These Adorable Backpacks Are Perfect For Kids Just Starting School

Backpacks with unicorns, animals, glow-in-the-dark Baby Yoda, and so much more.

It’s not hard to find a good backpack for older kids with all kinds of pockets and compartments to carry the many things they need to tote to and from school every day. Preschool backpacks, on the other hand, need to be small and simple since the most a preschooler needs to carry at once is a lunchbox, a couple of art projects, and maybe a blanket for quiet time. Oh, and if it happens to have a cute pattern, that never hurts.

Preschool-age kids are small, so they need backpacks that accommodate their size. A regular backpack will hang down past their knees and could possibly even tip them over once you start to fill it up (and if you don’t fill it up, they certainly will because a preschooler loves nothing more than carrying around everything they own). You wouldn’t dress your kids in clothes that are several sizes too large for them, so the same rule should apply when it comes to their backpacks.

Where do you find preschool backpacks, though? A lot of stores will prominently display their regular kids' backpacks, especially during back-to-school season, but the smaller options can be tougher to find. Thankfully, internet shopping exists and there is no shortage of amazing backpacks online that are perfect for your preschooler.

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Space Backpack For Preschoolers

While this backpack is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns, this space-themed one is among the best. It has a main compartment, front pocket, and an interior water bottle holder and it’s large enough to fit a lunchbox and 11” tablet or laptop.


Best Zoo-Themed Backpacks

Good luck choosing between the tiger, dinosaur, and zebra prints because they’re all amazing. Each backpack can be worn using the adjustable straps or carried using the handles along the top, and they are equipped with a front exterior pocket as well as a sleeve inside the main compartment.


Disney Princess Preschool Backpack

The Disney Princess gang’s all here on this adorable backpack. Though it’s labeled a “toddler” backpack, it’s actually made for kids three years old and up and the straps are adjustable, so it will definitely still fit your preschooler.


Colorful Kids Backpack

Your preschooler will surely stand out with this colorful backpack that features a front pocket, two interior pockets, and one interior water bottle pocket. It’s lined and has a protective coating, too, so outside messes won’t become disasters for the contents inside the bag.


Cute Butterfly Backpack

For the butterfly-loving preschooler, this backpack actually looks like the beautiful little bug. It has an adjustable exterior pocket that’s sized just right for a water bottle, an insulated front pocket for snacks, and a good size main compartment that can definitely carry the necessities.


Best Kids Drawstring Backpack

If the adorable design of this drawstring backpack isn’t enough to sell you, then what will? Besides that, though, the cotton bag is fully lined and quality made so you don’t have to worry about it withstanding your preschooler’s play-hard lifestyle.


Preschool Backpack Lunchbox Combo

Preschoolers who carry a lunchbox to school will love this complimenting combo set. The backpack has a large main compartment as well as two smaller ones, an exterior water bottle pocket, and an adorable sequined charm on the zipper. As for the lunchbox, it’s insulated to keep food cold, stretchy to accommodate different containers, and folds down when it’s not in use so it won’t take up too much backpack space at the end of the day.


Camo Kids Backpack

With a green, blue, and gray camo pattern, this backpack has a simple design that’s perfect for a preschooler. There are plenty of pockets for storing snacks and toys and it has padded adjustable straps so you can ensure it fits just right.


Best Star Wars Backpack

The Baby Yoda pattern on this backpack is cool all by itself, but the fact that it also glows in the dark puts it ahead of all other Star Wars bags. It’s available in three sizes, with the mini and small being ideal for preschoolers, and you can even get a lunchbox to match it.


Kids Shark Backpack

How can a shark look both ferocious and so adorable simultaneously? This backpack not only nails that very difficult look, but it also features both shoulder straps and carrying handles and (the best part) is machine washable.


Preschool Unicorn Backpack

This backpack is available in several colors/patterns, and you can’t go wrong with this rainbow unicorn option. It’s sized just right for little kids and includes an adjustable chest strap to ensure your preschooler doesn’t tip over from the weight.


Dinosaur Preschool Backpack

If you’re looking for a (cute) backpack with a simple design and dinosaur print, this one is for you. It has basic adjustable straps, a front exterior pocket, and is just the right size to tote a preschooler’s work back and forth to school.


Best Frozen Preschool Backpack

Regardless of how long ago it was released, Frozen is still a huge hit with preschoolers, so this backpack will be, too. It’s available in three sizes (mini and small are best for this age), has plenty of storage pockets, and can even be personalized with your child’s name (additional cost).


Kids Fanny Pack & Backpack

For the super trendy preschooler, you can get this backpack and fanny pack bundle. The bags are made from faux leather and corduroy and have “Curated Little” sewn into them. The backpack includes an insulated side pocket, an interior laptop pocket, and a removable pouch for keeping small items safe.


Jungle Backpack For Preschoolers

This adorable backpack is perfect for preschoolers who are also animal lovers. It has two drink pockets, padded adjustable straps, and a label on the inside for you to write your kiddo’s name on to keep track of it. The bag is also made from super durable fabrics with strengthened seams, so it won’t easily fall apart.


Preschool Mermaid Backpack

Made from water-resistant polyester, this backpack offers plenty of storage space for drinks and small objects as well as a large compartment for bigger items like a lunchbox. It also features a chest strap to help with weight distribution and, frankly, has the cutest pattern ever.


Waterproof Kids Backpack

Whether your kiddo is off to school or on an adventure, this waterproof backpack will keep all of their things safe and dry. The backpack’s back panel and shoulder are padded for comfort and the straps are also reflective for extra safety.


Tiger Kids Backpack

Your little one will not only get a bag that is made from water-resistant fabric with plenty of space for their belongings but also a backpack that is just flat-out cool. The tiger face unzips into an exterior pocket and there is also a water bottle pocket on the side of the bag. If your kiddo isn’t a fan of tigers, no worries, because there are plenty of other animal designs to choose from.


Preschool Mickey Mouse Backpack

Preschoolers who love Mickey Mouse will be thrilled to carry this adorable bag that features Mickey’s face on the main compartment and a pattern with Mickey’s gloves, shoes, and shorts covering the rest of the bag. It has exterior and interior zipper pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, and it’s the perfect size for a little kid.


Marvel Preschool Backpack

Avengers fans can show their love for Marvel with this backpack that has a glow-in-the-dark pattern that features Captian America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, and more. It’s also made from super durable materials so it will last your kid for years.

With all of these great options, your preschooler might have a hard time picking the one they like best. To avoid an outburst (or them begging you to buy all the bags), just present them with a couple of your favorite options so they won’t get too overwhelmed.