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Gemini, Your 2022 Horoscope Says Major Opportunities Are On The Horizon

Expect an increase in almost all aspects of your life, you air sign, you

The New Year is almost here, and Gemini, you are Ready. For. It. And with good reason, since your naturally curious nature makes it almost impossible for you to be okay with simply guessing how 2022 will go for you. No, you want facts and figures so that you understand what’s coming, because you’re all about communication and connection, thanks to your ruling planet Mercury. So if you can’t wait one more second to know what your Gemini 2022 horoscope is, you’ll be happy to know that it’s luck (and love) filled.

If ever there were a fun-loving astrological sign, it would be you, Gemini. Chalk it up to your dual-natured personality, but you know how to be solid and serious one minute, and totally silly the next. That’s definitely okay, just as long as you know how to behave, air sign. “The North Node has been in your sign the last 12 months so as long as you didn't allow your mischievous Mercurial energy to get you in trouble, you should be doing good,” Wanica Dunn, an astrologer, tells Romper. Even if you’re freshly coming off of Santa’s naughty list, you still have so much to look forward to in 2022, in all aspects of your life, Gemini.


Relationships are on the rise for you, Gemini, in every way imaginable. “This can be a good year to heal any broken friendships, specifically those based on beliefs,” says Dunn. “But it's also a time you can easily find yourself breaking friendships, again, specifically those based on beliefs.” But who can focus on friendships when there’s all this sexual tension that’s been building in the New Year? “Early in the year we have Venus, our goddess planet of love, beauty, harmony and receivership in retrograde in your soulmate sector, Gemini,” Jordane Maree, an astrologer and founder of Girl and Her Moon. “This retrograde is asking you to revisit your intimate and sexual desires, and how you share yourself with others.” That’s right, the upcoming year is the time to really start exploring your sexual fantasies — and, ahem, acting on them. And with Mars going into retrograde in your sign, it’s going to increase all things passion, energy, charisma, and magnetism, which will last well into 2023.


If you’ve been feeling stagnant in your career, come 2022, you’ll see a serious boost in your work life. That improvement comes at a (positive) price… for you. “Know that the doors to increase your finances and self-worth have opened,” says Maree. “You will be doing incredible things in the workspace; just make sure you are compensated well for this.” That can be hard, though, particularly if you’re navigating a new space in terms of figuring out your finances. You might want to get some books that help you understand what abundance looks like for you, and throw away any self-doubt that you don’t deserve this newfound (and hard-earned) wealth.


You would think that all that time cooped up together during the past almost two years taught you a thing or two about your family. Well, be prepared to discover a whole new side to your crew, thanks to a short Mercury retrograde that moves through the home and family section of your chart later on next year. “This retrograde gives you and your family an opportunity to slow down and re-establish what kind of environment and relationship you desire to create together,” says Maree. And while retrogrades tend to make things, well, wonky, understanding that they are a necessary pause that allows us to see things from a new perspective can help put you back on your true path.


As mentioned, your career will bring about a lot of good growth. But it’s not just about money (although that’s an added side benefit) that will cause your career to skyrocket — it’s the work that you’re doing. “Jupiter brings growth wherever it goes,” explains Maree. “This combination is asking you to think big with your heart, it’s asking you what impact you want to make in the world, what legacy you want to leave behind and it’s opening doors to the opportunities to make those answers a reality.” Expect an added boost come August, when Mars moves into your sign and unleashes extra energy and passion.

There are so many great things waiting for you, Gemini, in 2022. So much so, in fact, that it could cause you to get a little too big for your britches. Says Dunn: “Be mature when it comes to expressing what you think you know this year — you don't know it all.” Stay humble and grounded, Gemini, (which can be hard for you, since you’re an air sign), and you’ll go very far in 2022… and beyond.