Father's Day

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These Father's Day Gifts From Etsy Are Totally One-Of-A-Kind

Because you might not have time to make a gift yourself.

There’s something special about giving a parent a present that you’ve prepared with your own two hands. But who has time for making said homemade gifts this Father’s Day? Not many people, especially if you’re a parent juggling end-of-year school events, work demands, and just life in general. That’s when you have to leave it to the makers of the world to create a present that you can’t find in any other store than online giant Etsy. And with a day devoted to dads soon coming up, these Father’s Day gifts on Etsy have all the homemade vibes — but none of the work… for you, that is.

You can find pretty much any Father’s Day gift on Etsy, whether it’s a tee shirt, a cute candle, some frameable artwork, or so many other options. Since most of the items are very unique (it’s safe to say that no two items are identically alike), you’re essentially giving a gift that no one else in the world has, and that’s a pretty cool concept. So even if you haven’t exactly made the item yourself, you’re still taking the time to look for it, order it, personalize it, wrap it, and then present it to Pops on Father’s Day. All of that should count towards making your item as if you made it all on your own, right? The best Father’s Day gifts on Etsy are here for you.

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A shirt for all those Dad jokes

If Dad’s jokes are true, in-fashion dad jokes, then he won’t mind wearing this Dad jokes tee shirt. From Etsy seller CustomTeaShirt, the shirt is a bestseller on the platform, with over 128,000 sales — and counting. You can select the background color on the tee shirt, in shades such as raspberry and military green, to athletic heather and asphalt. One reviwer wrote, “This shirt was everything I wanted for my husband!! Loved it so much!” And here's a gift for you: the shirt ships for free.


A map for the Dad who totes loves to travel

The world is wide, and memories are just waiting to be made. If Dad is dying to go someplace new and exotic, you can gift him this World Bucket List Scratch Off Print. It has hand-drawn icons by Etsy seller Kristin Douglas that are designed to look lie watercolor paintings. It has 80 popular bucket list destinations like Dublin, Florence, and London, to name a few. It might inspire everyone to pick up their passports and jump on a plane, since Dad can scratch off each location after your vacation.


A Top Gun-inspired shirt for your own Maverick

If your dad is totally into Top Gun, this shirt that looks just like the logo from the 80s flick will be the perfect fit. The shirt is made from 100% soft cotton, and can be customized in terms of sizes and color options. You can choose from dark grey heather to pink and true royal. One reviewer wrote, “The print on the shirt is good and has a nice contrast. Being a Top Gun fan, my hubby loved it.” So if your guy is feeling the need for speed, he can wear this shirt while he watches the new Top Gun: Maverick movie.


A bracelet with his kids’ names on it

Sure, he wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his kiddos, but what about his wrist? This personalized men’s bracelet from Etsy seller ForeverMy will let him keep his kids’ close to him wherever he is. The bracelet comes in either a wax cotton or black leather band, and has a sterling silver bead engraved with each of your child’s names on it. Each bead can hold up to 10 characters, and can be personalized with upper and lowercase letters — they even have some emojis to choose from as well.


A sound wave plaque for the man who loves his music

When it comes to an original Father’s Day present, you can’t come up with a more creative one than this from Etsy seller VoiceAndSound. You can turn Dad’s favorite song into art by sending in a recording, which is then converted into a sound wave that then becomes either a fine art paper print or a metal print. And it’s not just limited to music; you can send in your own voice recording. One Etsy reviewer even sent in their baby’s ultrasound which was then converted into art. Add personalization such as song title and artist for a completely cool present that will be (almost) music to Dad’s ears.


A plaque to keep track of his fishing successes

Dad won’t need to fish for compliments when he can keep score of all the fish he’s caught with this fun Father’s Day fish ruler. He can measure which groupers he got — and which tuna he tossed back. By being able to measure each fish as it’s caught means that he’ll o-fish-ally be one of the best fishermen (and dads) out there. The sign is laser cut and engraved, and is customized to the buyer’s specifications. When you give Dad this gift, you’ll definitely catch him, hook, line, and sinker.


A cutting board that makes the cut

Getting his grill on will be easy, thanks to this personalized bamboo cutting board from Etsy seller Personalization Lab. You can include Dad’s name as well as the year you’re giving the gift. You can also write something like, “The Best Dad Ever” or “The Best Grandpa Ever!” so that there will be no confusion as to who grills the best burgers and steaks out there. The seller has so many cutting board styles, form a small rectangular cutting board to an arched walnut cutting board. They’re designed to be beautiful and last a long time, too.


A pocket knife that can open almost anything

You never know when you’re going to need a knife — but dad does. From opening all those Amazon packages to slicing fruit or carving something cool, the possibilities with a pocket knife are kind of endless. And this personalized pocket knife from Etsy seller EverythingDecorated does the job beautifully. You can personalize the pocket knife with a message like, “I love you, Dad” or include your kiddos’ names so he knows who it’s really from. The knife comes in a gift box, and comes with a clip so that it can be attached to a pocket for easy access. It’s made from stainless steel and laser engraved wood.


A baby handprint sign for his first Father’s Day

Newborn hand and footprints are absolutely adorable, and that’s just how Daddy will feel when he opens up this DIY handprint sign. Etsy seller TheGoodGraceCo sells this sweet sign, which comes in a 9 inch diameter. You can opt between black and white acrylic lettering, and add your personalization details. If nothing is written in the personalization box, it will automatically default to “Father’s Day 2022,” FYI. It’s up to you to add the handprints or footprints once it arrives at your home.


For the dad who digs Marvel

If your man is mad about Marvel, he’s going to lose it when you gift him this Marvel-inspired Father’s Day present. It features four figures (Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor), and can be personalized with your child’s name on the bottom. (A separate option that just features Iron Man is also an option.) The framed artwork measures 7.87 x 7.87 inches and is cute for dads who love LEGOs as much as they do Marvel characters. It’ll remind Dad of how much of a superhero he actually is.


A stellar Father’s Day gift

Sure, it felt like the planets aligned when you and your sweetie met. But have you ever wondered what the night sky looked like when your children were born? Well, the Stars on a Date Father’s Day gift from Etsy seller WoodLifePrints knows. With just a place of birth and time of birth, they can see what the stars looked like when your kiddos came along. You can customize the plaque depending on the number of kiddos you have, and you can also design the text style, too. One reviewer called it, “The most beautiful piece” while another said, “Perfection on the quality.”


Personalized golf tees for the guy who loves golfing

Why play golf with plain tees when you can used personalized ones? The 20 personalized set of golf tees from Etsy seller XcaliburInk will be exactly what he wanted before he even knew he needed it. If you’re having writer’s block, there are tons of suggestions as to what to write on the tees, including, “#1 Daddy,” “You are Teerific!” and the hilarious, “Everybody Duck!” You can even customize the wooden gift tag, too. No doubt, when Dad steps out onto the golf course with these tees, he’ll be feeling pretty par-fect.


Socks with funny faces on them

Dad will adore these socks with his face on them, thanks to Etsy seller PersonalizationLab. Of course, you could always put your children’s faces on them, so that he walks with some pep in his step every step of the way. You’ll need to send the images you want on the socks to the seller along with your confirmation number. You can add personalized text to the socks, too, like, “I love you,” or “Happy Father’s Day!” The socks are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, and fit a men’s shoe up to size 10.


A cool keychain Father’s Day gift

In case he needs a penny for his thoughts, the Penny Gift from Etsy seller is precious. It features a penny with the year that your hubs became a father. The penny is engraved with a heart around the year as well as the words, “Daddy Est.” The penny won’t get lost in his pocket, though, since it’s attached to a keychain. Additional personalizations include a 6mm birthstone charm, adding an initial charm, or other charms.

Don’t worry if you’re not naturally crafter. The world of makers selling their wares on Etsy have you covered this Father’s Day.