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20 Halloween Costumes Perfect For Toddler Girls With Big Imaginations

These costumes are sweet and sassy — and sure to snag those full-size candy bars.

Although you always encourage your kiddo to be her very best, Halloween is the one time of the year that your child might feel free to stretch her wings and explore something new. It might be something as simple as Cinderella (because, glass slippers), or Wonder Woman (hello, golden lasso!), but overall, October 31st is the time for your child to dream big while playing dress up. And these Halloween costumes for toddler girls who can be anything they want to be might encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, too.

So what will your girl be this year for Halloween? The options are endless. She might go the princess route and dress up as Ariel, Belle or Elsa, or she might want to take a walk on the wild side and get a cute chicken or giraffe costume. But we can’t fib: the toddler girl Pinocchio costume is quite cute, too. From pirates to Peppa Pig, bumble bees to the bat-swinging Harley Quinn, your kiddo will have a blast choosing a toddler girl Halloween costume that is as creative and quirky as she is.

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Teagan The Dragon Costume

Want to dress her up like a fire-breathing dragon? Your little girl will love the Teagan the Dragon costume. The purple jumpsuit has furry pink spots and an attached tail, along with a hood and shoe covers. She definitely won’t need saving when she wears this costume. As for the legend of the dragon, well, it’s been around since the time of the ancient Greeks and Sumerians, Live Science reported. The tales of flying, fire-breathing dragons has crossed cultures, religions, and time as well — it seems that so many people want to believe in these mythical creatures.


Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

Hot dog! Not only does your girl get to dress up as Minnie Mouse, complete with petticoat and sash, but she’ll literally glow, girl. The costume glows in the dark after being exposed to light. But did you know that Minnie Mouse isn’t her real name? Nope, Minnie is actually a nickname, since her real first name is Minerva. (You can kind of understand why she goes by Minnie.) And the colors on her dress? Well, Minnie originally wore a dress that was blue, green, and black in color.


Poppy Troll Halloween Costume

You won’t mind this type of troll when your toddler girl dresses up like Princess Poppy. It features an ombre blue dress and headpiece complete with shocking pink troll hair. Add some makeup to complete the look. Trolling just took on a whole new (and precious) meaning. Expect this costume to get lots of use post-Halloween, too, for epic dress-up sessions probably featuring musical performances by your little pink-haired Poppy.


Belle Halloween Costume

Your girl will be the guest to every Halloween party when she wears this Disney Belle costume. The gorgeous gown is intricately designed to look like Belle in the movie and is decorated with rosettes as well. To make the outfit more authentic, you can have your child reading a book, since that’s Belle’s favorite pastime. She understands that in her tiny village, she doesn’t quite fit in, and she’s totally okay with that.


Pirate Girl Halloween Costume

Who says that pirates can’t be pretty? Your girl will love all the swashbuckling that comes with this pirate girl costume. Along with a pirate hat, scarf, and a shirt-vest combo, the costume also comes with a belt, a skirt and boot covers, everything your child will need to sail the high seas. And while your child might be wanting people to walk the plank, you can take this opportunity to explain that, unlike mermaids and unicorns, there were real female pirates — and badass ones at that — such as Cheng I Sao, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read, all of whom battled with (and against) fellow male pirates to get their share of the booty.


Pinocchio Toddler Girl Halloween Costume

We can’t tell a lie. This Pinocchio Halloween toddler costume is too cute for words. You’ll get the dress, hat, and footless tights, everything you’ll need to get Pinocchio ready for trick or treating.


Ariel Little Mermaid Costume

It’ll be a whole new world for her when she wears this Ariel Halloween costume. It’s just the dress, so if you want your girl not to wig out, you’ll have to purchase that separately. She is the fourth Disney princess (coming in after Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora), and is the seventh daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena, who live in an underwater kingdom called Atlantica. But for as many people who have claimed to see one, mermaids, alas, aren’t real.


Wonder Woman Toddler Halloween Costume

Your girl will put all the other superheroes to shame in this Wonder Woman Halloween costume. It comes with a bodysuit, boot covers, crown, and cape — everything your own little Wonder Woman will need to fight crime — and collect all that candy. As you walk through your neighborhood, be sure to clue your kiddo in on exactly who Wonder Woman is. A beloved DC Comics character, Wonder Woman (known as Princess Diana of Themyscira) is a peace-promoting person who believes in the greater good. She seeks to end injustice wherever she comes across it, which might be something you’ll want to remind your child of when they’re fighting with a younger sibling about who got the most candy.


Peppa Pig Halloween Costume

Your kiddo has already adopted the accent. So why not dress her up as that sweet swine? This Peppa Pig costume comes with the dress and the hood; you’ll need to supply tights so her legs stay warm while she trick or treats. And while Peppa Pig might still be sort of new stateside, the first episode of the show actually aired back in 2004. The episode: “Muddy Puddles,” of course! So if you get your gal a Peppa Pig costume, be sure to pack a pair of boots, because as Peppa always reminds viewers, “If you’re going to jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots!”


Bumble Bee Toddler Halloween Costume

Your child will be buzzing around in this adorable bumble bee costume. It has the leotard with an attached tutu, wings, headpiece, wand — even pom poms on the shoes. Despite their large bodies and shorter wings, bumblebees are quite adept at flying. Their wings flap around 130 times per second, and all that flapping causes the flowers to shake, which results in buzz pollination, Live Science reported. Their prowess at pollination is what causes food to grow, which makes them a very important part of our ecosystem, indeed.


Harley Quinn Toddler Girl Costume

Daddy’s little monster will be getting all the candy with this cute Harley Quinn-inspired toddler Halloween costume. Available from Etsy seller ElevenThirteenENT, you can order the entire ensemble, or select the shirt or shorts. Pair it up with a pair of fishnet stockings, boots, and a bat, and it’ll be lights out for anyone who doesn’t dole out full-size candy bars. It’s up to you if you want to tell your child the true story of Harley Quinn, (formerly Dr. Harleen Quinzel), a DC Comics character and once psychologist who fell in love with The Joker, and later became a member of The Suicide Squad.


Angel Toddler Girl Halloween Costume

Your little angel will look lovely in this toddler girl’s angel costume. It comes with everything an adorable angel would need, from the gold and white dress to the flared tulle sleeves, angel wings, and fluffy halo. The great thing about this costume is that you can get a lot of mileage out of it. From school plays to religious events, you can use this costume over and over again. And if you want to just have a princess-looking gown, simply remove the wings and the halo, and your child can look like a Grecian goddess.


Alice in Wonderland Toddler Girl Costume

Literature will come to life when your child wears this lovely Alice in Wonderland costume. The light-blue dress has polka dot accents on the top and sleeves, along with an attached apron, lace ruffles, and lace-up front. A headband with a bow will make her cute costume curiouser and curiouser. And after trick-or-treating is over, you can tuck your child into bed and begin reading the book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll back in 1865. From the White Rabbits to the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat, there are so many characters for your kiddo to love.


Light Up Ghost Toddler Girl Costume

Sure, you could throw a sheet over your kiddo and call it a day. But this toddler light-up ghost tutu Halloween costume is, well, too too cute. The dress has tons of tulle to make it look like a real ghost, but the fun lies beneath with the LED lights inside the lining that make the costume shine brightly. All we can say is, you glow, girl. And there’s no way your kid will wind up with a bag of rocks (instead of candy) come Halloween.


Giraffe Tutu Toddler Girl Halloween Costume

Your child will stand super tall when she wears the toddler giraffe costume from Pottery Barn Kids. The costume is made from printed velour, satin, tulle, glitter, and feathers, which truly sounds like a craft project come to life. The set comes with a top, tutu, and headpiece — all your little girl needs is some spotty makeup, and she’ll feel like she’s strolling through the savanna. And when your child puts on the costume, it might be a good time to talk about how to save this gentle animal from extinction. That’s right, there are currently only 68,000 giraffes left in the wild, the National Resources Defense Council reported.


Unicorn Cape

You got your child a cute costume for Halloween, but you weren’t planning on trick-or-treating in such cold temps. To ensure that they score some candy while trick-or-treating, they can always wear this cute Unicorn Cape from Great Pretenders. The cape comes down to about your child’s knees, so it’ll keep them warm while they walk door to door. And with the golden ears and horn, and colorful rainbow mane, your child will still feel festive — and stay toasty, too. But unicorns aren’t just an urban myth; they’ve pervaded Easter and Western studies for centuries, which shows that even eons back, people wanted to believe in the power of a white horse with a flowing mane and single horn.


Toddler Cupcake Costume

Truth be told, you sometimes take a little nibble when you’re smooching your sweetie. But you’ll really want to sink your teeth into this Toddler Cupcake Costume from Spirit of Halloween. The one-piece 2D costume comes with a headband is literally the cherry on top of this delish strawberry sprinkle cupcake costume that’s almost good enough to eat. Of course, if your kiddo is going to dress up like a sweet treat, it might inspire you to do some baking before going out trick-or-treating. Spider web cereal treats, anyone?


Vampirina Toddler Girl Costume

What better costume could you come up with for Halloween than Vampirina? The adorable Disney character will make everyone batty (ha) with how cute she looks. A dress, leggings, headpiece, and gloves will help your little ghoul look her Halloween best. And for your little Vampirina fan, this might be the perfect time to wear the costume, considering how the series just ended in June. The series was based on the book Vampirina Ballerina by Anne Marie Pace, and told the story of Vampirina, a friendly fanged little girl whose family moves from Translyvania to (of all places), Pennsylvania.


Frozen 2 Elsa Toddler Girl Costume

With this Elsa Frozen 2 costume, your child will feel like she’s venturing out into the unknown. The long-sleeved icy blue dress has two sheer mesh back panels and velvet detailing on the shoulders. The printed waist sash and faux crystals on the hem of the dress will make your girl shimmer and shine at the school’s Halloween party. Walmart reported that Elsa was the most popular Halloween costume, Business of Business reported.


Plush Chicken Toddler Girl Costume

Your little chick will look absolutely adorbs in this Plush Chicken Toddler Costume. Complete with jumpsuit and boot tops, it’ll keep your child comfortable and warm, thanks to the lush fabric. And since she’s going to be dressed as a chicken, just be sure not to tell her where chicken nuggets come from. You can even give your child a basket of eggs to carry around, which might have people questioning which came first: the chicken, or the egg?

From cute and cuddly, to angelic and all things animal, your toddler girl can have a costume that’s as cool as she is. The only problem will be figuring out exactly which one to wear.