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Keep Kids Busy Until Dinner With These Thanksgiving Color-By-Number Sheets

Because you need something for them to do until the turkey’s timer pops up.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that can test the patience of any parent. Starting November 1, you start planning for the big day, buying Thanksgiving outfits and accessories for your little one to wear. You lovingly set the table, and you agonize over the menu. But the problem is that Thanksgiving, unlike Christmas, isn’t an instant gratification holiday. No, you have to wait a long, long time before making your way to the table to eat your meal. And these Thanksgiving color by number pages can keep your kids busy — and out of the hot kitchen.

Apart from potentially stopping incessant complaining about being bored/not eating yet, Thanksgiving color by number pages can actually be educational. They help your child practice learning their numbers (which is particularly important for preschoolers), but it can even reinforce color recognition, too. Younger kids can also improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and also encourage your pint-sized Picasso to color a new creation that will inevitably find its way onto your fridge.

So check out these Thanksgiving color by number pages that will be as delish as the meal itself.

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Higher Numbers Thanksgiving Color By Number Page

Sure, any kiddo can count 1, 2, 3, but what about 17, 18, 19? This color by number Thanksgiving page skips the first few numbers and heads straight to the teens. The simplistic design of this turkey means the focus is on learning the teen numbers, which often happens in kindergarten, according to Kindergarten Works. Interestingly enough, while you might imagine that most turkeys would be colored in with brown, yellow, and orange, this turkey is pretty as a peacock, with hues of purple, blue, and green.


Cornucopia Thanksgiving Color By Number Page

Just as representative as the turkey itself, a cornucopia is the quintessential Thanksgiving symbol. If your kiddo is tired of coloring in turkeys, you can dash to your printer to print out a copy of this cornucopia Thanksgiving coloring page. Ranging in numbers from 1-12, your child can color in the corn on the cob, pumpkin, leaves, and squash. But what exactly is a cornucopia, you ask? Well, it’s also known as the horn of plenty, and is known as a symbol of abundance and is filled with fruits, flowers, or even nuts. It’s supposed to represent an abundant harvest, which is what the Pilgrims were thankful for during the first Thanksgiving.


2 + 2 Thanksgiving Color By Number Page

Most coloring pages just have a number and a correlating color. You find the number, and you color in the spot. But not this coloring page from Coloring Home. No, if your child wants to color in the turkey’s feathers, they’re going to have to use their math muscles for it. This page makes your child do simple addition problems to find out the sum — and which crayon they can use to color it all in. Some sums (like 3 or 4, or 5 or 6) share the same color, but this page has a rainbow of hues, from orange and yellow, to red, blue, and brown.


Easy To Do Thanksgiving Color By Number Page

For kids who are just learning their numbers, this coloring page is perfect. For starters, there are only six numbers (and colors) to choose from. And the design of the turkey is also very simplified, so there isn’t any additional imagery to confuse your kiddo. They can even practice writing their name on the line, too. Even the wattle gets colored in red. But why do turkeys even have a wattle in the first place? Well, the wattle serves an important purpose, according to Audubon. Since turkeys can’t sweat, the wattles release excess heat from the bird. And when it’s time for mating, the wattle swells and turns red to impress potential mates.


Corn Thanksgiving Color By Number Page

Corn doesn’t always come in a can, you know. If your child wants to color in corn the way nature made it, then there’s no better way than with this corn Thanksgiving color by number page. It’s as basic as you can get: it’s just three numbers and colors (green, yellow/green, and yellow). That’s it. What it lacks in complexity you can make up for in number reinforcement. By seeing the same numbers over and over again, your child can practice recognizing, remembering, and even writing them.


Thanksgiving Color By Number Book

Imagine your kiddo gets cranky right when you’re in the middle of cooking the cranberry sauce. You rush to give them a coloring page, but your printer is out of ink. Save yourself some stress by ordering this Thanksgiving color by number book. It has a whopping 25 large pages to entertain your child, so they definitely won’t be bored. The pages range in difficulty from easy to more intricate, which explains why the age range for the book is for kids 4-8. Your kiddo can color in anything from a turkey to pilgrims, to Native Americans and, of course, some delish drumsticks.


Thanksgiving Color By Number Book For Younger Kids

Be sure that your kiddo has a lot of crayons, because they’re going to want to color in all the pages in this activity book. It not only has all the prerequisites of a Thanksgiving color by number book, but it has autumnal scenes, too. There are 30 pages to color in, and because the images are easy, younger children will have fun coloring them in, too. They might want to color in a turkey, or even a pumpkin patch page complete with sunflowers. Even more fun; kids can color in each individual crayon the correct color so they never get confused about which one to use.


Thanksgiving Items Color By Number Page

Why color in just a turkey or some corn when you can color in almost everything about Thanksgiving on one page? In this printable page from Twisty Noodle, you can get five fun images that your kiddo can color in. Of course, there’s the obligatory turkey, but then there are also other Thanksgiving images, too, like pumpkins, leaves, corn on the cob, and a freshly baked pie. And since you have to color it in red, it’s safe to assume that it’s a cherry pie.


Native American Coloring Page

The Native Americans played a critical role in the settlers’ initial success, which was celebrated by having the first Thanksgiving in 1621. But the friendship forged between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans was very short lived, and it’s often a tale that goes untold. There were many massacres and wars between the settlers and the natives. So while you might not want to go into talk of massacres, disease, and death, you can start by coloring in this smiling Native American — and giving your child an understanding of how they embraced the Colonists in a show of goodwill and kindness… and why it wasn’t necessarily reciprocated.

Thanksgiving color by number pages can serve so many purposes. Not only can they keep your kids busy while you cook, but they can also be educational as well. And maybe, just maybe, you can clue your kid on why Thanksgiving is celebrated, and make it a family choice if you want to continue the tradition.