National Middle Child Day requires a bunch of middle child memes.
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15 Middle Child Memes For National Middle Child Day

At last, the middle kids get their due.

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Whether one-on-one or as a sibling group, there’s no denying that siblings share a special bond that deserves to be celebrated. Yes, even those pesky middle siblings. In honor of National Middle Child Day on August 12, you and the fam can share these hilarious middle child memes to shower your family’s middle child (or middle children, if there are more than three of you) with some well-deserved attention.

As any fan of family television comedies can tell you, the middle child is usually framed as a bit of an outlier in their sibling group. Just think of characters like Stephanie Tanner, Carlton Banks, and Lisa Simpson — each breaks out of their family mold in their own, unique way, but also struggles when the spotlight shines brightly on either their younger or older siblings. Like Jan from The Brady Bunch so astutely taught an entire generation, the middle child most-often gets overshadowed by their other siblings. (Can I get a “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” anyone?)

While the middle child tropes on TV might hit a bit close-to-home, most older and younger siblings will heartily agree that life absolutely wouldn’t be the same without their middle sibs. As much as families love to poke fun at the middles, though, having a few funny memes to share in honor of National Middle Child Day is the perfect way to celebrate the special sibling that you absolutely can’t live without.


You didn’t notice the middle child?

This meme is hilariously on point with regard to the middle child consistently getting left out. Don’t forget that the middle sibling usually makes it a point to know all of your business, so it’s best to remember that they actually exist — especially on a day literally meant to celebrate their existence.


Today is your day, middle children.

Hopefully on a day meant to celebrate middle children, all of the parents of middles out there will show some love to their second-born. And if they don’t, middle kids will most certainly take heed from this meme, steal the car, and eat some cake anyway.


When you’re not first, but you’re not last.

As a first-born who knows that being the kid who your parents practice on before your younger siblings are born isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I have to say that birth order really does matter. Cheers to the middles who have no clue what that’s like. (Just kidding!)


That moment when you become a middle child.

The look on this little kid’s face just really says it all. It’s like he can see all the way into his future and it’s bleak. So bleak. But hey, at least there’s National Middle Child Day, right? For one single, solitary day of the year, middle kids get the spotlight.


There’s no shame in the middle child game.

This is such a tongue-in-cheek meme and I love it. Therapy is one of the literal best things a person can do for themselves, in my humble opinion, and nobody deserves to do right by their mental health more than a middle child.


The forever forgotten middle child.

If you’re a middle kid whose parents consistently forgot to pick them up from piano lessons (or take you in the first place), forgot to plan your birthday party until the day before, or just plain forgot that you existed, this meme is for you.


The always overshadowed middle child.

Even these kittens get it — the plight of the middle child, that is. One day, though there will be an uprising of forgotten middle children, and I hope the kitty in the middle of this meme is a part of it.


A meme of truth for middle children.

Shout out to arguably the best Jurassic Park meme out there for giving a nod to National Middle Child Day, even if it does just reinforce the fact that the middles are forever forgotten. Hopefully if you’re a middle kid who is on the receiving end of this meme, you know it’s all in good fun.


But, it’s not all bad for the middle kids.

Stephanie Tanner for the win. Middle children may be the butt of most jokes, but there are still some upsides to being born in between your siblings. For starters, you may just be the one with all the good genes.


The OG middle kid.

Jan Brady is basically the poster child for middle children up and their feelings about being overshadowed by their siblings. If you’re a middle child, take a page out of Jan’s book and just complain loudly and repeatedly until someone hears you.


The middle child, forgotten again.

Look, if you’re a middle child, you just have to understand that your parents are tired, OK? They’ve got their hands full keeping up with your big sibling and all of their endeavors while simultaneously juggling the antics of your younger sib. I promise they’ll remember to show up for the big stuff, though.


A look on the bright side for the middle child.

The cream in an Oreo is hands-down the best part about a cookie — it’s so delish that some people literally scrape it out and eat it first. For all of the ultra-cool middle kids out there, you’re actually the best part of your family and everyone knows it.


A meme that proves parents wrong.

Look, I’m not saying that every parent forgets about their middle child once in a while, but I’m also not not saying it. Since National Middle Child day is all about celebrating the in-between kids, at least that’s one day they won’t be forgotten.


For middle children who feel invisible.

The “largely invisible scent” label is just so spot-on for middle kids. In case you didn’t know, this soap isn’t just a meme — it’s real. There’s also a middle child candle to go with it that you can order online to celebrate National Middle Child Day.


The makeup of a middle child.

Middle children are usually balanced and happy, but can also be a little bit forgettable. They’re not the youngest, and they’re not the oldest, but middle children have a specific combination of traits that make them the kid that their family would be incomplete without.

Whether you felt left out growing up and want to call out your beloved siblings for their transgressions, or you’re a parent who wants to celebrate your usually-forgotten-about middle kid, these middle child memes for National Middle Child Day will give everyone a good laugh.

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