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Educators Will Totally Appreciate These Teacher Appreciation Gifts

And there’s not a single apple on this list.

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Teacher Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to not only tell a teacher how much they mean to you and your child, but to give them a little token to show how much you care. But please, skip the apple. Instead, take a look at these teacher appreciation gifts for 2023 that speak to their service, support, and well-earned need for a little R&R.

Rather than giving a teacher something they need, give them a treat, like a bespoke lunch bag or a some stunning glassware for an after-hours bottle of wine. Another great idea is to think “treat yourself” when shopping for educators. What’s something that would really feel special that they might not splurge on? For instance, why not give a mini projector? Not only could they use it in class, it could be a great item for them to enjoy at home over the summer.

And when all else fails, let teachers decide what they’d like with a thoughtful gift card. Target cards are never a bad idea nor is shopping local for a card to a favorite area boutique. And don’t forget a card. As any teacher would tell their students, words have power and nothing makes someone feel more appreciated than the simple statement: thank you.


Something to make afternoon tea more fun

If your favorite teacher is a tea drinker, then they need this novelty manatee tea infuser for Teacher Appreciation Week 2023. Made of blue silicone, loose leaf tea sits in the mammal’s belly while his fins rest on the lip of a mug. The material is soft, non-toxic, and tasteless so it won’t impact the flavor of the tea. And while it looks charming, it also discourages the use of disposable tea bags, making it a great gift for a ecologically-minded educators. In addition, it’s easy to hand-wash but can also be put in the dishwasher.


A personalized bookmark for a lifelong reader

Teachers, as a general rule, are great readers. Whether they’re teaching first graders to read, or spelling out the joy of Jane Austen to high school juniors, reading comes with the teaching territory. So give them a gift they’ll actually use on a daily basis: a personalized leather bookmark. Available in eight colors, this bookmark can also be embossed in gold, silver, bronze, or blind, which means just an imprint. Customize it as you see fit with a teacher’s initials, name, ​​or nickname horizontally or vertically on the bottom.


A perk ‘em up coffee

It’s pretty standard for teachers’ lounges to have a shared coffee pot, but the quality of the coffee isn’t always great. Make sure your favorite teacher is only drinking the best by giving them a bag of beans from Blck & Bold Coffee. This Fair Trade Certified signature roast is blend that’s designed for “the hustle.” Any teacher can appreciate that and with every cup they drink they’ll think back on the student who helped them get through another day.


A hydrating lip gloss for a beauty lover

Have a great teacher who is always turned out? This glam educator might appreciate a hydrating, vegan, cruelty-, and paraben-free lip gloss to keep their lips looking great even after a full day of lecturing. This vegan lip gloss is sheer, so a teacher can choose their favorite shade to go under it. But even with another color underneath, they’ll get the benefits of shea butter and green tea extract to make their lips look and feel great.


A caffeine-fueled notebook

Back to coffee, it’s hard to overstate how important the caffeine bean is to educators. For people who have to be in front of students as early as 7 a.m., they need a boost each and every day and this notebook spells that out perfectly. As it says, “First I drink the coffee. Then I do the things I need to do.” Teachers can make their to-do lists or subtly remind kids not to talk to them until they’ve finished their second cup. Their choice.


An accessory to make movie night even better

An extra thoughtful gift for an instructor? This mini projector can make movie magic both in the classroom and at home. Designed with 2021 upgraded LCD technology and a noise reduction system, this projector brings a ​​180'' big-screen feel to any space with fantastic audio to match. As a bonus, the easy-to-use device also comes with a carrying bag for travel, remote control, power cord, HDMI cable, RCA AV cable, and a user manual to help your favorite teacher install it.


A personalized stamp for papers & more

Teachers, especially elementary teachers, spend a lot of time drawing happy faces, stars, and hearts on kids’ papers to indicate a job well done. So imagine how much time it would save and how special it would be if they had their own personalized stamp to do the job? They can with this darling stamp you can customize to look like your favorite teacher. Choose the hair to match your favorite educator and watch as they give your Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 gift the ultimate seal of approval.


A customized travel tote for time off

For many teachers, dreaming about summer travels is a way to get through the toughest days of the week. So help them make the most of their time off with a stylish monogrammed canvas travel bag from Land’s End. This durable tote features a zipped exterior pocket and three interior pockets so there’s plenty of storage. Plus, a trolley sleeve makes sure it stays secure on top of rolling luggage. When just going for an overnight, the generous shoulder strap makes it easy to carry as well.


A portable blender for smoothies on-the-go

For the teacher who loves a protein shake, a smoothie, or just a sweet drink, there’s this nice gift of a Ninja Blast portable blender. It comes in a couple of colors and is charged by a USB cord, so teachers can fill it up with their favorite smoothie ingredients and either make it on their way into work, or quickly fix it up during their breaks or lunch. It even comes with a lid so they can drink it right out of the blender.


A great gift card they can use on anything

It’s OK if you can’t figure out what to give a teacher. Instead of just guessing and spending a lot of money on something they might not care for, give a gift card. It’s a great way to say “I value what you do, treat yourself.” Nearly every store these days offers some kind of gift card option, but the universally beloved Teacher Appreciation Week gift is a Target gift card. From home goods to tech devices, groceries to toys, Target has it all. And even if a teacher doesn’t use it as a special gift, they’ll surely enjoy the discount the card provides on their regular Target run shopping.


A set of gorgeous glassware for fun nights at home

If you know a teacher loves to kick back on the weekend with a glass of wine or loves to host book club at her house, then give her some stunning new Estelle glassware. Made in six different colors, these generous globes hold 16.5 ounces each. As the designer explains, the Estelle collection was named after her grandmother, "a jewel of a person that instilled in me an appreciation of the pastime of treasure hunting for beautiful finds — especially for the kitchen which was the heart of her home."


A debonair set of cufflinks for fancy types

Some educators stand by the idea that to be a role model, you have to dress for success, and those dapper teachers deserve an accessory that speaks to their style. Personalized cufflinks are a great Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 gift. Handmade to order, you can choose the appropriate letter to match your teacher’s last name. Then the letter is embossed on leather and placed in a stainless steel frame. Choose from black or brown leather.


A foot pampering kit for tired tootsies

Teachers are on their feet all day long, from the minute students enter the classroom until the last one boards the final bus. Help them relax their aching feet with Footnanny Foot Care. This kit includes everything they need to pamper their tootsies: one 8-oz. eucalyptus cream, one Footnanny Green Rescue buffer, and one pair of white cotton socks. Teachers can follow the treatment instructions to give their feet a rest.


A lovely room diffuser for smelly classrooms

School janitors do an exceptional job keeping schools clean, but there’s something even their powerful cleaning supplies can’t combat and that’s the fragrance of a packed room of bodies fresh from the playground. That’s why a teacher might appreciate a lovely room diffuser to bring a nice fragrance to a classroom, or even their home. Aromatique’s diffuser sets come in a variety of scents (In the Garden is lovely) and are also just beautiful little jars. The scent can definitely fill the room, but isn’t overwhelming at all, and will bring a nice balance to the classroom.


A teacher’s candle with meaning

Available in five different fragrances, this lovely candle says it all: Teaching is a Work of Heart. Perfect for some off duty me-time, teachers will appreciate the non-toxic soy wax made from a vegetable blend of essential oils with a cotton wick. The candle comes with a screw top lid and weighs 7 oz. It will burn for 35 hours for a truly lasting token of thanks for Teacher Appreciation Week 2023.


A tasteful stationary set to make work more enjoyable

Perk up any teacher’s desk with a bright and cheerful Rifle Paper Company tackle stationary kit. Packed with accessories to make work a little easier, this clever box includes one tear-off pad of paper, three magnets, two enamel paper clips, 20 gold push pins, one white eraser, three gold binder clips, and two pencils. Now when a teacher needs to make a note, they’ll have an array of beautiful organizational tools to use, making “doing the work” just a little bit better.


A superhero teacher pin that tells it like it is

Let’s be honest, teaching is a superpower. But humble teachers often don’t toot their own horn re: their extraordinary powers. So give them a way to show it without saying it with this teacher pin that says “I am a teacher. What’s your superpower?” Is it subtle? No. Is that the point? Yes. The ultimate way to tell a teacher how awesome they are, this pin makes a great Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 gift, and it comes in four different colors: red, pink, brown, and white.


A librarian-worthy tote bag

This library card tote bag could not be more on theme for Teacher Appreciation Week 2023, and it’s a great reminder that school librarians are teachers, too. So show them some love with a little bag they can use for everything from books to groceries to lunch. The 100% cotton tote measures 14 x 18 inches with an 11-inch long strap to comfortably hold over the shoulder. And while it’s not designed to go in the wash, it can be spot cleaned with a damp towel.


A meaningful piece of jewelry

Jewelry is hard to buy for someone else, but these sweet bracelets — themed after a pencil — are so great for Teacher Appreciation Week 2023. With the word TEACH on one bracelet, you can customize the other to your teacher’s initials for a lovely, meaningful gift.


A retro reusable lunch bag

Brown bagging it is so last year. Instead, give a teacher a reusable brown bag lunch they can enjoy for years to come. This waxed canvas lunch bag looks just like the classic paper version, but can be used again and again. Measuring 5.9 x 8.26 x 12.59 inches, it can comfortably fit all the usual lunch suspects, from an apple to sandwich and even a dessert treat. A paraffin all-natural bees wax coating helps it keep its shape and means it can be hand-washed.


A touching book about teachers

Want to really tug at a teacher’s heart strings? Give them this touching picture book, Because I Had A Teacher, that spells out just how much they mean in charming illustrations. The story is all about people who inspire us. For instance, one page reads “Because I had a teacher, I have whole new worlds to explore.” Might want to wrap a pack of tissues to go with this as there likely won’t be a dry eye when it’s unwrapped.


A silly hand sanitizer dispenser everyone will want to use

If there’s anything that’s become required in classrooms, it’s hand sanitizer. But rather than a big industrial bottle, why not let a teacher display hand sanitizer in something more fun like this darling penguin sanitizer dispenser? Just press the penguin’s head and the liquid dispenses from the penguin’s bill in a rich foam formulation. Chargeable, this gift doesn’t require any batteries, but it might just get more kids to be conscious of cleanliness with its darling design, a plus for any educator.


A fashionable lanyard for her school ID

Wearing a school ID is a common dress code measure in most schools these days. But it need not be boring. Help a teacher have a little fun with their look by giving them this decorative lanyard 5-pack. Each day of the week they can mix up their lanyard style to go with their clothes or just to be a little more playful. There’s nothing exciting about wearing a photo ID everyday, but how one wears it shouldn’t have to be boring when you give this for Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 gift.

Ready to shop for your favorite teachers? Use this list to give them something that really says we appreciate all that you do.

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