baby and dog in halloween pumpkin costumes
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These 44 Halloween Costume Combos For Dogs & Babies Are The Cutest Ever

Dress all of your babies in matching costumes for the most adorable Halloween ever.

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If you have both a baby and a dog to dress up this Halloween, then embrace this opportunity completely. The matching Halloween costume combos for dogs and babies are all about maximizing their cuteness factor. Whether they’re dressed up like movie characters, bugs, or classic Halloween creatures, these costume duos are sure to grab all the attention this October.

If you have a dog who enjoys wearing clothes and costumes, then Halloween is the ideal time to expand their wardrobe. (Your baby isn’t likely to have an opinion on what they’re wearing this Halloween quite yet.) There are plenty of clever Halloween costumes for dogs featuring everything from Star Wars characters to mystical unicorns. Basically, there’s a dog costume for just about anything these days, and some are seriously clever and hilarious.

If your dog isn’t into playing dress up, then they can still be a part of your family costume. For instance, you can dress the whole family in Bluey Halloween costumes and let the dog go as, well, a regular dog. This is a cool way to make sure everyone in your family, including the four-legged members, have a happy Halloween.

In any case, here are over 20 Halloween costume combos for dogs and babies that will make you laugh or say “Awww!”

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Dress your dog like the ferocious Autobot. The signature yellow and black colors will instantly transform your pooch.

Thanks to a bodysuit and mask, your kid will turn into the character Bumblebee instantly. The detailed, printed costume is actually pretty soft, meaning your kid should enjoy dressing like a bot for a while.

Mail Carriers

Complete with a package attached by velcro to your dog’s new “hands,” this costume is detailed and adorable. Who wouldn’t want this adorable mail carrier turning up at their door?

With a shirt, pants, hat, and box, your kid is ready to become the newest member of the UPS team. How well will your kid manage the box marked “fragile”?


Your dog will run wild in this stripey zebra costume. Stretchy polyester and Velcro closures are designed for a comfy fit.

Outfitted in cool zebra stripes, this hooded suit is an easy one-and-done Halloween costume for your baby. It’s also custom-made for your own order.

The Little Mermaid

Take your dog on an undersea adventure with this green tail, shell bra, and bright red wig. Yes, dog wigs are a thing.

This romper and headband set will transform your baby into a fantastical mermaid. Plus, the material is polyester and cotton so your baby stays cozy and comfy.

Wizard of Oz

A hook and loop fastener makes this costume a breeze to put on your pooch. Now you just have to teach them how to sing “If I Only Had a Brain.”

With a gingham dress and bright red shoe covers, this costume is spot-on. Your baby will look just like the iconic Dorothy (well, maybe with a little less hair at the moment, but that’s OK).


This shiny silver costume will turn your pet into a robo-dog in no time. Little details like the colorful buttons really make the whole look.

With a robot body, hood, leggings, and arm warmers, this costume will have your baby doing the robot in no time. As a plus, this robot looks super-friendly.

Ninja Turtle & Pizza

Your dog can dress up as the perfect slice of pizza, complete with pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives. Yes, there’s even a plush crust included, too.

This adorable turtle jumpsuit is specifically Raphael (you can tell by the color of the headband), but your baby probably doesn’t have a preference yet as to which turtle they’re disguised as. Just get your baby to yell “cowabunga” and you’re all set.

Baby Yoda

Have both of your babies dress as “The Child” this year. This dog costume features fuzzy green ears and it’s made from soft, lightweight material.

Made from hand-crocheted cotton, this Baby Yoda costume looks super-cozy and adorable. The green gloves really take the look to the next level.

Candy Corn

With this little dress and hat, your dog will transform into the iconic Halloween candy. The tri-colored hat is pretty great on its own, honestly.

This cute jumpsuit turns your baby into a piece of candy corn in no time. The instantly recognizable candy does make a super sweet (and simple) costume.


Just slip it over your pooch’s head and fasten the Velcro straps. Voila, your dapper dog is ready for whatever the day has in store.

Comfy as a regular onesie, this tuxedo design makes your baby look super-fancy. The attached bow tie is everything.


Your four-legged friend can dress up like a mighty stegosaurus with this two-piece costume. Now your Halloween festivities can be positively prehistoric.

This hatchling dinosaur costume for your baby is next-level adorable. The little cracked eggshell design is brilliant.


Your pooch will look perfectly on trend for the holiday in this Jack-o’-lantern costume, which features a stuffed pumpkin body and matching cap. You won’t even need to visit a pumpkin patch to get those perfect autumn vibes with this costume.

The jumpsuit features a classic Jack-o’-lantern face, and there’s a little curled stem on top of the hood. Your baby will be the cutest pumpkin in the patch.

Classic Monsters

With a bolt through the head and a tattered green coat, this Frankenstein’s monster costume is ideal for any dog. Now your favorite canine can look like a classic movie monster.

This classic look brings to mind Frankenstein’s monster. The striped, distressed jumpsuit and hood features a shock of black hair, bolts, and even a little scar.

Busy Bees

Thanks to the striped bodysuit, antenna, and little wings, your dog will look unbelievably cute in this costume. It’s made like a hoodie, so your dog should feel pretty comfy in the getup, too.

With swirly designs on the wings, fuzzy stripes, and a bobbly antennae, this bee costume will keep your baby as snug as a bug. Plus, there’s anti-slip rubber on the booties so your little one can buzz around safely all night.


With a flowy red cape and S on the chest, this classic Superman costume is ideal for any dog. The officially licensed three-piece costume even includes a little yellow belt.

The Wonder Woman romper, with its attached tutu, is perfect for your own little hero. The costume also includes a cape, pants, booties, and headband, so your kid will have every detail down.


Featuring a laced-up dress and pointy hat, it’s a perfect Halloween look for any dog. With sheer netting and velvety fabrics, this is one fancy dog outfit.

The “witch and famous” costume includes a printed graphic jumpsuit, glittery tutu, and a hat with a silvery heart buckle. In other words, it’s the most Instagrammable baby costume of the year.

Sea Creatures

With simple Velcro closures, this costume will turn your dog into a fearsome shark in no time. It’s like you can hear the theme song from Jaws every time they get near you.

Made with a jumpsuit, hood, and booties, this octopus costume will turn your baby into one of the coolest creatures under the sea. Also, the giant, expressive eyes on the hood are a hoot.


Made from a cute shirt and hat combo, the puppy latte costume is beyond sweet. Just like the baby’s costume, it features a whipped cream top and straw.

A onesie with an attached tutu forms the cup portion of this beverage-inspired costume, while the fluffy collar and headband form the foamy whipped cream topping. Oh, and check out the little straw peeking out of the headband.


Who you gonna call? The two-piece costume transforms your dog into a member of the famous ghost-hunting team. There's also an inflatable proton pack for extra realism.

This big, squishy romper with a Slimer head on top is equal parts hilarious and adorable. Who knew the 1980s movie monster could look so cute?


Just look at all those legs and eyes. What will this fuzzy creature look like skittering around your home?

Fluffy and colorful, this spider costume is more cute than creepy. Plus, the velvety jumpsuit and food are designed to be plush and comfy for your baby.


The fluffy headpiece, bright blue body, and gorgeous tail feathers turn your dog into a stately peacock. Just think of the photo opportunities.

The precious peacock costume includes a jumpsuit, tail, hood (with attached beak), and booties shaped like bird feet. Take the cuteness factor right over the top by dressing your baby and dog in matching peacock costumes for Halloween.


More cuddly than scary, this light blue dragon costume features orange spikes and wings, as well as a rather friendly face. The pullover plush design should be comfy for your dog to wear.

Made with a jumpsuit, blanket, and hat, this dragon costume may be the coziest option possible. Plus, the wings can wrap around your baby for extra warmth, and the effect is absurdly cute.

Whatever your plans are this year, one way to make the spooky holiday memorable is by dressing all your loves in themed costumes. As the matching Halloween costumes for dogs and babies prove, these adorable getups will make a hilarious addition to any celebration.