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Libra, 2023 Is The Year To Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Time to nail down your daily routines.


Libras are represented by scales, so it is any surprise balance is important to this sign? That’s why your Libra horoscope for 2023 is focused on creating daily routines that help you and your family achieve a little homeostasis. But it’s not all hard work — according to astrologers, Libra can also step into a committed relationship, financial stability, and new creative endeavors in 2023.

“For Libra, there’s an opening or invitation to start making changes over the next couple of decades in the way they experience and value their romantic life and creative projects,” said Noush Joon, astrologer for Girl and Her Moon. “This is the undercurrent of the year, not something that will be done in 2023.”

Which aspects of Libra’s life will change, and how, in the new year? There’s room for growth in every area, but the stars say it’s all trending in a positive direction.


Libras are generally good at handling relationships, Joon says, but it may feel like there’s something holding you back from feeling 100% excited or passionate about your love life lately. In the new year, your 2023 Libra horoscope indicates it’s time to heal old wounds, change your habits, and move forward to restore that spark.

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“In 2023, it feels like there’s going to be an emphasis on finding more confidence in relationships, which may have to do with letting go of certain attachments, whether to the past or unhealthy attachments to self-reliance,” said Joon. “For any Libra thinking about commitment, marriage, or taking their relationship to the next level, this feels like a good year for that.”


Libras are charming, connected, and fair friends, something that may come in handy in their personal finances in 2023. Maybe it’s finally time to dive in to buying that rental property with your bestie.

“There might be a bigger pull to invest or consider more shared resources,” Joon said. “There might be more comfort or stability available through committing to something with another person, and of all signs, Libra can do this well. This could be a good year financially if they consider taking those social skills into more of an investment kind of landscape.”


If you’ve been struggling to keep up with everything going on at work and at home, you’re not alone, and frankly, does anyone ever achieve work-life balance? That said, you can put some new practices in place (maybe it’s a new after-school schedule or morning routine for kids) that help you get back some of your sanity.

“This might be the year to start building a clear routine that balances their family and work life. It’s helping them level up and form a better routine to maintain their health. Libra needs balance to feel good and at peace with their inner and outer worlds, and this year can really highlight where they need to take accountability in their daily life to maintain that.”


Career-wise, 2023 could be a transformative year for Libras. Namely, it could the year your creative interests or side hustle start bringing in revenue.

“There’s a shift happening in the way they accumulate finances through investing time in what you really enjoy. And some form of accumulating wealth through their creativity that begins to unfold next year,” says Joon.

That said, it may require a little more discipline than you’ve had in the past to achieve it. “There’s a new approach Libra can start to form as it relates to their work and career. There’s a little bit more accountability required here, more structure they need to implement in their daily routine,” she adds.

So Libra, what’s your first big move in 2023? Whether you take the next steps to starting your own business or ask your partner about your next milestone as a couple, your Libra horoscope 2023 says this will be a year to remember for you.

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Noush Joon, astrologer for Girl and Her Moon