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Try These 10 Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas If You Can't Go Outside

You don’t need a perfect sunny day to have a happy Easter.

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It’s nearly egg hunt season! Time to break out the plastic pastel eggs, grab some jelly beans, and do some hiding. While most Easter egg hunts follow the standard hide and seek concept, the weather in early April could be frigid (or you might just want to keep the party small with your pandemic bubblemates). In those cases, you might opt for an inside hunt. Fortunately, these 10 creative indoor Easter Egg hunt ideas can happen in any location.

Why mess with a classic format? Better question: Why not? Just because the age-old Easter tradition calls for a by-the-book egg hunt doesn’t mean you can’t play with the idea. You might be surprised how excited your kids are to try something new. Beside, if your egg hunt includes multiple ages and some of the younger tots typically lose out in the foot race to find the most eggs, a twist on the hunt could actually make the annual event a bit more fair for your participants. Psst: This means less chance of a meltdown or tantrum.

The best tip of all: Whatever you do, make it fun, be enthusiastic and your little ones will love every minute of the adventure.


Map It Out

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If your kids are really little and still learning what this whole egg hunt thing is about, they'll probably need a few big pushes in the right direction. A fun map, illustrated by you, of course, will help your little bunny find the eggs placed around the house. If you need some help with hiding places, think bookshelves, mantles, and even in kitchen cupboards.


Blindfold Egg Hunters

Want to amp up the fun on your indoor hunt? Then grab a scarf and use it as a blindfold to send your kid on a tricky tour through your house. Keep in mind, this egg hunt idea requires extra supervision (we don’t want any egg-related injuries), but it can be super fun especially for a small family missing their larger gathering of cousins on Easter.


Turn The Lights Off

Who says the Easter egg hunt has to happen in the daylight? Thanks to new plastic egg technology, you can buy glow in the dark Easter eggs. Take a batch of these eggs, hide them all over your house, then wait for night to send your kids on an egg hunt they’ll never forget.


Have A Parental Hunt

If your kids have found every last egg, but you still want to keep them entertained, why not have them turn the tables and hide the eggs for you to find? Handing over control will give them a thrill as they play Easter bunny running through your house. Be sure to give proper hiding parameters. (“No putting eggs in the toilet or washing machine, please.”)


Include A Golden Egg

It worked in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,why can’t it work for your kids? Getting candy-filled eggs is great and all, but what about a bonus surprise? A golden egg filled with an epic prize — a toy or a giant chocolate Easter bunny, or if you’re feeling flush, a $10 bill.


Make It A Treasure Hunt

What’s more fun than searching out eggs? Having to answer clues to find the next nest of them. Parents can make their hunt thematic with questions all about Easter or silly with funny bunny puns. Just be sure to tailor your clues to your children’s age range so that they can actually answer them.


Add A Ninja Warrior Element

As if an egg hunt weren’t enough fun, what about making it into an obstacle course? Have your kids navigate various challenges in order to find their eggs. Think: balance beam, tunnel, cart wheel requirements. Granted, if you’re doing this indoors, you’ll want to set it up in the play area or space where you don’t mind a little tumbling action.


Easter Egg Relay Race

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Bringing an additional competitive element to the egg hunt can be great for rambunctious kids (just don’t let them get too rambunctious inside). Turn your hunt into a relay race where once one kid has found a certain number of eggs, they have to pass the baton to someone on their team to find the next five, then they share the wealth together.


Pattern Egg Hunt

This idea comes from Play Party Plan and it’s a good one. Find eggs in particular patterns, then hide them and have your kids collect them in the correct pattern in order to receive their award. For instance, you could say you must find the striped, polka dot, checked, then diamond decorated eggs in that order. Each time they find one they have to bring it back to you so you can check if they got the pattern right. This is a great option for an indoor egg hunt in particular.


Make It A Math Puzzle

You can make your Easter egg hunt educational while still being a boatload of fun. This idea comes from Martha Stewart: “Have children solve math puzzles that tell them how many steps they need to walk to find the next egg.” It’ll take a little advance planning, but just picture your child’s pride when they solve the equations and get the ultimate reward: eggs filled with candies.