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Here's How To Throw A Halloween Egg Hunt To Remember

Because knocking on doors for candy is so 2019.

Traditional trick-or-treating (you know, knocking on your neighbors’ doors and yelling at them for free candy) is so pre-pandemic. Today, parents are thinking of creepy creative alternatives that their kids can do that are safe but still give the thrills (and chills) that comes from never knowing if you’re going to get a full-size candy bar — or a rock. So move over, Easter Bunny, because a Halloween egg hunt just might be the best (and safest) way to celebrate the season.

Here’s How To Do A Halloween Egg Hunt

There’s really not a huge difference between a regular Easter egg hunt and a Halloween egg hunt. Except that instead of bunnies, there are skeletons. Pastel-colored eggs are now bright-orange pumpkins. Oh, and while you might do your Easter hunt early in the morning, it’s much, much more fun to do a Halloween egg hunt at night. And instead of wearing your Sunday finest for an Easter egg hunt, your kiddo might look like the walking dead.

So, yeah, not too many differences.

Once you’ve set a date for your Halloween egg hunt (yep, you don’t have to do it exactly on Halloween night, unless you want to), it’s time to gather your materials. You’ll need to get Halloween eggs to fill, treats to put inside them (more on that later), costumes for everyone who’s participating to wear, and baskets to hold the eggs.

If you’re doing your Halloween egg hunt outdoors, you can transform your yard into a graveyard. Dollar store tombstones will work well, as well as white webbing to drape over them. Spread the eggs out throughout the area so that those little ghouls will have to work for their treats. And if you’re planning to do it at nighttime, you might want to give everyone a glow-in-the-dark wristband so that you can keep track of the little witches and ensure that no one wanders off.

Halloween Baskets For Your Egg Hunt

When it comes to Halloween baskets, you can go one of two ways. You can either grab a cheap bucket — or you can try to match your child’s costume so that the basket becomes an integral part of the costume.

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A Cheap Halloween Basket

The only thing you’re going to scream about is the price of this Halloween basket, because it’s literally a buck. Sure, it’s no frills, but there are some thrills, especially since it’s so cheap and can hold your kiddo’s candy easily.

Personalized Glitter Halloween Basket

You just can’t get more glam than glitter. And this Halloween basket has glitter edging around the jack-o-lantern’s eyes, nose, and mouth. It can also be personalized with your child’s name on it, too. It’s made from a super soft felt, so chances are your kiddo will want to snuggle with it after all the candy has been eaten (which, if they’re like most kids, will be the next day).

Here Are Halloween Eggs For Your Hunt

Of course, an egg hunt wouldn’t be complete without actual eggs to fill. But in order to make it a howlingly fun Halloween, you’ll need plastic eggs that are spooktacular. These Halloween eggs will be scary to hide — but fun for kids to find.

Halloween Skull Eggs

You can use these plastic skull eggs as part of your Halloween hunt. They’re the same size as regular Easter eggs (2 ¼ “ x 1 ¾”), so you’ll need smaller pieces of candy to fit into the casings. For $10.49, you’ll get a bulk purchase of 72 eggs, which is a bony good deal.

Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Eggs

A Halloween egg hunt wouldn’t be complete without jack-o-lantern eggs. And this 24-pack from Target can hold plenty of candy and other treats (think stickers or plastic toys). The tops and bottoms are not attached, so you’ll have to crack them open in order to fill them. The bright orange color should make collecting them a lot easier for the goblins at your shindig.

Here’s What To Fill Halloween Eggs With

When it comes to the candy to hide inside your Halloween eggs, the creepier, the better. Of course, you can always go with traditional treats like candy corn or pumpkins, but then there’s the other gross treats, like gummy worms, chocolate eyeballs, orange, purple, or black jellybeans, and candy bones. If you worry about your vampire’s little fangs getting cavities, opt instead for Halloween-themed stickers, green slime, or plastic toys like fangs, pumpkins, or creepy crawly bugs.

A Halloween egg hunt can be a safer alternative to trick-or-treating, or even a cool addition to your Halloween party. All of the costumed kiddos will have a freaky fun time racing around to find eggs. How scary you make it is entirely up to you.