These Easter basket ideas are fun for toddlers.
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56 Egg-citing Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Because those baskets aren’t going to fill themselves.

Toddlers are notoriously easy to please. If your tot spent all of Christmas morning playing with a cardboard box and ignoring their new toys, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So, when it comes to Easter baskets for toddlers, you can really go in so many directions. Would they be totally happy with a basket full of empty plastic eggs? Probably. But it’s still fun to watch them explore a whole basket stuffed with goodies meant just for them.

From toys to trinkets and treats, this list is full of fun, toddler-friendly Easter basket ideas. Whether you go with a premade basket in your toddler’s favorite character or shop with summer in mind, just prepare yourself to pick up single strands of fake grass for the next month. (You know they’re gonna throw that stuff everywhere.)

What To Put In An Easter Basket For Toddlers

Here’s the deal: Your toddler is going to be so excited about their Easter basket no matter what. So, it’s totally OK to plan their basket fillers around what you want for them. One practical way to go about it is to base their basket around things they’ll need soon like new socks for their growing feet or a bathing suit for summer. Alternatively, if your toddler is really into something right now — board books, Bluey, strawberries, etc. — you can create a basket filled with that thing. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

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Toys & Games For Toddler Easter Baskets

It’s hard to go wrong with a basket full of toys for your toddler. This Easter, your little one can get crafty with bunny-shaped crayons, brush up on their sorting skills with an egg-themed matching game, or cuddle up with a plush bunny.

Books For Toddler Easter Baskets

Unlike the toys or clothes you might put in your toddler’s Easter basket this year, a book is something that they’re not likely to outgrow anytime soon. Plus, there are just so many sweet choices for the season.

Edible Treats For Toddler Easter Baskets

My own kids were toddlers when I let them try Peeps for the first time. Watching them gnaw on a marshmallow bunny ear was just the cutest thing. Even if you’re not wild about giving your toddler sweets, there are still plenty of delicious edible options for their baskets to get excited about.

Summer Fun Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

I love to plan ahead, so gifting my kids everything they need for the warm summer months for Easter just makes sense. Toddlers can enjoy fun in the sun this summer with new sunglasses, bubbles, sand toys, sidewalk chalk, and more in their Easter basket.

Wearable Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Are clothes the most fun thing for toddlers to dig out of an Easter basket? They really can be if you pick the right things. You can totally use the holiday as an opportunity to freshen up your toddler’s wardrobe and accessory collection with new slippers, PJs, socks, and more.

Easter Basket Options For Toddlers

Is your toddler going to immediately dump the contents and wear their Easter basket on their head like a crown? Probably. But it’s still an adorable photo op, so you want to make sure their actual basket is (almost) as cute as they are. From personalized baskets they can use again and again to pre-filled baskets in their favorite character, there are plenty of different types to choose from.

Personalized Easter Baskets For Toddlers

Some of the cutest Easter basket choices can be customized with your toddler’s name. For a precious heirloom that can be used year after year, choose a style in wicker or rattan with an embroidered liner. Or, opt for a fuzzy animal-themed basket that your toddler can hug and squeeze.

Character Easter Baskets For Toddlers

Whether your toddler can’t get enough Paw Patrol or is on a never-ending Peppa Pig kick, there’s probably an Easter basket out there featuring their favorite characters from movies and TV. For Disney lovers, it’s hard to go wrong with a Mickey Mouse or Baby Yoda Easter basket.

Classic Easter Baskets For Toddlers

If you’re not keen on character baskets and just want something simple for your toddler to carry around while they hunt for eggs that will also look pretty in a photo, these classic Easter baskets might be just what you’re looking for.

Premade Easter Baskets For Toddlers

Instead of shopping for a variety of toys and treats and putting them all in a custom basket, make the Easter Bunny’s job super simple this year and go with a pre-filled basket for your toddler. Whether you opt for a basket filled with plush toys or one that comes complete with themed trinkets, it’s hard to go wrong.