St. Patrick's Day

Redhead and freckle face Irish boy leprechaun with shamrock cookies over his eyes. Smiling Irish chi...
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These 13 Funny St. Patrick's Day GIFs Are All Too Relatable

When Irish eyes are smiling, they’re looking at these GIFs.

March may not be known for its holidays, but if you really stop to think about it, there are some great official and unofficial things to celebrate. It’s the start of spring, there’s Pi Day (any excuse to eat pie is good with me), and there’s St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re not sure how to celebrate the Irish holiday (which falls on March 17 every year), checking out these funny St. Patrick’s Day GIFs is a good place to start.

Whether you’ll be celebrating with green beer, corn beef and cabbage, or simply by hiding out and reading these funny St. Patrick’s GIFs, there’s no wrong way to spend the day (actually green beer is wrong in my book). And it doesn’t matter if you’re Irish, everyone everywhere can celebrate the patron saint of the Emerald Isle (and who doesn’t love bagpipes?)

Unlike other holidays, the stakes are pretty low on St. Paddy’s Day. The kids are in school, there are no presents to be exchanged; at most it’s an excuse to have a Guinness and go for a long walk looking for four-leaf clovers. But you won’t need the luck of the Irish when you have these funny St. Patrick’s Day GIFs, so read on for some laughs.


When you have to work

This one’s for you when you have to work to or go to school while your friends drink green beer at the pub.


When green isn’t your color

When you don’t own any green but are trying to be festive on St. Patrick’s Day, channel your inner Moira Rose and wear all black while singing Oh Danny Boy.


When you’re a cat person through and through

If you can’t take a one day break from talking about your cat, then this GIF is for you because it doesn’t get much cuter than a leprecat.


When St. Patrick’s Day is date night

Sham-rock out at home with your partner, a festive outfits, and a couple of Guinness.


When it’s a two-for-one deal

May the luck of the Irish be with you and the line for the bathroom be short.


When you think you’re in Riverdance

Gentle reminder that you do not know how to Irish step dance or play the fiddle, even after several drinks.


When you’re just there for a good time

Anyone can magically become Irish when someone else offers to buy a round.


Preparing for St. Patrick’s Day like

Yep, they’re magically delicious (even if the heart looks a little petrified).


When you decide to paint after a night out

Never forget that this amateur sketch was actually released in an alleged leprechaun spotting in Alabama.


When you spill green beer

If you never got to live out the ‘90s dream of getting slimed, all it takes is some green beer.


When you lose all decorum

This is what it’s like trying to find the last marshmallows in a bowl of Lucky Charms


When you wait too long to eat

Here’s what happens when you try to order dinner after that second St. Patrick’s drink hits.


When You Want To Fit In

So you’re not Irish per se, but you’re trying to stay relevant. Relatable.

These festive GIFs are a great way to kick off a day that’s basically a non-stop party. Just remember, there’s no shame in watching the parade on TV from your nice comfy couch.