Shopping for them is hard, but these Easter basket ideas for tweens can be helpful.
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54 Easter Basket Ideas For Those Hard-To-Shop-For Tweens

They’re not little kids anymore, but they still appreciate a basket filled with goodies.

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Tweens are notoriously hard to shop for. Just starting to come into their own with a teenage attitude, they’ll suddenly announce they are too cool for “little kid stuff” but then you catch them marathon-watching Spongebob in their spare time. So when it comes to Easter basket ideas for tweens, it makes sense that you might feel a little... confused. Such an enigma, those tweens.

Fear not. I’ve lived through my stepdaughter’s tween years and am smack-dab in the middle of the chaos with my 12-year-old stepson, as my own 9-year-old quickly approaches the threshold himself. Instead of wandering aimlessly through Target’s aisles, bouncing between the video game section and outdoor toys while pondering the fact that you may not step foot back into the toy aisle until you have grandkids, get inspired by these Easter basket ideas for tweens.

(And when all else fails, piles of candy will work.)

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Bath & Grooming Tween Easter Basket Ideas

If your tween needs a little extra push to actually care about their grooming habits, it’s super easy to sneak a few fun essentials into their Easter baskets. A travel-sized perfume with natural essential oils is a great little gift to add to an Easter basket for your on-the-go tween girl, and who can resist a good bath bomb? For your tween that’s always forgetting to wash up, having some extra hand sanitizer to keep on hand isn’t a bad idea either.

Toys & Games For Tween Easter Baskets

Even though they’ve mostly outgrown receiving piles of just toys on holidays, there are still a few toys and games that you can get away with gifting a tween. Any gadget-like STEM toy that they have to build or put together is usually a winner, while games and sports equipment that they can use to play with friends or siblings can be a hit as well.

Summer Fun Tween Easter Basket Ideas

When I was a kid, my mom made it a point to stock mine and my sister’s Easter baskets with supplies for summer — bathing suits, sunglasses, goggles, sunscreen. Anything and everything your tween needs to enjoy the warmer weather is an easy gift idea for their Easter basket.

Tech Ideas For Tween Easter Baskets

Even though some electronics can get a bit pricey, sticking with accessories like a fun skin for their Nintendo Switch Lite, a pair of tie-dye earbuds, or a selfie stick is an easy way to fill your tween’s Easter basket without breaking the bank. Plus, they may actually think you’re cool if you stick with tech-themed basket fillers.

Edible Tween Easter Basket Ideas

When it comes to tweens, the way to their hearts is through their stomachs. They’re easy to please with a few sweet treats. Tweens also usually aren’t afraid to try new things, so another fun idea is to fill an Easter basket with the contents of a snack box that contains treats from different parts of the world or something super sour to try.

Wearable Tween Easter Basket Ideas

When it comes to things that tweens will wear, sometimes it seems like the more outrageous something is, the better. Tie-dye slippers, a bunny wearing hipster glasses on a t-shirt, and a Baby Yoda beanie seem to fit the bill. But, if your tween is a bit more refined, a pretty bracelet or velvet scrunchies may be more their speed.

Premade Easter Baskets For Tweens

If you’re just not into trying to wade through all of the options for tween Easter baskets (I don’t blame you one bit!) there are several pre-filled Easter baskets out there that tweens will enjoy. Make them happy and the Easter bunny’s job a little easier in one fell swoop.

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