Mother's Day

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15 Adorable Mother’s Day E-Cards To Send To The Best Moms You Know

From funny to sweet, these digital cards are perfect for moms.

An e-card is the perfect choice for anyone who waits until the last minute to find a Mother’s Day card. Whether you’re a busy mom yourself and haven’t been able to make it to the store or you’re sending a card to your mom who lives far away and didn’t get one in the mail in enough time, a digital card can be an absolute life saver. There are so many Mother’s Day e-cards out there to choose from. From sweet and sentimental to silly and fun, this list is filled with the best of the best e-cards to send from miles away.

I go all-in on Mother’s Day — and I don’t just mean for my mom. Of course, I love to shower the woman who raised me with so much love and adoration on Mother’s Day, but I also love to celebrate all of the wonderful women in my life who fill a mom role. From my mother-in-law to my aunt, and even my sister and best friends, they all get at least a card from me. E-cards are a really easy way to make sure everyone I care about gets a little something special in their inbox on Mother’s Day.

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A quirky Mother’s Day e-card with a great pun

If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day e-card that just screams “I got it from my mama,” this is definitely the one to send. From Paperless Post, the light pink digital card features a pair of denim jeans with the text “Thanks for the genes” in orange. Don’t love the color scheme? You can customize the background and adjust other elements of the card as well to personalize it for your mom.

If you find an e-card (or two, or three) at Paperless Post that you want to send, you’ll need to purchase a pack of coins to exchange for the digital card. The coins function as credits to purchase the e-card and the more coins you spend, the more elements of the card you can customize.


A pretty floral Mother’s Day e-card

You can definitely gift your mom a beautiful bouquet for Mother’s Day, but for the mom who really loves a thoughtful gesture and an array of flowers, this Mother’s Day e-card from Paperless Post is a great choice. The floral design on the card’s front is from Rifle Paper Company, so it delivers the same gorgeous appeal you (and likely your mom) know and love from the stationery goods company. Though you can alter the card’s interior text, what’s already written is a super sweet sentiment. Inside, the card reads, “Mom, Thank you for always being there. Happy Mother’s Day” in gold foil on a lavender background.


A Mother’s Day e-card for your stepmom

As a stepmom myself, I can personally attest to how much joy my stepkids bring to my life. Any day that I can celebrate that bond is a day that I will absolutely take advantage of. However, stepmoms don’t always get the recognition they deserve on days like Mother’s Day. The first time my stepson called me to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day, it made my whole year. If you want to make sure you stepmom feels totally loved and appreciated, a Mother’s Day e-card, like this one from Paperless Post, is a simple way to show you care. The cute design and thoughtful gesture will not be lost on her, I promise.


A Mother’s Day e-card for your wife

How adorable is this otter-themed Mother’s Day e-card from Punchbowl? It’s just perfect to give the mother of your kids to celebrate all that she does for your family.

With a Punchbowl e-card like this one, you can also include a digital gift card when you send a Mother’s Day card. Choose from stores like Target, Sephora, and Starbucks, or give the gift of a night off of dinner duty with a DoorDash gift card. Edit the card’s text to customize it to your liking or add a video message. To further customize your card, you can change the digital envelope and stamp design as well.


A first Mother’s Day e-card

If your friend, sister, neighbor, cousin, coworker, or anyone else in your life recently had their first baby, this adorable first Mother’s Day e-card from Punchbowl is a cute way to mark their first time celebrating the holiday. The bear on the front of the turquoise card is wearing a flower crown, which makes it a subtle nod to celebrating your friend’s new role as a mama bear herself. Inside, the text reads “You care crushing this whole motherhood thing! You are amazing.” Can you think of a better way to pump up a new mama than a card with such a sweet message?


A Mother’s Day blessing e-card

Between the acoustic guitar tune playing, the gorgeous watercolor flowers blooming, and the swirly royal purple text scrolling across the screen, there’s just no other Mother’s Day e-card that’s quite as soothing as this one from Blue Mountain. When your mom hits play on this video message, she’ll read the words “Moms are a blessing to their family, a gift to their children, a joy in this world. Happy Mother’s Day.” You can also personalize the card with additional text if you’d like to.

The card does require a Blue Mountain subscription for purchase, but the company offers a free 7 day trial for new customers as well as multiple options for monthly and yearly subscriptions.


An interactive Mother’s Day e-card

What’s better than a Mother’s Day e-card? A Mother’s Day e-card that’s also a game to play. The recipient of this Mother’s Day e-card from Blue Mountain will be prompted to play a game of “spot the differences” in a stop-motion video to reveal the card’s message. The game and card feature a bright and fun flower shop design and the message that’s revealed reads “Wishing you happiness that blooms all year.” Because of the way the message is worded, this is a card that can be given to pretty much any mom in your life. As an added bonus, while the card is open on the recipient’s screen, they’ll hear a lively classical tune playing in the background.


A Mother’s Day e-card with a photo spot

If you agree that home is where your mom is, this might just be the perfect Mother’s Day e-card to send your own mama. The overall design is simple and cute with hearts and arrow accents. On the inside of the card, you can type a custom message and can also add a digital photo of you and your mom.

The best part about this particular Mother’s Day e-card? It’s totally free. Yep! All you have to do is register a valid email address with Open Me in order to send this and any other e-card that the site offers. Each card is sent directly to the recipient via their email address or can be linked to their Facebook page.


A funny Mother’s Day e-card

As someone who loves food more than I love most people, my own mom would likely be thrilled to hear that I love her more than I love hamburgers. If you’re in a similar boat, this funny Mother’s Day e-card from Open Me is a clear winner. The hand drawn hamburger on the front of the card is surrounded by hearts and sporting a sweet little smile. Inside, you can customize the card with your own text and a photo or two if you want. Clearly, this e-card isn’t the best choice if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, but it’s still super cute and maybe you know someone that it would work well for.


A Mother’s Day e-card for grandma

If you want to show your grandmother some love on Mother’s Day, an e-card like this one can be a great way to do just that. Tech-savvy grannies will love opening their screen to this card with turquoise birds and polka dots on the cover. The inside of the card reads, “To the person who is the best at spoiling me rotten. I love you!” I really like that this card would work well whether you send it to your own grandmother from your adult self, or to your mom from your kids. After all, plenty of grandmas still spoil their grown grandkids and an e-card is a sweet way to thank them for it.


A space-themed Mother’s Day e-card

This Mother’s Day e-card has a design that’s truly out of this world. (Pun totally intended.) The dark navy card is adorned with white and grey stars across the front with an image of the moon right in the center. Underneath the moon, the card’s text reads, “I love you to the moon and back” with a shooting star next to the phrase. Inside, the text reads, “Mom, Thank you for always being there. Happy Mother’s Day.” You can change the text inside or add a different design to the card or its envelope by paying additional coin credits above and beyond the card’s initial cost.


A Mother’s Day e-card to send with a treat

Mother-in-laws can get a bad rap sometimes, but Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to let the woman who raised the person that you love know just how much you appreciate their support. This Mother’s Day e-card from Punchbowl is ideal for a mother-in-law who did a great job raising your husband. The inside of the card reads, “I got lucky in the mother-in-law department. Thank you for you love and support and all that you do for us. Happy Mother’s Day!” It’s a really sweet sentiment and will go a long way toward showing your mom-in-law that you really care.


A Mother’s Day e-card to send with a treat

If you’re sending a Mother’s Day e-card to someone this year and also want to add a digital gift card to give along with it, this e-card from Paperless Post is a fun choice. The outside of the card is decorated with pastel pink, green, and yellow-hued popsicles, cookies, donuts, and cakes. In the middle of the card, green text reads, “Treat Yourself,” so the recipient will know exactly what it is they’re supposed to do with the attached gift card. The pale pink and yellow digital envelope is even covered in a sprinkle motif, so it’s right on theme with the rest of the card.


A fun Mother’s Day e-card

Is there a better way to say “You were right” to your mom than in a Mother’s Day e-card? Maybe there is, but this way is definitely really fun and cute, too. (Mainly thanks to the heart design and the adorable phrasing.) Underneath the main text on the front of the pink and turquoise card, there’s a parenthetical phrase that reads, “There, I said it.” It’s kind of a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement that your mom was really right all along. Inside, the text is just as sweet. It reads, “Thanks for giving me your smarts, kindness, and amazing looks. Happy Mother’s Day from your most humble child!”


A Mother’s Day e-card for when you’re far away

If you don’t live near your mom, celebrating Mother’s Day can be a challenge sometimes. But this Mother’s Day e-card from Paperless Post can help you solve at least part of your distance dilemma. On the front of the card are two cups of tea on a light blue background with pretty script that reads, “Together Apart.” Inside is contrasting salmon-colored text that reads, “Dear mom, Thanks for everything you do. We’re so lucky to have you!” Although the card is addressed specifically for a mom, Paperless Post will allow you to customize the text inside so that you can send this sweet card to any mom you want to celebrate this Mother’s Day, no matter where or who they are.

Just because you waited until the last minute doesn’t mean you’re short on choices when it comes to Mother’s Day e-cards. No matter what kind of message you’re trying to send, there’s a card out there that sums it up perfectly.