Father's Day

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Here's What Your Father's Day Horoscope Has In Store This Year

The stars can give you a guide on how to celebrate dear old Dad.

It goes without saying that every day should be Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day). But on the third Sunday dutifully declared Father’s Day, dads everywhere should feel extra special for all that they’ve done. And whether you're a new dad, a grandpa with a gaggle of grandkids, or even a single mom fulfilling the role of both Mom and Dad, it’s good to know what you expect based on your astrological sign. So if you’re looking for some out-of-this-world advice, your Father’s Day horoscope can give you a glimpse of how you can spend the day to maximize the moments that really matter.


Aries (March 21-April 19)

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Father’s Day focuses on the two things you love the most, Aries: fun and family. “As the Sun enters your 4th house of home with a lovely trine from the Moon in the intensely emotional 8th house, it’s a day for bonding with your family, sharing memories and making new ones, from the comforts of home,” Maria Marmanides, an astrologer, tells Romper. “As an Aries, you are not one to usually shy away from a party, but today’s energy calls for more of an at-home adventure.”

Stephanie Gailing, an astrologer and author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care agrees, adding: “Your thoughts may turn to your family lineage, and how the fathers before you held their role, and how that informs how you parent. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself more emotional than usual.”


Taurus (April 19-May 20)

Bull, you definitely do love the creature comforts of life. So is it any wonder that you’re looking for something more sensual on Father’s Day? “Taurus feels love through the senses!” Ellen Bowles, an astrologer, tells Romper. A deep tissue massage or body work of any kind will connect them back to their physical senses and help them feel grounded.” And because Taurus is a big foodie, be sure to follow up the massage with a fab meal at their favorite restaurant to make them feel the love.


Gemini (May 20-June 21)

A day stuck indoors? Not for you, Gemini. Your ideal Father’s Day would be to grab the kiddos and go, according to Bowles. “Geminis love to learn and are naturally curious,” she says. “Taking them to the latest exhibition at their favorite museum or science center is a great way to stimulate their mind!” After all, being inspired by life and creativity is at the core of who you are. So look for ways to have fun with your fam, and you’ll have a Father’s Day to remember.


Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling philosophical and waxing nostalgic on Father’s Day, Cancer. “The day may seem infused with big-picture conversations,” says Gailing. “That said, you could find yourself feeling an overzealousness that permeates the day.”

As such, you’ll probably be happiest hanging out with those you love most. “With the Sun entering your 1st house of self and the Moon residing in your 5th house of children, today is a day where you can both celebrate each other — being thankful for the people who made you a parent and letting them reciprocate with their appreciation of you,” says Marmanides. “A homemade present or a hand-drawn card add a sweetly sentimental touch to a day that should be filled with love and laughter for you, Cancer.”


Leo (July 22-August 22)

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Father’s Day is all about having a greater understanding of what it truly takes to be a parent, Leo. And as such, you might find a deeper appreciation for everyone who has helped you along the journey. “Whether you’re partnered or a single parent, you may find yourself tapping into a deep sense of appreciation of how parenting truly is teamwork, and how it takes a village,” says Gailing. “That doesn’t detract from the unique contribution you make as a parent but rather adds to it.”

Still, you’re a true lion, and as such, you want the best in life. “Leos love to be pampered and adored!” says Bowles. “They can expect to feel like royalty, whether it's being treated to a shopping spree or the newest local live music show.” Just be sure to balance the two so that your Father’s Day is magical — and meaningful.


Virgo (August 22-September 22)

Get ready to feel the love on Father’s Day, Virgo. Mercury, your chart ruler, may still currently be retrograde, but that won’t stop the calls, texts, and messages from coming in fast for you today, dear Virgo,” says Marmanides. “With the Sun in your 11th house of friendships and the Moon in your 3rd house of communication, it’s definitely a day for posting on social media and feeling the love from your circle.” Be prepared to get well wishes from friends, family, coworkers — and possibly even a few unexpected individuals from your past.


Libra (September 23-October 22)

Although you’re often quick to give someone else credit for your accomplishments, Father’s Day is a perfect time to assess all that you’ve tackled, Libra. “You’ve balanced work with kids’ homework, playtime with business meetings, and dogs barking in the background in unprecedented circumstances,” says Marmanides. “Make a list of what you’ve achieved this year and take in the accolades — it will go a long way to setting the vibe and boosting your self-esteem.”

And as you’re absorbing all the attention, be sure to indulge your passions, too. “Libra’s taste is like fine wine!” says Bowles. “They will feel right at home in a luxurious experience such as a day at the trendiest spa followed by the hottest restaurant opening. Don’t forget to shower them with compliments, they love being noticed and they dress to impress!”


Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

You’ve sure come a long way, Scorpio, and today’s the day to sit back and soak it all in.A sense of pride runs through you today and well as a deeper sense of confidence in who you are and how you show up as a parent,” says Gailing. “Remember that your heart is an amazing compass, and that when you shower others with generosity it pays off in spades.”

“Scorpios crave recharging time to connect back to their own energy,” says Bowles. “Some may ask for the house to themselves so they can be within their own domain freely, while others may want an intimate dinner with their loved ones, keeping the guest list small and supportive.”


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

“Today is about the gifts — the physical ones we give and the intangible gifts we give from our hearts,” says Marmanides. “Whether you’re the one celebrating your parent or the one being celebrated, the forecast calls for little tokens of appreciation — a small gift, an offer to do the cooking, a cuddle from the kiddos — can make a big difference in how you feel, Sagittarius.”

So as you go about your day, Archer, you should focus on spending time with making memories. “Spend some time, perhaps with your child, doing a little DIY project to make your home an even more special abode,” advises Gailing. “It may be especially rewarding this Father’s Day for your little one/s to reach out to their grandparents or great aunts/uncles; if that’s not possible, perhaps spend some time talking about them.”


Capricorn (December 21-January 20)

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Home is where the heart is, at least for Capricorns on Father’s Day. But instead of sitting on the sofa, you want to do something productive with your time — but it needs to include your family, too. “A day of building something with their loved ones such as planting a garden or cooking a family recipe together will be time well spent for them,” says Bowles. “They will feel successful making something that provides for their loved ones!”

“You may be known as someone who prizes professional accomplishments, but you’re also equally proud of the family you built, the friends you’ve made, and the connections you’ve cultivated along the way — especially in a year that challenged them,” says Marmanides. That’s what makes it the ideal day to raise a toast not just to yourself, but the village that you built that made you the kind of parent you’re proud to be.


Aquarius (January 19-February 18)

You’re a pragmatic one, Aquarius, and as such, you might not want the spotlight on you — and that’s okay. “You may find yourself notably attuned to the value of things: how much they cost and/or the deep worth that they carry regardless,” says Gailing. “It’s a day where you may discover insights about the skills and talents that your kids (and you) have, those that you hadn’t necessarily seen before.”

Just don’t let your natural tendency to work behind the scenes steal some of the joy from your day, though. “If there is any sign that might let work obligations get in the way of their festivities it’s you, Aquarius,” says Marmanides. But for Father’s Day, take some time to allow yourself to be celebrated. You won’t regret it.


Pisces (February 18-March 20)

Don’t be surprised if you feel like the Energizer Bunny today, Pisces. Today is a day brimming with possibilities, and you want to experience them all. “You carry a great sense of positivity today; you’re beaming with energy and may magnetize people in a way that is quite profound,” says Gailing. “While you may connect to a sense of extra enthusiasm, at the same, be careful that you don’t push past natural limits.” But in order to have more balance, Bowles suggests having a more spiritual experience on Father’s Day, you little fishie. “Pisces always have one foot in reality and one foot in another dimension,” says Bowles. “Bring both together by giving them a spiritual experience! A group sound bath or reiki healing can feel very restorative for this water sign.”

Father’s Day will be different depending on what astrological sign you are. By knowing the strengths of your sign, though, you can make the most of your day and spend it exactly the way you want, which could be curled up on the couch or exploring on a new adventure. The most important thing, though, is to lap up all that love and spend it with the ones who mean the most to you.