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These Christmas Tattoos Will Keep The Spirit Alive All Year Long

Because a candy cane tat is too cute.

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As lovely as it all might be, the Christmas season is one heck of a physical and mental marathon. There’s such a flurry of activity, of friends and family visiting, singing, shopping and decking the halls, that it never seems like you have enough time to get everything done — and enjoy doing it as well. And when you’re finally able to really soak it all in, welp, it’s pretty much over. But imagine you could literally keep that sense of Christmas with you always, but sans the stress and crowded malls? Some people are giving themselves the prettiest (and, um, most permanent) present of all: Christmas tattoos.

Unless you’re super spontaneous (or slightly schnockered), people who choose to get a tat are often looking for something meaningful to them. It might be a portrait of a pet who has passed, their baby’s newborn footprints, or a special number. But if you love a certain holiday (like Christmas), there’s no reason why you can’t spread some holiday cheer throughout the year by getting a tattoo of a Christmas tree, candy canes, or even Santa Claus himself. Not only will seeing your Christmas tattoo remind you of one of the most magical times of the year, but it’s guaranteed to make other people feel Santa-mental, too.

If you’re pine-ing for a Christmas tattoo that will give you all the festive feels, hold on for deer life, because the ones below just might inspire you to get inked.


Snowglobe Tattoos Are What’s Missing From Your Life

There are people who love snowglobes. And then, there are those who love them so much that they want to have them tatted to their bodies. These snowglobe tattoos are sure to make you smile. But alas, even if you shake the person’s arm or leg very hard, you won’t see the snow fluttering effect.


Candy Canes Tattoo

Candy canes are the official candy of Christmas. So what better way to capture all that minty red and white goodness than in tattoo form? This one has two candy canes that are tied together with a bow to form a heart. It’s a sweet tattoo if you met your sweetie (or got engaged and/or married) around the holiday season.


A Charlie Brown Christmas Tattoo

If you grew up watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, then there’s nothing more nostalgic than the tree from the classic cartoon. Although it might not look like much (especially with its droopy branches and fallen pine needles), this tat completely captures the innocent sweetness of the TV special. And they’re right; maybe it (and you) just need a little love.


Snowflakes Tattoo

Sure, most people think of red and green, (or silver and gold) when it comes to Christmas colors, but this snowflakes tattoo is seasonal and sophisticated. It’s dainty enough to deserve a spot of honor somewhere you can show it off, like your wrist, shoulder, or as is this person chose, behind their ear. If you opt to get more than one snowflake, make sure that they’re different, since no two are ever the same.


A Christmas Holly Tattoo

You can deck the halls with boughs of holly — or just get a tattoo of it on your body. Although this person opted to get a red robin sitting atop the holly branch, you can just show off a sprig of it on your arm or leg. And if you were wondering why Ilex aquifolium (that’s Christmas holly to you and me) is such a symbol of the season, it’s meant to represent Christ’s crown of thorns, per WhyChristmas.


Santa Claus Tattoo

Tattoos that honor loved ones are very popular. So if you love everything about Mr. C., why not get the holly jolly fella inked on your skin? You could always opt for cute and comical, or you can show some serious dedication by getting sleeved with a large tattoo like this one that looks very real. Suddenly, the lines, “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake” take on an entirely new meaning.


Yoda Christmas Tattoo

Combine your love of Star Wars and Santa Claus and you have this Yoda Christmas tattoo. When you think about it, St. Nick and Yoda have more in common than you might imagine. For starters, they are wise, older gents who are a benevolent force wanting good to triumph over evil. Except that Santa Claus actually gives out gifts while Yoda offers sage advice.


The Christmas Tattoo That Has *All* The Feels

While you can expect that a Christmas tattoo will have pops of color here and there, this gingerbread house tattoo is totally next level. From the glittery design to hearts, snowflakes, snowman, and an adorbs gingerbread house, it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s a tattoo and not a painting.


Christmas Trees Tattoo

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! How you’ll love these tattoos you see. And just like your own Christmas tree, you can adorn your tree any way you wish, with brightly colored balls, lights, tinsel, and presents under the tree. (Or, if you go the bottom right route, a scary, snarling monster.)


You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch Tattoo

Some people like to sleigh the holidays, and you will, too, with this Grinch-inspired Christmas tattoo. Although you might steal the spotlight, you’d never be a Grinch and try to steal Christmas from the fine folks in Whoville, like the green guy did.


A Sweet Christmas Tattoo

Do you remember what it was like to try to stay up late on Christmas Eve, hoping to catch a sighting of Santa? Well, this lovely little tattoo portrays a beautiful scene of a child with their teddy bear, staring out the window as Santa Claus’ sleigh flies by in the night. What makes it even more adorable is that it’s shaped like a Christmas ornament, too.


A Mickey Mouse Christmas Tattoo

We’re all ears for this adorable Mickey Mouse Christmas tattoo. It features Mickey wearing a Santa hat with some holly adorning it, while he holds some Christmas lights. The added shading of snowflakes in the background makes the tat complete. Hot dog!


A Christmas Story Tattoo (AKA “It Was…Soap Poisoning”)

For saying the mother of all bad words, Ralphie from A Christmas Story got some soap in his mouth. If you’re also quite a connoisseur of soap, you might want to get this cute tattoo that shows Ralphie’s disdain for Lifebuoy in this classic scene from the film that runs for 24 hours straight on Christmas Day.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Tattoo

Grab the kids and get in the Wagon Queen Family Truckster so you can participate in a time-honored family tradition, cutting down the Christmas tree. Of course, if you’re Clark W. Griswold, you’re going to go big — and try to go home by putting it on top of your car. Sure, it might be a little full, (and there may be a lot of sap… and a squirrel lurking in there), but this tattoo is an adorable ode to that Christmas classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

If you love the merriment that the holidays bring, you can literally carry it with you always with a Christmas tattoo. And with so many inspirational options, it just might turn out to be the most wonderful time of the of the year — to get inked.

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