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28 Halloween Costume Combos For Dogs & Babies

They’re the cutest ever.

by Lindsay E. Mack, Katie McPherson and Jilleen Barrett
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If you have both a baby and a dog to dress up this Halloween, then embrace this opportunity completely. Matching baby and dog Halloween costumes are all about maximizing their cuteness factor. Whether they’re dressed up like movie characters, bugs, or classic Halloween creatures, these costume duos are sure to grab all the attention this October.

If you have a dog who enjoys wearing clothes and costumes, then Halloween is the ideal time to expand their wardrobe for a dog and baby Halloween costume. There are plenty of clever Halloween costumes for dogs featuring everything from Star Wars characters to mystical unicorns. Basically, there’s a dog costume for just about anything these days, and some are seriously clever and hilarious.

If your dog isn’t into playing dress-up, then they can still be a part of your family’s costume theme. For instance, you can dress the whole family in Bluey Halloween costumes and let the dog go as, well, a regular dog.

In any case, here are Halloween costume combos for dogs and babies that will make you laugh or say “Awww!”

Mike Wazowski and Sully

May the best monster win! Your pup will be the cutest monster ever — other than maybe your baby — in this Sully costume. Plus, it’s basically a sweatshirt, so they’ll be nice and warm on a chilly fall night of trick-or-treating.

Here’s the costume that will have your dog competing for everyone’s attention while you’re out getting candy. This Mike Wazowski costume is basically a onesie with a velcro piece in the back so your baby won’t be uncomfortable in it. It’s also super cozy.

Monkey & a Banana

Orange you glad that this costume is so adorable? A long one piece like this is perfect for a puppy, who probably won’t be too bothered by it since it just slips right on.

This monkey onesie is super warm and fuzzy — perfect for a newborn who needs extra protection from the cold. Plus, who can resist that adorable tail?

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Nothing suspicious here! This robe is made to look any canine — not just big, bad ones — look like an innocent grandma, just like the wolf did when he tricked Little Red Riding Hood. The glasses don’t come with the costume, but you can find similar ones here.

People will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing at your cutie dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. It’s a classic tale, and with the puppy as the Big Bad Wolf, it’ll be the perfect photo opportunity.

Cookie Monster and Big Bird

Much like Cookie Monster, there aren’t many dogs who don’t want a treat. This costume makes it look like your dog is holding a cookie, but the arms are actually an attachment.

This Big Bird costume is irresistible with its big round stomach and fuzziness! Your baby will be able to move around in it easily, and they’ll stay warm. The tights aren’t included, but these orange leggings would look great.

A taxi cab and the Statue of Liberty

There’s probably not a lot of other people who would think to dress their dog up like a taxi cab. This one piece costume is perfect for a pup who loves The Big Apple.

Lady Liberty is a shining choice of costume for a baby. The dress itself is short-sleeve, so this costume would work better for a warmer climate. However, if you put a waffle material onesie like this one underneath, they won’t even notice the cold.

Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh

Eeyore said it never hurts to keep looking for sunshine, but he probably meant candy. This Eeyore costume is adorable for any small puppy whose companion is a Winnie the Pooh fan.

All of the onesie options are just irresistable — this one especially! Winnie the Pooh is one of the best children’s stories and it would be so adorable to see your little one donning bear ears and a little red shirt on Halloween. Maybe they’ll get some Bit-O-Honeys in their candy bag.

Butterfly and a Flower

Butterflies flock to flowers just as your dog is probably constantly wanting to play with your child. This wings and atennae costume have straps that will probably feel very similar to their leash, so they won’t be too uncomfortable.

This flower costume is extravagant, to say the least. The leaves are sewn into the arms and the pot is actually a skirt, and the flower headpiece is attached by a velcro strap for easy removal.

Wednesday Addams and Kitty Kat

Remember The Addams Family’s pet, Kitty Kat? There’s no official Kitty Kat costume but this Lion Mane from Frisco can do the trick. Kitty Kat scared away visitors, but your pet will surely be adorable side-by-side with your baby.

For the Wednesday aspect of the costume, Amazon carries this cute baby dress that looks straight out of Wednesday Addams’ closet. Your baby might not be able to walk just yet, but they can certainly try to recreate her iconic dance, right?

An Astronaut & Rocket Ship

The Frisco Rocket Ship Dog & Cat Costume is too funny, and would look especially good on longer dogs, like dachshunds. This look comes with a rocket ship body suit and hat, with adjustable straps all over for a secure but comfortable fit.

And now, for the baby flying the rocket, you’ll need a space suit. The Bilo Design orange astronaut fleece costume clearly looks the part, and it’s warm and comfortable for babies trick-or-treating in cooler climates.

Woody & Buzz Lightyear

Reach for the sky! This Toy Story Woody costume for dogs makes your pup look just like the toy sheriff we all know and love. It includes the shirt (with pull string, of course) and Woody’s signature cowboy hat.

This Buzz Lightyear costume for baby includes everything you need: a flight suit with Buzz’s wings, purple skull cap for maximum aerodynamics, and gloves for touching mysterious space rocks. Your baby can fly to infinity and beyond, and tackle trick-or-treating with their dog best friend, Woody.

Matching Magicians

Want a little wizard and witch duo? Dress your dog in the Wizard dog and cat costume, which includes a pointy hat and star-covered cape for your furry friend.

This Baby Wittle witch costume from Spirit Halloween comes with a dress, tights, and hat with purple hair sewn in — everything you need to turn your little one into a classic Halloween witch. Baby will look like the perfect mix of spooky and sweet in this ensemble.

A Taco & Toppings

Pet Krewe’s taco dog costume has it all — a hard shell made of soft fabric, loaded with meat and toppings. And your dog, of course. It has adjustable closures to ensure the perfect fit.

Honestly, the VISGOGO avocado hooded romper jumpsuit is just too cute for words. The stem and leaf on the hood? Just stop it. The hooded romper has a zip front for easy dressing and diaper changes, and you’ll also receive striped stockings to complete the look.

Snow White & Dopey

Celebrate your goofy dog’s personality with the Rubie's Dopey dwarf dog and cat costume. It comes with the Dopey jumpsuit and headpiece featuring his signature ears and purple hat. It’ll look like Dopey himself is scampering down the sidewalk to blush and ask for treats.

Your little princess can have Snow White’s official gown — the Snow White costume for baby by Disguise is the officially licensed version. One note for parents: it does not include the bow or slippers (or dog-turned-Dopey sidekick).

A Pair Of Transformers

If your pup is the leader of your house, dress them as Optimus Prime, leader of the Transformers. The Rubie's Transformer Optimus Prime deluxe pet costume comes with a headpiece and jumpsuit that’s comfortable to move around in.

Thanks to a bodysuit and soft mask, your kid will transform instantly with the Disguise Bumblebee costume. The detailed, printed costume is soft and comfortable, so they’ll enjoy wearing this one to play dress-up for a while.

Mail Carriers

Complete with a package attached by velcro to your dog’s new “hands,” this U.S. Mail Carrier dog costume straight from USPS is realistic and adorable. Who wouldn’t want this fluffy mail carrier turning up at their door?

With a shirt, pants, hat, and box, your kid is ready to become the newest member of the team with this UPS costume for babies. How well will your kid manage the box marked “fragile?” That’s to be determined.


Your dog will run wild in this stripey Zebra pet costume from Petsmart. Stretchy polyester and Velcro closures are designed for a comfy fit.

Outfitted in cool zebra stripes, this hooded suit is an easy one-and-done Halloween costume for your baby. If you have an older child, too, you may be able to loop them in to the herd with their own baby’s zebra costume from Underwraps.

The Little Mermaid

Take your dog on an undersea adventure with this Flounder (from The Little Mermaid) from HalloweenCostumes.com. Yes, you can turn your dog into an entirely different pet with just this one-piece costume. It will have the whole neighborhood laughing when you trick-or-treat.

This HenzWorld little girls mermaid costume romper and headband set will transform your baby into a fantastical mermaid. Plus, the material is polyester and cotton so your baby stays cozy and comfy.

The Wizard of Oz

If your pup’s a bit of a chicken, who better to dress them as than the cowardly lion? The Rubie’s Wizard of Oz lion costume is so cute, and includes special details from the movie, like the lion’s red bow.

Dorothy’s signature blue gingham dress and red slippers could only look cuter on your baby. This Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume by Etsy seller Sew It Goes By Lisa is constructed with a onesie, so it will feel like any other outfit for your baby. And the bow pays tribute to the shoes, of course.


This shiny silver Robot dog costume from Walmart will turn your pet into a robo-dog in no time. Little details like the colorful buttons really make the whole look.

Want the easiest robot costume ever for your baby? This robot suit costume for infants comes with a headpiece and pullover tunic for easy dressing — just provide the pants and shoes so Babybot isn’t naked.

Ninja Turtle & Pizza

Your dog can dress up as the perfect slice of pizza, complete with pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers, as the perfect sidekick to a Ninja Turtle. The Bootique pizza headpiece for dogs and cats is hilarious, but also designed to fit comfortably and securely on your pup.

This adorable turtle jumpsuit is specifically Raphael (you can tell by the color of the headband), but your baby probably doesn’t have a preference yet as to which turtle they’re disguised as. Rubie’s Nickelodeon TMNT costume comes with a jumpsuit and headpiece, both crafted in soft fabric so they’re gentle on baby’s skin.

Baby Yoda

Have both of your babies dress as “The Child” this year with the help of the STAR WARS Baby Yoda dog costume. This dog costume features fuzzy green ears and it’s made from soft, lightweight material.

Looking for a Grogu baby costume? The Amscan The Child Halloween costume for babies comes with a long brown robe and baby Yoda headpiece. It’s especially perfect for families who live in areas where it’s chilly on Halloween.


Your four-legged friend can dress up like a mighty stegosaurus with this two-piece Frisco stegosaurus dinosaur dog and cat costume. Now your Halloween festivities can be positively prehistoric.

This hatchling baby green dinosaur egg costume for your baby is next-level adorable. The little cracked eggshell design is brilliant, covering the bottom half of the jumpsuit and looking like a little hat on the headpiece. This costume is made with velour and lined so it’s soft and cozy for baby.


Your pooch will look perfectly on trend for the holiday in this Frisco pumpkin dog and cat costume, which features a stuffed pumpkin body and matching cap. You won’t even need to visit a pumpkin patch to get those perfect autumn vibes with this costume.

The baby cute-as-a-pumpkin costume features a classic Jack-o’-lantern face, and there’s a little curled stem on top of the hood. Your baby will be the cutest pumpkin in the patch.

Busy Bees

Thanks to the striped bodysuit, antenna, and little wings, your dog will look unbelievably cute in this Rubie’s bumble bee pet costume. It’s made like a hoodie, so your dog should feel pretty comfy in the getup, too.

The bumble bee Halloween costume from Carter’s comes with an adorable bubble-shaped bodysuit with wings and antennae, a long-sleeved shirt, and leggings, so all you’ll need to find are shoes. The zip-up front makes it easy to put on and take off, too.


With a flowy red cape and S on the chest, this dog Superman Costume is ideal for any super pup. This costume attaches to your pet’s collar for an extra secure fit as they battle bad guys and save trick-or-treaters certain doom (like the neighborhood cats).

The Wonder Woman infant romper costume, with its attached tutu, is perfect for your own little hero. The costume also includes a cape, pants, booties, and headband, so your kid will have every detail down.

Sea Creatures

With simple Velcro closures, the Frisco shark attack dog and cat costume will turn your dog into a fearsome shark in no time. It’s like you can hear the theme song from Jaws every time they get near you.

Made with a jumpsuit, hood, and booties, this tiny tentacles octopus costume will turn your baby into one of the coolest creatures under the sea. Also, the giant, expressive eyes on the hood are a hoot.


Just look at all those legs and eyes. What will this fuzzy creature look like skittering around your home? The California costumes spider dog costume has straps to fasten around your dog’s chest and underneath their chin for a snug, secure fit.

Fluffy and colorful, this spider costume is more cute than creepy. Plus, the velvety jumpsuit and hood included in the itsy bitsy spider costume are designed to be plush and comfy for your baby.


The pretty-as-a-peacock dog costume fluffy headpiece, bright blue body, and gorgeous tail feathers turn your dog into a stately peacock. Just think of the photo opportunities.

The precious peacock costume includes a jumpsuit, tail, hood (with attached beak), and booties shaped like bird feet. Take the cuteness factor right over the top by dressing your baby and dog in matching peacock costumes for Halloween.

Whatever your plans are this year, one way to make the spooky holiday memorable is by dressing all your loves in themed costumes. As the matching Halloween costumes for dogs and babies prove, these adorable getups will make a hilarious addition to any celebration.

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