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What Are Kroger’s Christmas Hours In 2022? Here's The Deal

Hint: Get your shopping done early.

Oh no, did you forget to buy cookies and milk to leave out for Santa Claus again? Ugh, this happens every year. If Kroger is your go-to grocery store and you need more flour to finish your holiday dessert baking marathon, you should know the Kroger Christmas hours for 2022 are...not amenable to last-minute cookie runs. You’ve been warned.

Is Kroger open on Christmas Eve 2022?

Here’s some good news: Kroger's Christmas Eve 2022 store hours are reduced, but the grocery chain is still open on Christmas Eve. You’ll need to call your local store to confirm their Christmas Eve 2022 opening and closing times, as their holiday hours differ by region. A representative for Kroger confirmed to Romper that stores will either close at 6 or 9 p.m. in observance of Christmas Eve.

Before you go, don’t forget to check your list twice for Christmas dinner ingredients you might be missing. It may not be so easy to pick up last minute items on the 25th.

Is Kroger open on Christmas Day 2022?

Kroger’s Christmas Day 2022 store hours, on the other hand, are pretty straightforward. Kroger stores are closed on Christmas Day in 2022 so employees can enjoy time with their loved ones. Of course, that means their in-store pharmacies will be closed as well, so make sure you get your prescriptions refilled ahead of time.

Most Kroger stores will reopen on Monday, December 26 and resume their usual operating hours, according to Kroger’s representative. Regular operating hours also vary by store, though most open between 6 and 7 a.m. and close between 10 and 11 p.m.

And if you’re stumped on exactly which cookies to bake for old St. Nick in the first place, you should know Santa’s favorite cookies have been leaked before (looks like you can’t go wrong with good old chocolate chip). As for what reindeer eat, stick with carrots or apples.


Erin Rolfes, Kroger Communications representative