and Amira are thrilled to start at a new school, but quickly learn that they are not in the same classroom. Will their sisterly bond change with the separation or will absence make the heart grow fonder?


Twins & Toothfaries

Jameson and Preston are both tooth fairies, but with very different agendas. One brings kids gifts in exchange for lost teeth and the other brings cavities to kids who refuse to brush. So, not only will your kids get a cute story about twins but they’ll also get a lesson in the importance of tooth hygiene.


Little Misses

Did you read the Mr. Men and Little Miss books when you were a kid? They are great, and this one happens to be about a set of twins. These little ladies live in “Twoland” and the story will bring your kiddo along for a fun adventure.


Twin Pups & A New Baby

These twin dogs were pretty much living the dream, being spoiled by their two owners. Then, one day, the spoiling comes to a screeching halt and the humans come home with a new baby. Is there enough love to go around?


Twins Who Can See The Future

Upper elementary students who are ready for chapter books will enjoy this story about twin sisters Cassie and Caitlyn who are able to see into the future. Millennial parents will love this story because it’s written by TGIF star (and famous twin), Tia Mowry.


Twins Aren’t Exactly The Same

When you think of twins, your mind probably goes right to identical siblings, but we all know there are a lot more fraternal twins out there who may not look or act anything alike. That’s what this book celebrates, the amazing bond between twins and their wonderful differences that make them each unique.


YouTube Star Twins

Ava and Alexis McClure are real-life YouTube stars, and now the main protagonists in this sweet children’s book about twins. In it, the girls find themselves disagreeing on clothes but instead of fighting, they embrace each other’s style to create a unified look.


Paw Patrol Twins

Is your kid a fan of Paw Patrol? Are they learning how to read? If so, then this is the book for them. It’s written for early readers and features twins from the beloved children’s show. Oh, and it also comes with stickers.


Forever Friends

Having a twin isn’t always easy, but the absolute best thing about it is that they will always be there for each other. This book celebrates this amazing bond that only twins are lucky enough to experience.


Things That Come In Twos

Perfect for toddlers, this board book follows twin brothers as they explore the many other things that come in pairs. The story is told through sing-songy pages and the illustrations are stunning.


Double The Fun

With twins, you get not one but two of just about everything. A perfect bedtime story for twins, this book puts a spotlight on how lucky parents are to get double the love.


Learning Independence

These twins have spent their whole lives sharing, so when they turn five and move into their own beds, they don’t know what it is to not share. This book follows them on this journey of learning how to become a little more independent from each other.


Growing Up But Not Apart

Graphic novels are basically like picture books for upper elementary school kids, and this story falls right into that category. It follows two sisters as they each start to become their own person, wondering if they can grow up without growing apart.


A Big Brother & His Two New Little Bros

This story follows a little boy as he navigates being a big brother to twin boys. At first, it doesn’t seem like very much fun, but as the story goes on, he discovers he actually likes being a big bro.


A Book Of Twinny Poems

This book is a collection of poems by J. Patrick Lewis and Jane Yolen, all on the topic of twins. Each poem can be enjoyed by adults and kids, and if the words aren’t enough to keep your kid’s attention, then the gorgeous illustrations will do the trick.


Big Siblings & Baby Twins

Max and Ruby have always had each other, and now they have baby twin siblings, too. Throughout the story, Ruby teaches Max how to take care of the babies while Max comes up with some ideas to get everyone sleeping through the night (good luck, Max).


The Life Of A Twin

Being a twin is unique and this book celebrates that by bringing attention to all of the wonderful things twins do together. Even better, it’s written by the dad of fraternal twins who do everything together and look nothing alike.


Differences & Similarities

These two little lambs are twins, and best friends. In this story, kids learn about all the ways the boys are alike, the ways they are different, and how they can accomplish more together than they can alone.


Triplets Are Coming To Town

Arlene and Ilene are identical twins, and they love it. But, there is a family with triplets moving to town and the girls wonder if it somehow makes them less special. There is no sibling rivalry in this sweet book, just two sisters who are each other’s best friend.


One Big Sister, Two Baby Twins

Molly has been living the dream as the only pup of the family, until her parents bring home her new twin siblings. Suddenly she is having to share her toys and all of the attention. This cute book is perfect for big siblings adjusting to life with twins.

Are any of these books enough to get my daughter to stop asking questions about her cousins constantly? Probably not. But, there are plenty of kids who may find some comfort in them. If nothing else, they’ll certainly get some enjoyment and entertainment out of them.