Valentine's Day

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These Super Cute Valentine’s Day Backgrounds Are Totally Free

No one needs to see your laundry pile.

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Whether you have a virtual date or your kid has a Zoom party on Valentine’s Day, you may be looking for a way to make the day (or at least your Zoom square) stand out. With these Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds, no one has to see the pile of unfolded laundry behind you, or if you’re like me, the half-packed moving boxes scattered through every room. And best of all, all of these festive backgrounds are free (and there’s no catch).

By now, you’re probably a pro at Zoom events, but if you’ve never set a virtual background, it’s a really fun way to get a conversation started at hangs that start out a little stilted. From a beach picnic setting to a fancy bar (remember those?) there are tons of Valentine’s Day Zoom background options that will make you feel like you’re on a romantic date. For the kids, there are virtual Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds that make them look like they’re at a party (with tons of treats and balloons, of course) or a mellow background that won’t spiral the whole class into a giddy frenzy. And if you’ve never done it before, you can check out the Zoom support page for easy instructions on how to set a virtual background.

Valentine's Sweet Treats

What is Valentine's Day without a sugar rush? Regardless of whether or not you like to eat the candy conversation hearts, they're emblematic of Cupid's favorite day and they make a colorful splash behind you. From hearts to cakes to chocolate, there's a Zoom background to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Romantic Scenes

Let's face it: a Zoom gathering never quite measures up to the real thing, except when your virtual background allows you to travel anywhere in the world (an Airbnb with a view in Norway, anyone?). Here you'll find romantic beach picnics and cozy places perfect for a Zoom date.

Perfect For Virtual School

A busy background can send an elementary school class into a tailspin (sorry, teachers) so these virtual backgrounds are designed to be fun and spirited without being too over-the-top. From party backdrops to illustrated hearts, kids will love showing off their cheerful square to their classmates.

Pop Culture Inspired

If you and your valentine have the same taste in shows, or you're hosting a v-day celebration for your single friends, get in the spirit with a background inspired by your favorite love-oriented shows. You can choose Lara Jean Covey's cozy bedroom vibes, (from To All The Boys I've Loved Before), or Meredith Grey's dreamy house built by none other that McDreamy. For the reality fans, there's a background from Love Island and The Bachelor (I hope you get a rose).

Flowers & Hearts

Celebrities always seem to have walls made of flowers for every event, and now you can too, thanks to these festive Zoom backgrounds. Perfect for a Galentine's celebration or a low-key catch up with your friends or family, these backgrounds feature flowers and hearts.

Galentine’s Day Zoom Backgrounds

Sometimes celebrating with friends (and chocolate and champagne) on Feb.14 is the most fun you can have; on Zoom there’s no pressure to make a dinner reservation, you don’t have to worry about getting too full. These Galentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds will get the party started.

Regardless of what you’re planning for your virtual V-day, these free Valentine’s Day Zoom backgrounds add a fun and festive touch that shows you put in effort. Whether it’s virtual school or a disco-themed party with your pals, you’ll want to download at least one of these.

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